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What Is A Downloadable Casino?

You might have heard of this term before, but what exactly is a download casino? A downloadable casino is simply a platform that requires you to download additional software onto your device to play games. This means that you can play an entire casino gaming collection straight away from your computer or laptop once you have installed the casino software. This type of casinos used to be quite popular in the past, when mobile gaming and fast internet connection were only a dream yet to become reality. 

However, with the development of better smartphones and reliable internet connection, the majority of operators have listened to players’ desire to play on the go, and moved away from being download casinos to become instant-play casinos. For the latter, there is no need to download games as all casino features are readily available and can be accessed from any device including mobile phones.

But, despite the increasing popularity of instant-play casinos, there are operators that still offer downloadable software to meet players’ preferences because there are unique features that these operators can offer. Are you curious to know why some players opt to take the hassle of installing software instead of choosing to play instantly?

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits and disadvantages of downloading casinos to discover what is the right option for you.

Top Benefits of a Download Casino

As we mentioned before, download casinos require players to install gaming software onto a device, usually a PC or laptop, to access all operators’ features and games. Downloadable casinos used to be extremely popular in the past and are still a preferred casino option for a few reasons:

  1. Downloading and installing software on computer is simple and straightforward
  2. Software are supported by the majority of Windows and Mac operating systems
  3. You can have access to a broader selection of casino games and slots than those available on instant casinos
  4. You can take part in a number of tournaments that are not available on instant casinos
  5. You can play against other users in multiplayer games – again, this option is not available in the majority of no download casinos
  6. You can play offline without worrying about a lack of internet connection.
  7. By downloading software, you can experience the highest quality of games and avoid incurring in interruptions as the gameplay doesn’t rely on internet connection

That’s why these casinos might be a good option for die-hard players who want to play until they drop. If you feel that you might be one of them, then installing software might be a good option for you.

Check our list of downloadable online casinos above, and find your perfect fit!

However, it is not gold all that glitters and before you jump with excitement, there are a few disadvantages to downloading software that are worth mentioning.

Now, The Disadvantages

Despite offering a better gaming quality than instant operators, casinos that require you to download games on your PC have their limitations. Let’s discover what could disrupt your happy journey in the gambling world:

  1. Downloading software occupies a whole lot of space on your device
  2. You must manually install software on the device of your choice. You can’t install casino games on one PC and play from another computer. 
  3. It leaves less opportunity for experimenting with different casino operators. 
  4. You cannot play on your mobile phone unless the casino offers an app to install.

If you are an occasional player who likes to try different gambling operators to benefit from a variety of welcome bonuses and promotions, then downloading a casino software might not be the right option for you.

You will need to have a lot of available space on your hard drive to install casino games and if you want to play from different devices, you must manually install software on each one of them. This means that you can’t play from your friend’s computer, unless of course you have installed games before. 

The same applies to mobile phones. You can’t play on the go unless the casino in question offers an app to download, which is still something that occupies precious memory on your device.

However, many see downloadable casinos as a safe way to gamble at online casinos. This is because your details are fully protected, even when you play for real money. Plus, because you don’t have to be connected to the internet while you play, there’s less of a chance of your details being compromised in any way.

Is It Safe to Download Casino Games?

Generally speaking, online casinos that you can download are very safe indeed. It’s reasonable to be wary about downloading software onto your device, but there are two main ways you can tell if a downloadable casino is safe: if it’s free and if it has a licence.

No reputable casino operator will charge you for downloading software; should you ever come across a casino that’s requesting payment to download the software, try somewhere else. Before starting a download, make sure the casino has a licence from a regulatory authority. A licence is proof that a casino has been checked over and given the go-ahead to operate by a gambling regulation organisation. You can usually find a link to the organisation that supplies the casino with its licence near the bottom of the web pages.

Range of Available Games

The typical downloadable casino has a broad range of casino games available. From online slots and progressive jackpot slots, to table games, live dealer games, scratchcards, bingo and more, there’s usually something for everyone. Games tend to have better-quality graphics and a higher standard of performance when downloaded, as opposed to when they’re played at instant play casinos. Plus, you don’t need internet access to play them.

However, following an increasing desire of players to gamble on the go, a lot of online casinos these days, especially those that have launched in the last few years, have decided to exist exclusively as instant play. Also, many providers have started to produce games only available in the instant play format. This might cause issues if you want to try new casinos but prefer downloading software.

Having said that, you’ll still find a good range of games at downloadable casinos. Don’t be discouraged by the always increasing number of instant play casinos out there.

Downloading Software on Mobile

Lots of online casinos have apps that you download onto your smartphone or tablet. Just like downloadable casinos, apps are essentially a pre-packaged version of the casino that you can access even when your mobile phone or tablet has a poor internet connection – or even no connection at all. Casino apps are typically compatible on iOS and Android devices; some may be available to download on other operating systems as well. Download the app for easy access to all sorts of mobile friendly games you can play while on the go.

Get Started !

If you’re after a downloadable casino to play games, you’ll find there’s a good range of options available. The best download casino for you depends on your tastes and what you want from a casino. Make a list of the different options and see which ones appeal to you the most. Compare things like the games collection, promotions and casino bonuses, payment methods, withdrawal times and customer support. Every casino is different, so some may be better suited for you than others.

Downloading an online casino is straightforward enough. The instructions will be easy to follow and the actual installation of the software shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Of course, you’ll need to have enough space on your device, so make sure there’s room before you start the download process. Instant play casinos may be the go-to choice these days, but there are still advantages to playing online games at download casinos. Find a casino that’s ideal for you and start downloading!


A download online casino is a gambling platform that requires you to download additional software onto your device to play games.

When a casino is licensed and regulated, it is required to uphold security standards to maintain that status. This often means encryption of financial transactions and database security to protect other personal information. Download Online Casinos are no exception, as sites need to make sure that their players’ information is secure.

The advantages of Download Online Casinos are:
– Mac and Windows supported;
– A broader selection of games than in Instant-Play Casinos;
– More tournaments;
– Ability to play offline without an internet connection;
– Higher graphic quality;
– No game interruptions.

The Disadvantages of Download Online Casinos are:
– Downloading a software that takes up substantial storage space on your computer;
– You can download the software and play on only one device of your choice;
– Not available for mobile devices;
– if you enjoy playing on different operator sites, download casinos may not be the best option for you.

You can access Download Online Casinos only on desktop devices.

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