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Cash-o-Matic is a highly anticipated online slot game developed by NetEnt that features five reels, four rows, and fascinating mechanics such as the reverse avalanche, level multiplier, and free spins. With 1024 pay lines and an RTP of 96.33%, it’s very profitable and an extremely attractive option for anyone looking for the best slots to play.

Cash-o-Matic can be played on a desktop PC or a mobile casino. Players can play it on their preferred device easily. Spending most of the day outside or travelling? No problem. Just take out your phone and play Cash-o-Matic on the go! NetEnt, the developers of this game, is very well known for their online casino games. In addition to table games and video poker, they have developed some of the best online slots out there.

Featuring a vibrant and attractive layout, this game is sure to attract any players looking for the best online slots. The main game screen has intricate gold borders and is laid out in an efficient manner. The slots take up most of the right side of the screen. The left side is reserved for a bold logo. The current multiplier and scatter bonuses are displayed prominently below. There’s no fear of losing track of your multiplier during a long playing session.


The amount of money needed to make a spin on Cash-o-Matic goes from 20 cents to £400! For a negligible price, anyone can experience the thrill of testing their luck anywhere. For those with deeper pockets, the maximum wager of £400 should be satisfactory. A high level of accessibility is why this is one of the best slots to play.

How to Play

In order to win, a row must have three or more identical symbols lined up. There are a lot of different symbols, such as letters like A, J, K, and Q, 10s, and gems colored blue, green, purple, yellow, and red. Out of these symbols, the red gemstone is the one to look out for, as it pays out the most. A full row of red gemstones will give out one times your stake.

Since there are so many combinations, the stake payout for most of them are relatively low. For example, getting 5 different symbols on one row gives out only 0.2 times your wager. Fortunately, the special mechanics make up for this and turn a mediocre slot to one of the best online slots.

The reels in Cash-o-Matic don’t work the same way as in most other slot games. They follow an ‘Avalanche’ style, where symbols ‘fall down’ from the top of the screen to fill up each row. At first, it may seem strange and confusing, but it leads to the special feature of this game that makes it one of the best slots to play.

The amazing special feature here is that when a row is filled with winning symbols, it stays there! Building up the rows is the goal, like in a game of Tetris. For instance, if you land a full row combination, that row moves to the bottom and stays there for the next spin. If this spin fills up another row, that row moves down there too. Depending on how many rows are filled up, a multiplier is applied.

  1. For only one filled row, the multiplier is just 1x. This does not actually increase your stakes, but it allows you to get a second Avalanche and keep building on it.
  2. When two rows are filled up, a 2x multiplier is given.
  3. At three rows fully filled up, a 4x multiplier is given.
  4. Filling up the whole screen, all four rows gives a huge 10x multiplier!

There are 1024 winning combinations, so the possibilities are nearly endless. These multipliers stack with other multipliers, so the total multiplier will build up very quickly. With some luck, multipliers up to 50x or more are possible. These large multipliers are part of the reason why it’s one of the best online slots around.

The second way of getting multipliers in Cash-o-Matic are scattered. Whenever the symbols for a scatter shows up, you get a free spin. You get one free spin for every scatter symbol. If you’re lucky, you can get more than 20 scatters. The number of rows you managed to fill up also contributes to free spins.

Scatters increase the multiplier by several times! With 10 scatters or more, the row multiplier is doubled, increasing to 2x, 4x, 8x and 20x respectively for 1, 2, 3 and 4 rows fully filled. If you get more than 15 scatters, the row multiplier increases again! It increases to 6x, 12x and 30x respectively for filled rows: triple the original amount.

The biggest multipliers are when you get more than 20 scatters. You get a 5x multiplier for the first row, 10x for the second, 20x for the third, and a massive 50x, for all four rows. Thanks to scatters, you can get up to 5 times your original multiplier.

 Cash-o-Matic offers a great opportunity for making a profit, with its payout going up to 1000x the original stakes. Mathematically, a payout of over 50,000x your original wager is possible, but that’s almost an impossibility. You can still walk away with a 100x to 500x stake. While the variance is high and there are no jackpots, the payout percentage is set at a good 96.33%

For anyone looking for the best slots to play, I would recommend checking out Cash-o-Matic. The ‘dropping tiles’ and Avalanches make it a really fun and interesting game to play. When I’m bored of the usual “spin the reels” gameplay, I find this is one of the best online slots to play for a change.

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