Tournaments at Conquestador

Tournaments at Conquestador

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Published date · July 8, 2021 | Last Updated · Jan. 27, 2023 | Read Time: 3 mins

Whilst many of us play at an online casino for the social and fun aspect of it. However, those of us with a competitive streak will feel right at home at Conquestador Casino, as they have weekly tournaments across various games. Hence, there is pretty much a tournament for each type of online casino player. They also do seasonal tournaments in line with various holidays in the year and you can play slots in accordance with those holidays. 

We took a look at Conquestador Casino in our In The Hot Seat series of blogs, so check it out below if you want to know more about the casino after reading this article on their awesome tournaments.

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Weekly Slot Tournaments at Conquestador Casino

Conquestador has handpicked a number of popular online slot games for you to take part in a week-long adventure. Some of the slots included in this great weekly tournament are Reactoonz 2, Nitropolis and Primate King. The rules for the weekly slot tournaments are as follows. 

The tournament runs from midnight every Monday to 23:00 the following Sunday. The prizes for the weekly tournament are awarded based on the final figure represented on the prizes table. You can see examples of what this table looks like on the tournaments page. The minimum bet for the slot tournament is 10p on any of the participating games listed on the website. The points are accumulated based on the max wings rate and win streak formula, details of which can be found on the promotion’s terms and conditions. Points are calculated and added to your score automatically. Points are not carried over transferred between tournament weeks. If multiple players end up on the same number of points at the end of the tournament week, the player who reached the final number of points first will win that tournament. If you’re lucky enough to win, you must claim your prize within 72 hours.


Weekly Roulette Tournaments at Conquestador Casino

Get spinning in the weekly Roulette tournament at Conquestador Casino; here are a few things you should know before you spin the wheel. The tournament starts at midnight every Tuesday and ends at 23:00 the following Monday.

The prizes like the slot tournament are based on the prizes table at the end of the week. The minimum bet for the Roulette tournament is £1 on the participating Roulette games listed on the tournament page. Like the slot tournament, your points don’t carry over from tournament to tournament. Also, if there are multiple players on the same points, then the one who got there first wins. Prizes also have to be claimed within 72 hours.


Weekly Baccarat Tournaments at Conquestador Casino

Next up on the weekly tournament schedule at Conquestador is their weekly Baccarat tournament. The Baccarat tournament runs from midnight every Wednesday until 23:00 the following Tuesday. Like all the other tournaments at Conquestador, the prizes are determined by the final prizes table. The minimum bet is £1 on any of the participating games on the tournament page again. If several players finish on the same score at the end of the tournament period, then the player who got to most points here first.


Weekly Blackjack Tournaments at Conquestador Casino

Lastly, we have the Blackjack tournament at Conquestador. This tournament runs from midnight on Thursday through to 23:00 on the following Wednesday. Like all the other tournaments, the prizes are determined by the final figure represented in the prizes table. The minimum bet in this tournament is £1. Points can’t be carried over from tournament to tournament, and prizes must be claimed within 72 hours.