Good Luck Charms and Wacky Gambling Superstitions

Good Luck Charms and Wacky Gambling Superstitions

Published Date · July 16, 2021 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 4 mins

Even though there is no scientific evidence behind them, many casino players believe in a few superstitions. Gambling has no specific method to win, so this has led to people from all over the world coming up with superstitions that help them become luckier whilst playing. 

Whether you prefer a game of poker, table games like blackjack or roulette, or you prefer spinning an online slot game; you’ll be surprised how many gambling myths there are. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most unusual gambling superstitions you’ve probably never heard of. To counterbalance these superstitions, we will also give some good luck charms, so you don’t have to partake in the particular superstition.


Superstition 1: Wearing Red to the Casino

In Chinese culture, red symbolises luck and wealth, hence the red envelopes given at Chinese New Year. This belief managed to sneak its way into casinos as gamblers from all over the world wear red when they visit a casino. It’s believed that red will help bring them luck and win a lot of money. Of course, this theory works by wearing anything red, but most people who believe in the superstition and actively do it prefer to wear red underwear.


Good Luck Charm 1: Four-leaf Clover

Although historically strongly tied to the Irish culture, the cloverleaf is probably one of the most popular lucky charms in the world. 

The original three-leaf clover is associated with St Patrick’s Day as a symbolic icon for the Christian Holy Trinity. Yet, if the fourth leaf is present, it stands for God’s grace and is viewed as a good luck charm. Nowadays, cloverleaf has become a part of Irish-themed slots, which is a very popular slot theme at online casinos.


Superstition 2: Don’t Walk Through The Front Doors

There is a belief that has been around for the past 30 years and is very common amongst Asian gamblers. It states that gamblers shouldn’t go through the front doors of the casino for good luck. The theory behind this is that the bad lack of people who’ve lost will rub off them. 

Good Luck Charm 2: Cat’s Eye Gem

The Cat’s Eye Gem is a popular lucky charm whilst gambling and is also known as a talisman known to ward off ghosts, the evil eye, and other harmful things in life. The gemstone resembles a cat’s eyes and is also known as an amulet for gambling luck. In particular, lucky trinkets such as a Cat’s Eye Gem guard wealth by reducing money loss and making the business more stable. 


Superstition 3: Staying Unkempt

Some gamblers in India believe that staying unkempt will bring you gambling luck. That’s why some gamblers have a dishevelled appearance in the casino. Although some people are not the best-dressed people, some deliberately stay that way for gambling luck. The superstition says you shouldn’t cut your nails on a Tuesday and Thursday as well. Lastly, you shouldn’t shave on a Tuesday or wash your hair on a Thursday. 

Good Luck Charm 3: Rabbit’s Foot

If you wonder how to get lucky at the casino, maybe you should bring a rabbit’s foot, like Captain Holt’s old partner Smitty, who rubbed a rabbit’s foot to avoid a slump. The Rabbit’s foot is a familiar lucky charm for virtually all segments of life, including gamblers. 

The origins of the rabbit’s foot good luck charm as a good luck charm are multiplied; whilst some experts suggest rabbit’s foot origins are tied to totemism, others argue that the rabbit’s foot is used to protect you from the evil eye as rabbits are born with their eye open.

Superstition 4: Lucky in Gambling, Unlucky in Love

There’s a common theory that if you’re a lucky gambler, you’ll be unlucky in love. This superstition goes both ways. It’s believed that if you are lucky in gambling, then you will find it hard to find love. Also, if you are lucky in your relationship, you won’t be lucky in gambling. There is also the belief that people in relationships play safer, so they lose less. 

Good Luck Charm 4: Alligator Teeth

This may not be one for the Tooth Fairy, but gamblers believe that there is something about carrying alligator teeth around if you are looking to score more luck and money in your gambling adventures. This good luck charm stems from American folklore. 

This brings to an end our look at some of the wackier superstitions in gambling and some good luck charms if you don’t fancy following some of these odd theories.



Matthew Wojciow

Content Writer