UFC’s Most Outrageous Moments #3

UFC’s Most Outrageous Moments #3

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Published Date · March 21, 2024 ·Read Time · 4 mins

From sumo wrestlers facing kickboxers, to professional multi-division mixed martial art champions, the UFC has come a long way since its inauguration in 1993. However, since then, there have been a fair amount of outrageous moments: from fan favorite upsets to the fastest KO in UFC history, we take a look at more of UFC’s most outrageous moments in our third edition.

UFC 1 (1993): A Man in One Boxing Glove Vs World’s Best BJJ Fighter

Starting off strong, with the first ever UFC, back in 1993 we were blessed with a one-gloved boxer about to face one of the best Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters the world has ever seen. If you don’t already know the result, you can probably figure out what happened; he got submitted - the boxer, that is.

In fact, this was such an odd moment that the boxer - Art Jimmerson - was coined ‘the guy that fought with one boxing glove’ instead of his actual birth name, but I’m not sure this is the kind of nickname you would want if you didn’t win…

UFC 193 (2015): Ronda Rousey Loses Her Six-Title Defense Streak

Ronda Rousey is notoriously known for paving the way for women in combat sports, she was the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in judo, and was a part of the first-ever female fight in the UFC. Alongside her accomplishments she also held the record for the most title defenses within the UFC, having defended her belt an outstanding six times within three years - until this moment.

When defending her title for the seventh time, against Holly Holm, her luck caught up with her and it was somebody else’s time to shine. This loss rocked Rousey so bad that when making an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, back in 2016, she revealed that she had considered suicide in the immediate aftermath of her head kick KO.

However, when Rousey went back in to the Octagon after a year - little did she know it would be her last time - and faced the ever-tough Amanda Nunes who TKO’d Rousey. After this fight, Rousey put down her gloves and called it a day in MMA.

UFC 239 (2019): Jorge Masvidal Delivers the Fastest KO in UFC History

One of the most outrageous UFC moments has to be Jorge Masvidal’s absolutely unbelievable KO over Ben Askren. Masvidal delivered the fastest KO in UFC history, within just five seconds into the first round, via flying knee. Keep in mind, that leading up to his fight, Askren had a perfect 19-0 record and was the big favorite between the two fighters.

However, time spent in the cage should never be disregarded as Masvidal walked in there with an experienced record, of 33-13, and nearly 50 professional fights in his arsenal.

Up until this moment, Askren had some big wins under his belt over notorious names such as Robbie Lawler and Shinya Aoki; however after Masvidal, Askren unfortunately faced a similar fate to Rowsey. Askren fought once more against Damien Maia, just a few months later in October 2019, and lost via rear-naked-choke in the third round; Askren hasn’t fought since.

UFC 133 (2011): Fighter Gets Extra Bonus for Beating Opponent Wearing Speedos

At UFC 133, Brian Ebersole defeated Dennis Hallman by first-round TKO. Hallman had an interesting choice of attire in the fight, wearing trunks that were... more revealing than most, but Ebersole wasn’t much better; he had an arrow shaved into his chest as his staple.

However, it was fair to say that - judging off the audience's heckling - nobody wanted to see a man in speedos win, and after beating him via knockout in the first round, the UFC rewarded Ebersole with a non-traditional $70,000 bonus. The bonus was deemed as an honorary "getting those horrifying shorts off TV as soon as possible" bonus.

Hallman was no easy opponent to defeat though, having had 67 fights coming into this particular contest, he was a classified stern veteran of the sport. Up until this fight Hallman had a record of 50-13-2, so no wonder he had the confidence to wear speedos in the Octagon!

He has since stated that he wore the shorts as a result of losing a bet, but this didn’t stop fans calling for regulation surrounding the length of fighters' shorts in time to come… and speedos have now been banned in the UFC as a result.

UFC 183 (2015): Nick Diaz Taunts Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva was well-known for taunting his opponents, and he actually caused himself to break his seven-year undefeated streak after taunting Chris Weidman and getting knocked clean out to the canvas, back in 2013.

However, little did he know that Mr. Nick Diaz was ready to beat him at his own game; before it had even begun. During the fight Diaz can be seen lying on the floor multiple times to clown Silva, he also turns around to show Silva his butt, and pulls his shorts out of his… buttcrack.

But, despite the entertainment of the fight, it turned into a no contest after Silva got done for steroids and Diaz got done for marijuana. Silva was fined his full win bonus, and 30% of his appearance fee, totaling $380,000. Meanwhile Diaz appealed the first decision and subsequently was suspended for 18 months and fined $100,000.


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