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Last modified: September 9, 2019

Online casinos have recently seen a new game appear on their site: scratch games. Highly prized in kiosks and bars, these little cards are beginning to invade the virtual world.

Very familiar, the scratch games are not so old. Indeed, everything started in the 60s in the United States by the American John Koza. While studying at the University of Michigan, he noticed that many Americans are willing to bet significant sums on almost everything (houses, cars, ..). However, when there was a winner, the waiting time to receive the winnings was endless (weeks or even months). As you can imagine, John Koza decides to set up a game where the winnings could be perceived directly. With Daniel Bower, they created scratch games in 1974. And from the beginning, these small cards are a huge success. Later on in the 80s, these tickets appeared all over Europe.

Online scratch games

Today, it is on your computers that you can discover scratch games. Indeed, with new technologies, online casinos were almost forced to integrate scratch games on their sites. Like blackjack, roulette or slot machines, scratch cards have taken on a new dimension with many themes. The principle of an online casino does not change. You have a ticket in front of you with the latest graphics and you just need to scratch a box virtually to see if you’ve won. So you can earn money by having a good time with themes that will make you happy. But the best thing about this online site, apart from the graphics and themes, is the price. Indeed, in a kiosk or bar, your scratch ticket can vary between £1 and £2, but on an online casino, the ticket is only a few cents or sometimes free. So the ratio bet-gain is largely in your favour. The probability of you winning the jackpot is higher on an online site as well. Since today, one ticket out of three is a winner.

Competition with The National Lottery

The National Lottery has a total monopoly in the real world. But in the virtual world, it’s far from the case. Indeed, the appearance of games to scratch on online casinos bring a lot of trouble to the giant of scratch games. If the latter has also set up on the internet scratch tickets, it does not make weight as regards the graphics, themes, the probability and the price of the ticket. Scratch games on online casinos are making The National Lottery losing a lot of money. If the United Kingdom tries to defend its protégé, offshore companies push strongly behind the state. In the future, The National Lottery could come to disappear completely on the internet.

Online casinos scratching games

Now, all online casinos have scratch games in their ranks. Like roulette, slot machines or blackjack, scratch games are free and many bonuses will be offered with and without deposit money. Here for you, our top three of the best online casinos offering scratch games. Torpezia Palace is one of the first online casinos to have set up scratch games. The site includes a multitude of games thanks to BenSoft software or NetEnt. Casino 777, one of the largest online casinos, offers just over 10 scratch games. The operator bet on a graphic design and impressive themes. Casino Extra finished on the podium. It also enjoys the benefits of software to offer you online scratch games quality.

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