Affiliate Link Disclaimer

At CasinoRange, our aim is quite straightforward: to give you the best guidance and honest, unbiased information about online casinos in the UK. But we also want to uphold our commitment to trustworthiness and transparency with our users and stakeholders above everything else. This is why we are giving it to you straight on how we turn a profit as a business.

You might have realised that we don’t sell anything and that our website is 100% free to enter and to use. So you may ask, how do we earn the money to keep it up?

Simple answer: affiliate marketing 

What is affiliate marketing?

In general terms, affiliate marketing is an arrangement between two or more websites where “affiliate” sites devise and publish marketing for retailers. The affiliates are paid when a user clicks through from the affiliate’s site to the retailer’s site and makes a purchase. Typically, the affiliate is paid a percentage of the sum the consumer spends. Merchants often find their affiliates by signing up to third party affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing has many similarities to influencer marketing. In practice, many influencers are affiliates, as they get paid for referrals. However, a brand’s relationship with an influencer is generally more carefully controlled, both in the selection of the influencer and the co-creation of campaigns and content.

Affiliate Web Link Pages are the web pages of the Affiliate Website that provide a hyperlink directly to one or more Co-Branded Landing Pages or other pages of the Company Website.

Affiliate marketing in our specific case means that we are partnered up with online casino brands and we provide on this website customised links towards their platform. Whenever a player register, deposit money and engage in one of the specified online casino sites, we get a commission. 

Does it impact our say?

Absolutely not. We want to insist on the fact that none of our reviews are influenced by business referrals. We remain 100% non-biased when giving you details and insight about a service or a product.  

We also want to assure our users that under any circumstances we are partnering up with online casinos that are not holding a valid license by the UK Gambling Commission and that are not fully compliant with applicable regulatory requirements. Although we have no control over the contents of those sites or resources, nor do we have control over the offers, promotions, terms and conditions of those third-party websites, we are closely monitoring their corporate behaviour, compliance with applicable legal standards and duty of care towards players.

In the event of any misbehaviour or noncompliance by one of our partnered casinos, we will take the appropriate actions to make sure our users are aware of these events.

Does it impact our users?

No, users remain unaffected by affiliate marketing. Our website remains free to enter and free to use.