What is a Casino Bonus Referral Programme?

What is a Casino Bonus Referral Programme?

Published Date · Oct. 18, 2022 · Last Updated · June 23, 2023 ·Read Time · 4 mins

What is a Casino Referral Bonus?

There are many ways in which players can enjoy offers and promotions, and one of these is via an online casino referral bonus. Many online operators like to foster a sense of community, and this is an extension of that philosophy.

Those players that are happy to get friends involved can use the best referral bonuses to enjoy added extras. Not every casino does this, but when this promotion is in place, it’s usually worth considering. Free spins, free chips, and even a cash bonus can be awarded.

If you’re looking for the best refer-a-friend casino bonus, here’s how the programmes work.

How do Casino Referral Programmes Work?

You must be an existing customer to take advantage of any casino refer-a-friend bonus. The reward programmes are available instantly, so it’s possible to sign up and get involved straight away.

Once on board, the promotions page of the casino website will issue a unique referral link for those existing customers. Players can send details to their friends, who must sign up via that link.

A casino referral programme such as this works in similar ways to other areas of e-commerce. It’s common among TV package suppliers, and casinos work in the same fashion. As long as a friend signs up using that unique link, players can take advantage of the benefits that refer a friend casino system promises.

What are the Benefits of a Referral Programme for Players?

The exact benefits will vary depending on the casino in question. Many refer a friend casino bonus offers issue a straight cash payment. This could be a relatively small amount, such as £25, while others will be higher.

Other programs might offer free spins as part of the process. Like many bonuses where spins are involved, these could be attached to a specific game, such as Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest.

On occasions, free chips at the roulette table may be up for grabs, but these are rarer incentives.

Some refer a friend online casino bonuses may offer a match on opening deposits. Based on the funds that the friend credits to their account, the player referring them will earn a percentage match.

Some of these bonuses can reach up to 200% with a typical top limit of £200 as a bonus. Those are generous numbers, but as with all types of bonuses, the terms and conditions must be checked extremely carefully.

What is the Difference Between A Refer a Friend Programme and an Affiliation?

The two terms are similar, but as far as a casino referral bonus is concerned, they are very different.

An affiliation is a commercial operation. Affiliates are professionals whose job is to recruit players for online casinos. They do this via separate websites and social media platforms. Affiliates are paid for sign-ups, and, in short, this is a business for them.

Referral programmes are more for casual gamers. It’s a way of earning a relatively small casino referral bonus by encouraging friends to sign up.

What Terms and Conditions Should I Look out for?

Each casino referral programme is different, so terms and conditions should be carefully checked. In general, those deals that offer a smaller cash payment are the easiest to follow. The money is simply deposited into your player account, and it’s there to withdraw. Alternatively, it can be used as part of the account balance to play slots and table games.

With free spins and matched deposit offers, the important point to check relates to rollovers. Rollovers are also referred to as wagering requirements. How many times will you need to play through the number of your winnings before you can make a withdrawal?

In a few cases where free spins are involved, there may be no rollover at all. In other cases, they can extend to 35x and possibly higher.

Rollovers are nearly always in a place where matched deposits form part of the casino referral bonus. These can be much higher, and 35x could be a typical figure.

Other refer-a-friend casino offers may place a limit on the number of friends that can be referred. In cases where this applies, a typical limit may be set at five.

Also, look out for expiry dates. Free spins and other bonuses may come with time limits.

As each casino referral program is different, it’s important to check the ts and cs of everyone.

Which Casinos Offer the Best Referral Bonus?

  • PokerStars
  • 21 Casino
  • 10Bet

Remember that all refer-a-friend casino bonus offers are subject to change, and these may be altered in the future.

Why Use A Referral Programme? 

Refer a friend online casino deals are worth seeking out. For those who have friends who play regularly, it’s a simple way of earning extra cash, free spins, or something significantly bigger. Always check terms and conditions, but remember to see if your operator has a casino referral bonus in place.


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