Top Stanley Cup Finals Sportsbook Promotions

Top Stanley Cup Finals Sportsbook Promotions

Published Date · June 15, 2022 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins

A thrilling and dramatic season of NHL is reaching its conclusion…the Stanley Cup finals are finally starting! Tampa Bay Lightning are looking for a three-peat - their third Stanley Cup win in a row. However, oddsmakers are going against this storyline and favor the challenger, Colorado Avalanche, to stop the Lightning from striking thrice. As hockey fans are sure to know, the 5 game series is spread out. The first game begins today, and the final game is going to be played on Friday, June 24th. As one of the year's sporting highlights, there will be more than just hockey fans watching. NHL fans and sports bettors alike will be happy to hear that sportsbooks have stepped up their game, with many announcing great promotions for the finals. Whichever team you're rooting for, these great deals are sure to make the finals even more exciting!

The promotions below are for existing customers, but new customers should check out our sportsbooks' incredible Welcome Bonuses, many of which can be used during the Stanley Cup Finals. Just make sure to read the corresponding sportsbook’s T&Cs and specific promotional details before you play. Read on for our best sportsbook promotions for the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals!


FanDuel Sportsbook is giving you a great way to start the finals. The sportsbook has decided to make your start to the finals more exciting by giving you a First Goal Bonus when you place a pre-live, straight, $25 or more “First Goal Scorer” prop wager on the Game 1 of the finals. If you get it right, you’ll get a $5 bonus in free bets for each goal your selected player’s team scores in the game, up to $25. What really makes this offer shine is that you’ll get your bonus whether your team wins or loses! Sadly this great offer only lets you make one eligible wager per person, and it’s only on game one. Still, it is a great way to kick off the finals - and hopefully, make some extra profit!


BetMGM calls themselves the King of Sportsbooks and boasts that only they can take the sting out of an overtime loss. While they aren’t the only sportsbook offering overtime insurance, theirs is the best on paper. BetMGM’s OT Insurance gives customers who place a $25+ qualifying bet $25 in free bets if their chosen team loses in overtime. It’s not just for one game; you can opt-in to this promo for all Finals games. So, if you’re unlucky enough that your team loses in overtime, you should have your free bets within 24 hours. Maybe they are the King of Sportsbooks, after all!


Betway has also decided to make an Overtime Insurance offer. Although slightly lower than the BetMGM version, it's still a great way to bet more on your favored team with less risk! Betway’s Stanley Cup Final Overtime Insurance is also available on all Finals games, so you can place a qualifying bet of $20 or more on all games and get $20 in Free Bets on multiple games. Obviously, it’s better that your wager wins in the first place, but if you lose, we hope you lose in overtime!


Unibet has taken a different approach than the other sportsbooks on our list. One of the Daily Boosts for this week gives you a 15% profit boost when you win your bet. There’s a max of one per day and max stakes that apply, but you can use this offer on all Finals games. Existing Unibet sportsbook customers should go to the sportsbook lobby, find the specific game of the day, and click their preferred bet for the game.


Chris Singarajah

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