Why Has My Online Casino Deposit Been Declined?

Why Has My Online Casino Deposit Been Declined?

Published Date · Oct. 26, 2020 · Last Updated · Nov. 8, 2023 ·Read Time · 3 mins

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Although it’s an inconvenience, having your deposit declined by an online casino is a pretty common affair. There’s no need to panic or assume that you’ve done something wrong, as there’s many reasons that a gambler can get their payment method for deposits rejected by an online gambling site.  Below, we’ve listed four of the most common reasons your deposit method may have been declined and how you can get around this issue, so you can enjoy all the games your casino account has to offer.

Your age has not yet been verified

All online casinos must, by law, ensure you complete the age verification process before online gambling. This means depositing and withdrawing any funds from your online casino account is forbidden unless you’ve had your age verified and you are above the legal age to gamble. In a nutshell, to get around this issue, make sure you provide the correct information when you register for an account including your full name, date of birth and home address.

If this doesn’t suffice, you may need to provide extra information to the online gaming site, such as a photocopy of your passport or front and back of your debit card. Read our handy guide to what age verification is if you’re unsure on this process.

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You Have Insufficient Funds

Sometimes, you might accidently try to deposit funds into your online casino account from a bank card that is too old, or from a bank account that doesn’t have enough money in it. This is easily rectified by either depositing more money into that bank account from another bank account or using a different debit card or credit card.

Please note, you can no longer use a credit card in the UK to deposit funds into your online casino account. The best way to get around having your deposit declined because of any of these reasons, is to check that the payment method you are trying to use is in date, not a credit card and that is has sufficient funds.

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You Have Reached Your Deposit Limit

As part of respected online casinos promise to Responsible Gambling, all online gaming sites offer gamblers the option to set their own deposit limits. These can be adjusted at any time online through the cashier and all deposit limits that are set on a specific online casino are only set for that particular site (in other words, you must set them on all of your different casino accounts if you have multiple).

This means, sometimes, your deposits may be declined because you have reached the limit you allowed yourself for that week, or month. It’s important to ensure you can afford to increase the limit you have set before doing so. However, if you believe you can afford to, then you can simply change your limit if you encounter this problem and it shouldn’t happen again. It is important to remember that the deposit limit is for the whole account and not different methods of depositing.

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Your Bank Has Policies Against Online Gambling

Every bank has their own policies on online gambling. This means you may get your deposit declined by your bank if they have strong policies against permitting casino-related card transactions.

So, in some cases, if your card deposit is being declined, it can be because the card issuer is denying the online casino permission to take funds from your bank account. If this happens, you can contact most customer service boards, and they can try to deposit funds manually into your account for you. It can occasionally be the case that if you make multiple card transactions, your bank might refer certain transactions for manual authorisation to ensure that the transactions are by you, and only you. If this is the case, then your chosen online casinos customer service team might be able to deposit the money for you manually.

However, if this doesn’t work then it appears that the bank is declining for another reason. You can contact the bank, and they should be able to give you a reason for this, but unfortunately some of them just won’t approve online betting.

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