Online Casino Bonuses Explained

Online Casino Bonuses Explained

Published Date · March 11, 2019 · Last Updated · June 23, 2023 ·Read Time · 3 mins

One of the advantages of playing at an online casino is to receive many bonuses for different events. But what do they really mean, how does it work? We tell you everything.

Welcome Bonus

Most sites have set up this bonus to attract players. The welcome bonus usually applies upon registration and upon first deposit. A bonus of 100% is offered when the first deposit is up to £100 or more (varies according to the sites). For example, if the bonus is 100% for a deposit of £100, then the player will receive a bonus of £200 to discover the different games offered by the casino. The sites are very fond of this bonus and it is one of the first things that potential players watch. It must, therefore, be put forward. That’s why online casinos usually post it on their homepage.

No Deposit Bonuses

Indeed, some online casinos offer “no deposit bonus2. It starts when you register. A certain amount of money is offered to you (it varies according to the sites, but is less than £100) to discover the platform and play some games. You will have the impression to play for free and this by gaining potential gains. Interesting no?

Free game

This phenomenon is still rare, but to promote a new game, online casinos do not hesitate to offer a free game (with a certain amount of money) to its customers for them to discover. However, this promotion is applicable on an allotted time.

The Free Spins

This word does not tell you anything? This bonus corresponds to free spins on all games from the site. The free spins have many faces. First, you can get them through credits usually offered by casinos. You can use them as you like (discover a new game without losing money or play a game you are fans of). If there are winnings from a game, you can, of course, keep them under certain conditions. Free spins also allow you to play a game longer. You are in the middle of the game but unfortunately you have no more credits? Use a free game, these bonuses are there for that.

The Reload Bonus

This is a bonus on a deposit of X%. You bet the deposit as well as the bonus once. No need to bet X times like most of the time. The reload Bonus allows you to play with low bets and the gains are still attractive. For the withdrawal, nothing changes, it is possible to withdraw the earnings when we want and as we want.

There are, however, certain conditions to be respected. In most sites, bonus money is only valid for a specific period of time (approximately one week). This bonus usually triggers when the deposit is greater than or equal to £20. The general conditions of the site apply on this bonus.


One of the last bonuses and certainly the most difficult to obtain, the VIP card. We must not lie, only an elite can hope to reach the grail and thus enjoy many benefits. To access it is very simple, you have to be a hard-working player who makes regular and high deposits. So, to thank you for your loyalty, the site integrates you into the VIP square. Once this closed circle is reached, the benefits will rained on you. First, you will be appointed a person from customer service. And this just for you. He or she will listen to you and help you when needed. Then, very advantageous bonuses you will have. Because the simple bonuses of the time when you were a simple player lambda it is finished. These bonuses will necessarily be more to your advantage regarding the wagers and withdrawals. Then a cash back you will benefit. There the casino thinks of you. At each deposit, a certain amount of money is offered to you in return. And the gifts you will receive. To thank you, online casinos can sometimes offer you gifts (wines, chocolates, high-tech) according to your level within the VIP square.


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