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Google Pay Casinos are becoming a norm for online casino sites as an alternative method, so much so that most reputable online casinos are offering the Google Pay payment method. The solution is a brilliant solution for Android players to make quick deposits to a Google Pay casino. There is also an added level of security to this payment method which makes using it to play online casinos a viable option for players. It’s Google’s new digital payment platform. It will make it easy to pay with a tap of your smartphone at over a million places in the US and online. Google Pay is different from credit cards because it uses NFC for contactless payments. You can store your debit or credit cards on the application, which will then let you use them to pay for things without having to present your card or hand over sensitive data, such as a credit card number, when you go shopping.

Best Google Pay Casinos

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What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system. Formally known as Android Pay, Google Pay was developed by Google themselves to power in-app, online and in-person contactless payments on mobile devices.

How to Deposit at Google Pay Online Casino?

As it is a relatively new piece of technology, using Google Pay at online casino sites may be a daunting task at first but don’t worry it could not be simpler. As we have already mentioned, using Google Pay comes with that added level of security that few other payment methods can match. Using Google Pay could not be easier and we think it is a great payment method for beginners to use. Here are a few easy to follow steps to deposit with Google Pay:

Pick a Google Pay Casino and make an account with them

  1. Go to the cashier section of the site and use Google pay to make your deposit
  2. Enter the amount you want to put into your account to your casino balance
  3. Your Google Pay will then ask which card you’d like to use for this transaction
  4. Confirm which one you want to use using an authenticator or a Touch ID and authorise the deposit

Financial regulators approve of the use of Google Pay, and it provides a quick and trusted link between your bank account and your favourite online casino, serving as the middle man. This means that your card details will only be known to Google, and not in full and never to the casino you’re playing at. Just be aware that credit cards have been suspended in the United States.

Why use Google Pay as a Deposit Method?

We have already discussed some of the benefits to using Google Pay but we will just summate here as to why you should use Google Pay to play at an online casino. There are three main reasons why you should use Google Pay. First of all, any deposit made with Google Play is extremely safe. There isn’t any online casino that can give you the same level of trust and security, as Google can. When you use Google Pay, you can feel comfortable that the casino can’t access your financial information as it is protected by Google. Your card details are protected and are kept secret for no one to access but yourself. Making a deposit with Google Pay is extremely fast. Once you install Google Pay the process is very straightforward. You are just a few taps away from making the deposit. There are no additional fees to using Google Pay either which makes the experience extremely streamlined and easy for anyone to use.

Google Pay as a Withdrawal Method

At the time of writing, you cannot use Google Pay as a withdrawal method at an online casino. The option has yet to be implemented by Google. Once it is added it will be just as simple to withdraw money from your online casino account as it was to deposit.

Google Pay Mobile Casinos

If you play at online casinos using mobile phones or mobile devices then you can use Google pay as your preferred payment method. Google Pay works just as well on mobile as it would on a home computer or laptop. Google Pay is already one of the most popular and most powerful payment methods available and works easily on mobile.

In actuality, Google Pay was originally created as a mobile first payment method. You will still be able to enjoy your favourite casino games and features as you would at a desktop casino. Despite the size of a mobile, you will still be able to enjoy the same online casino experience.

Simply put Google Pay mobile casinos are some of the best you’ll find out there. This fast deposit method has a whole suite of dedicated features to make the experience very enjoyable for players.

Google Pay Casino Bonuses

It is always worth checking out the bonuses that are on offer when playing at a Google Pay online casino. There are always some cool interesting bonuses on offer at nearly every online casino that uses Google Pay. Always look at a site carefully to understand which offers on the platform use Google Pay as part of the offer. If the platform allows you to use Google Pay in their promotion then go ahead and use it to get involved.

Google Pay casinos have a wide selection of welcome bonus offers, no deposit bonuses and free spins offers as well. Each type of these promotions come with their own set of terms and conditions so it is always worth checking what these are before depositing. Once you have Google Pay set up with the casino and you’ve settled on one with an amazing offer then you are all set to go.

Most casino bonuses and the criteria are quite generous, and you can get stuck into the action as soon as you want without issue. Your Google Pay account will allow you to deposit and choose your promotion at the casino you enjoy. The best part of all this is that you can use Google Pay and still get the online casino bonuses you want.

Google Pay Slots

E-wallets such as Google Pay have been regarded as the best method to deposit and withdraw funds for all casino games, including online slot games. Check out our list of the best slots that allow you to use Google Pay to handle your funds. Google Pay online casinos have another added feature to delight players, progressive jackpot games! These jackpots can reach as high as seven figures! These online casinos have some great jackpot games for you to explore. After you’ve made your deposit with Google Pay, you can get stuck into some gaming action. These games are brought to you by some of the biggest software providers in the industry such as NetEnt and Play N Go. They have brought out lots of games at casinos for you to play whilst using Google Play.

Play at Google Pay Casinos

The online casino industry has changed massively and will continue to change as the years go on. This means that new payment services and methods will be available to you each year and there is probably no limit as to how many there will be in the future. Having Google endorse a casino and allowing for their payment process to be allowed on their site, should help in deciding on a new casino to play at.

As we have said Google Pay is a safe and secure alternative method to make casino deposits and is much faster than other forms of payment such as bank transfers. Like its sibling, Apple Pay which are both digital wallets as well, Google Pay’s almost instant deposits will allow you to play your favourite online casino games quickly. That extra layer of security is vital to making the gaming experience an enjoyable one.

Recap of the advantages and disadvantages of Google Pay


  • âś”Faster than other payment methods like Skrill, Neteller and Wire Transfer
  • âś” Extra layers of security for the deposit process
  • âś”Convenient payment method for a wide range of casino brands
  • âś”Money on the preferred card is known only to you
  • âś”No deposit fees


  • ❌Not a withdrawal option


What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is an E-wallet that any business or individual can use to send and receive payments online and make contactless payments in person. It provides a fast, safe, and secure alternative to traditional payment methods like bank transfers and debit cards. Once you’ve set up an account, you will only need your pin or biometric print to process the payment.

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When was Google Pay created?

Google Pay was originally called Android Pay up until 2018. Android Pay was then merged with the Google Wallet to create a one stop shop for all online payments known as Google Pay.

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How to use Google Pay to deposit?

To use Google Pay as a deposit method you will need to head over to the cashier section of the online casino website. When you get there, find the deposit section and select Google Pay as your deposit method. Enter the amount of real money you would like to put into your account and verify the payment by verifying your account. Your funds will be available immediately after this entire process.

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Is Google Pay secure?

Google Pay is one of the most secure payment options available to online casino players. All Google Pay casinos are verified by Google themselves before allowing their payment method to be used on the platform. Your card details will never be shared with the casino you are playing atm, which adds that extra level of security. On mobile the addition of a fingerprint verification system will mean that even if someone stole any of your devices with Google Pay on it, they won’t be able to use it on any of your devices.

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Are there any fees when using Google Pay?

There are no fees associated with Google Pay when depositing at most online casinos.  However, please read the terms and conditions of your chosen online casino before you deposit as there may be rules around particular payment methods.

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What is the payout time using Google Pay?

American players should expect to receive their funds within 24 hours of requesting a withdrawal from most online casinos.

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