RNG Casino Games – Do They Have a Future?

RNG Casino Games – Do They Have a Future?

Published Date · June 21, 2023 · Last Updated · June 27, 2023 ·Read Time · 4 mins

Traditional online casino games, better known simply as random number generator (RNG) games, have been around since the first online casinos launched. They use software to generate random numbers, which affect the outcome of the game. Whether you’re playing blackjack, roulette, slots or anything else, the software determines the result, and it’s completely random to keep things fair.

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However, in recent years, more players have been enjoying live casino games, which use real dealers, cards, dice and roulette wheels. These games offer more realism and immersion, putting them above RNG games in the eyes of a lot of players. This raises the question do RNG casino games have a future?

History of RNG Casino Games

Casino games have always been based on luck rather than skill. To win at slots or roulette, there’s no way to predict the outcome, you simply have to hope you get lucky with your bet. Though some games, such as blackjack, do have a skill component, you’re still at the mercy of Lady Luck because you can’t predict which cards are going to be drawn.

Online casinos began to launch in the 1990s, with Microgaming being the first-ever online gaming software provider. It remains one of the biggest and most popular casino providers today, and it’s responsible for developing the first online RNG games.


Early slots used mechanical parts to simulate random chance, which made them difficult for players to cheat or figure out while also being fun to play. However, the mechanical parts were difficult to create and repair. In the 1980s, slot machine manufacturers switched to digital versions, which used RNG software to produce completely random outcomes on each spin.

How Does the Maths Work?

When the first online casinos launched, the software providers had to come up with a way to mimic the random nature of traditional casino games. Thus, the first RNG games were born. RNG stands for random number generator, and this is essentially what the software behind these games does. Randomness is a difficult concept to define, but it’s essentially a measure of how difficult something is to predict.

Each time you place a bet when playing an RNG game, the software generates a new number. This number correlates to a specific combination of symbols on the reels, a certain card being drawn or the number which a roulette wheel lands on. As it’s completely random, neither the player nor the casino has the ability to affect the outcome, which makes it fair for all players.

The main feature of RNG software is that it is capable of generating a sequence of numbers with independence and uniformity. The sequence is independent, as each number generated is completely independent of the ones that came before it. Uniformity ensures that each and every possible number has an equal chance of occurring at any time.

RNG Casino Games vs Traditional Dealer Games – Pros and Cons

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RNG and traditional dealer games might be based on the same rules and concepts, but there are a lot of key differences between them. For example, if you’ve played RNG roulette, you’ll know how to play live dealer roulette, but the experience is very different. This means there are also pros and cons, here are a few of the main ones:

RNG Casino Games Pros

  • Easy to find – Most online casinos have lots of different RNG games to play
  • Fast to play – With RNG games, everything is handled by the software rather than a dealer, meaning it’s much quicker
  • Great graphics – The quality of modern game graphics is so high that these games look great

RNG Casino Games Cons

  • You need to trust the software – Because these games use software to determine the outcome, you need to have trust in it if you want to play
  • Less immersive – For a lot of players, RNG games just aren’t the same as the real thing because they’re not as realistic

Live Casino Games Pros

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  • Highly realistic – Playing a live game is just like playing at a traditional casino, with a real dealer or host
  • Great variety – Aside from traditional game options, live games now include lots of new and modern releases
  • Real casino equipment – Live games use real cards, wheels or dice to determine the outcome rather than a random number generator

Live Casino Games Cons

  • No demo play – If you want to test out a live game, you’ll need to bet real cash, as they don’t have demo versions to play for free
  • Availability – While live dealer games are becoming more popular, some online casinos are still behind on the times and may not have an extensive collection of live games

Are RNG Casino Games Here To Stay?

While there’s little doubt that live casino games are more popular than ever, we think it’s unlikely that RNG games are going anywhere soon. There are lots of great software providers making these games, and a lot of players prefer the quick play that isn’t found when playing live. Even if they become less common at online casinos, most land-based casinos will still use RNG slot machines.


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