There are several types of online gambler. Some have a smaller budget to stick to and will place bets of a lower value. Others have a much larger amount of money to play with and will have a riskier style of gambling, often placing bets of quite a high value – these players are known as high rollers. They have plenty of money to spend at online casinosand they regularly spend significant amounts of money gambling online. Even though high rollers aren’t too common, casinos still like to attract them and encourage them to sign up. One of the ways they do this is by offering high roller bonuses.

What is High Roller Bonus?

A high roller bonus is an online casino bonus that’s suitable for those with larger budgets. These bonuses work in the same way that standard casino bonuses do, only the size of the bonus that can be claimed is on the larger side. You won’t find any bonuses listed specifically as high roller bonuses. If you’re a big spender looking for a bonus suitable for your budget, you’ll have to do some looking around to see which casinos offer the biggest bonuses.

Match Bonuses

For high rollers, the best type of casino bonus is the match or deposit bonus. The way this works is simple. You deposit some money into your account and then receive a percentage of your deposit as bonus money. For example, let’s say a casino’s offering a 100% match bonus of up to £1,500 for new players. You create your account, and for your first deposit, you fund your account with £100. You would end up with £200 to play with: £100 from your deposit and £100 in bonus money from the match bonus.

The amount of bonus money you can claim from match bonuses varies greatly from casino to casino. Some only offer less than £100, while a lot offer a sum in the hundreds. For high rollers, casinos that offer £1,000 or more in bonus money are the ones to look out for.

It’s not just welcome bonuses that are worth mentioning; there are other chances to claim match bonuses as well. Many casinos offer these bonuses to existing players who are already signed up; in this case, the bonuses are known as reload bonuses. If a casino offers lots of bonus money for its welcome offer, its reload bonuses should also provide higher amounts of bonus money.

High rollers will no doubt want to join a casino’s VIP club. Usually, to qualify for an invitation to a VIP club, you need to spend large amounts of money at a casino quite regularly. Once a member, you’ll get to enjoy exclusive perks and rewards, including reload bonuses. VIP club reloads bonuses should offer lots of bonus money to help high rollers keep their balance topped up.

Advantages of High Roller Bonuses

The most obvious advantage of high roller bonuses (i.e. offers with larger bonuses up for grabs) is that they can offer quite large sums of bonus money. These bonuses are ideal for those who have a big budget to play with. The more you deposit, the more bonus money you’ll receive. The maximum amount you can claim can be as high as several thousand pounds in some cases.

Disadvantages of High Roller Bonuses

There is one major disadvantage to point out, and that’s wagering requirements. Just like other casino bonus offers, high roller bonuses have wagering requirements more often than not. A bonus’ wagering requirements have to be satisfied before you can cash out. Most of the time, you have to play through your deposit and bonus a number of times (usually 20-35) before you can cash out your winnings. The problem is that the bigger your bonus, the more money you have to play through before you can make a withdrawal.

Before claiming any casino bonus, have a look through the terms and conditions to find out the bonus wagering requirements and other important details about the offer.

Casino bonus offers come in different varieties and all sorts of sizes. Some of them don’t offer too much, whereas others have much bigger bonuses to claim. These bigger ones are aimed at high rollers. If you regularly gamble with a larger budget, you’ll want to stick with the bonuses better suited for high rollers to help keep your balance topped up.

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