Cheeky Casino: The Casino that Promotes Safe Gambling!

Cheeky Casino: The Casino that Promotes Safe Gambling!

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Published date · March 24, 2023 | Last Updated · March 24, 2023 | Read Time: 3 mins

When looking for an online casino, it is important to find one that puts the player first. And we certainly think we have found that with Cheeky Casino...

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How Important is a Reputable Casino?

It is crucial to play on a reputable casino to ensure that you enjoy a safe and secure gaming experience. When playing with real money online, it is very important to have that level of trust with the online casino you choose to play on.

When reviewing casinos, we always prefer those who clearly go out of their way to put their players first. Cheeky Casino certainly do that - particularly when it comes to safe gambling.

Cheeky Casino’s Safer Gambling Mission

Cheeky Casino strives to make sure customers enjoy their overall experience safely. The casino stands by the premise that gambling is intended to be a form of entertainment and, therefore, should be enjoyable.

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Cheeky Casino’s mission is to create the world's most secure and innovative betting and gaming platform available. The straightforward and safe games available and website navigation allow you to play within your financial limits while receiving the best and most attentive service possible.

Cheeky Casino is dedicated to encouraging safer gaming among its players, as well as raising awareness about problem gambling and enhancing prevention, intervention, and treatment.

How Does Cheeky Casino Promote Safer Gambling?

Cheeky Casino offers plenty of options and resources for players to utilise to ensure safe gambling online.


Keeping your Account Secure

The casino requests that you keep your username and password secure and confidential in order to avoid unauthorised access to your account. Their suggestions are as follows:

  • Log out after you're done playing, and if you're afraid that someone might know your password, you are advised to change it right away.
  • You also may want to make a note of your balances after you log out to ensure that no one accessed your account without your permission while you were away.
  • They note that it is your duty to keep your login information safe, and any payments spent will not be returned if your account is hacked. So, it is vital you keep your account secure!

Setting Deposit Limits

Cheeky Casino allows you to establish your own daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limitations and play at your own speed. You can set your limitations by contacting the casino through email or visiting their website while signed in to your account.

As soon as your request is received, the casino will work to implement your limitations. You will be able to remove these restrictions, but only once a 24-hour cooling down time has passed.

The Reality Check Tool

If you find yourself getting losing track of time when playing, the casino has a feature to help you! The Reality Check feature reminds you how long your game session has been going.

When you are on Cheeky Casino's site, the reminder will show on your screen. You will be given the choice of continuing to play, viewing your transaction history, or logging out. After you put in your initial wager, the reality check timer starts. After the timer runs out, the reminder will display and will continue to show at the specified time intervals.

“Take a Break” Feature

If you are concerned that your gambling is out of hand, you have the option to withdraw from the games. You can do so by utilising the available online tools or by sending an e-mail to with instructions on how long you want the account to remain inaccessible.

You can also contact the support team and request that your account 'Take a break' during the following times:

  • 24 hours
  • One week
  • One month
  • Any time up to and including six weeks.

Self Exclusion Feature

Self-exclusions must be used for at least six months. Your account will stay closed at the conclusion of the exclusion period until you notify them to reactivate it. The casino will be unable to lift the access restriction during the excluded time. Please keep in mind that your exclusion request will be applied to all Jumpman Gaming websites, and you will not be able to self-exclude from a particular website.