What are the Differences Between UK and US Casinos?

What are the Differences Between UK and US Casinos?

Published Date · April 22, 2022 · Last Updated · April 26, 2023 ·Read Time · 5 mins

Over the past decade, numerous advancements in technology have completely transformed the casino world. As a result, gambling has gained tremendous popularity due to online casino platforms’ emergence. Anyone can enjoy gaming in terms of online gambling: all that is needed is an internet-connected device. Online casinos offer players the experience of a land-based casino from any location. Online platforms provide numerous games, playing options, and gambling features. As for land-based casinos in certain regions, players can expect a little more glamour, from the patrons playing at different tables to official dress codes. Casino staff members are also available to guide players through various games.

All in all, you can expect a lot more socialising at land-based casinos. But, ultimately, both options have their fair share of perks to offer players. This article touches on the differences between US and UK casinos, online and offline.

US Casinos:

The gambling laws differ from state to state in the US since it is not one collective governing body. For instance, the gambling rules in Las Vegas are more liberal – one of the main reasons why Vegas is famous for gambling. Other states like Utah, on the other hand, are comparatively stricter. In the US, the legal age for gambling is 21. The casinos found in the US tend to be large and flashy. Players can mostly enter gaming venues without thinking about any strict dress code. However, high rollers dress up in smart suits and gowns since dress codes change based on the venues. In terms of gaming, America has its roulette variant. The majority of the casinos found in the US are open round the clock. When it comes to online gambling in the US, since the UIGEA of 2006, players have had difficulty gambling online; however, fantasy leagues and some sports betting get excluded from this particular law. Although many states have gradually started legalising sportsbooks, online casino gambling still has a long way to go. Even though around 46 states have casinos, only six states allow online betting, i.e., out of the total fifty. Furthermore, this restrictive law made it unlawful for financial institutions to process gambling website transactions.

UK Casinos:

The UK’s gambling laws apply to the entire country and govern by the Gambling Act of 2005. The UK is also composed of four self-governing countries, i.e., England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Each government enforces its rules on all forms of gambling. For instance, in Northern Ireland, casinos are not legal, but the Gambling Act would govern them if one were to open. The legal gambling age in the UK is 18. The UK houses much smaller land-based casinos and only some among them stay available around the clock. Casinos in the UK have a “casual” dress code that requires men to dress up in smart shirts, trousers, and shoes. For women, however, the dress code is less clear. The UK is a prominent contributor to the success of online casinos. The online gambling industry there generates billions in revenue and is expected to expand even more in the long term. Since UK gambling laws are more liberal, players can partake in sports betting, poker, and bingo games, aside from many others.


What are Some of the Key Differences Between US Casinos and UK Casinos?

Both the US and the UK are two very vibrant countries when it comes to the gambling industry. However, both US casinos and UK casinos differ greatly based on many factors. Below are the differences discussed in detail:


Both the US and the UK have different odds systems for certain bets. The US uses the Moneyline bet the most. Moneyline betting provides odds on the favourite and the underdog in online and in-person sports betting. It is also similar to using handicaps or spread bets, i.e., where the favourite gets their points deducted to equalise the bet with the underdog. This is a more “even” bet type. It has also recently become popular in the UK.

The UK uses the decimal odds system. A player stakes a certain amount, and if they win, they receive the stake back along with the winnings. So, for example, if a player places a £1 bet on odds of 4-to-1, they will win £5, i.e., the stake plus the winnings. Odds can also get presented as fractions.

Game Rules

Aside from how the casinos in both regions function, there are also differences in how they play their casino games. For example, casinos in the UK offer a European Roulette variant, while US casinos have an American variant. Both variants have the same concept, except the European variant has one zero pocket, and the American version has two. Because of that, the house edge of the American version is somewhat higher than the European one.

Poker is also played differently in both regions. The rake in American casinos is usually 10%, i.e., up to $5. The rake can go as high as 10% in UK casinos up to £20. Craps is quite well-known in the US but less so in the UK (and Europe).

Game Variety

Both regions differ significantly in terms of game variety. Many well-known software providers supplying games to America have seen a dramatic decrease. It includes but is not limited to Microgaming, Playtech, and Betsoft, and the US still has NetEnt slots. Aside from NetEnt, players can also enjoy slots from game developers like Parlay Games, Real Time Gaming, TopGame Technology, WGS Gaming Technology, etc.

UK casinos, in contrast, offer more variety. Players can enjoy games from software providers like Microgaming, Quickfire, iSoftBet, Betsoft, Playtech, NextGen, etc. In addition, UK online casinos offer a more comprehensive range of table games, slots, and live casino games.


Players can keep the money they win from their gambling activities in the UK, with winnings rendered tax-free in all four countries in the UK. Winnings in the US, on the other hand, are taxable. However, UK citizens do not have to pay taxes on any winnings under the US Tax Treaty.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, the US and the UK have many noteworthy differences regarding their respective gambling industries. Where one region offers more freedom, the other is stricter. The UK goes easy on the gambling restrictions, while the US still has not eased up on many of its regulations. When you flip things around, most casinos in the US are open 24/7, while a majority of the UK casinos have stricter timings. If you are a UK player travelling to the US or vice versa, it helps to learn about all the rules that make up both gambling industries. Whether you are a fan of playing at slot machines, bingo, poker, or baccarat, each region has differing qualities.


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