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There is nothing quite like the thrill of an online slot game. From the cha-chinging of a big win to the excitement from a slots bonus features, online slots are some of the most fun you will have at an online casino.

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What Slot to Play?

The big thing for you as a player is to decide what slot you want to play. This decision becomes extremely difficult as there are so many factors to take into consideration when you choose a slot to play. Even if you are a seasoned player or newbie to the online casino and online slot world we have divided slots into multiple categories that will help you pick the right slot game for you. We will take you through which slots are best for you if you like taking the action on the go or you just want to play what is popular in the community. We will also discuss the key terms of online slots for those players who might not know their RTP from their progressive jackpots.

What is new in Online Slots?

We also looked at possibly the biggest innovation in online slots in recent years and that is the Megaways game structure. The first Megaways slot was released in 2016 and has taken the online slot world by storm ever since. Even for players who are used to online slots won’t know how a Megaways slot differs from the slots that they play on a regular basis. In our top picks, we have chosen our personal favourite slots in each of the different categories and you can check out our unbiased reviews on the slots we picked and see why we chose that particular slot game. If you are settled on a slot once reading our review, we have also picked the top three online casinos for you to play that slot at, saving you more time and more importantly more slot playing time. 

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