UFC’s Most Outrageous Moments #2

UFC’s Most Outrageous Moments #2

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Published Date · Feb. 14, 2024 · Last Updated · Feb. 19, 2024 ·Read Time · 5 mins

When it comes to unforgettable drama, the UFC delivers. Freak injuries, massive upsets, split-second KOs - anything can happen when those cage doors lock. In our second edition of ‘UFC’s Most Outrageous Moments’ let's look back at some more of the most shocking moments that had jaws on the floor!

UFC 269 (2023): Bryce Mitchell Gets KO'd Into a Seizure

At UFC 269, featherweight fighter, Josh Emmett pulled off a huge first-round knockout against, the favorite, Bryce Mitchell. Fans were pumped to see rising star Mitchell take on Emmett, who's known for his powerful punches, but the fight took a scary turn when Emmett landed a monster shot that sent Mitchell down hard.

Unfortunately, Mitchell started having seizures from the force of the KO. It was a freaky and alarming sight that got the doctors rushing in. Seizures don't happen often in MMA, so people were seriously concerned for Mitchell's health.

KOs Can Be Dangerous in This Sport

This scary incident reminded everyone that as thrilling as MMA can be, it carries risks. The athletes are tough as nails, but accidents happen. So, while Emmett scored a big win, seeing Mitchell like that must have left a hollow feeling.

This fight recently encouraged more talk about what steps could be added, to improve fighters safety. There's a fine line in MMA, between amazing excitement and terrible injury, which was highlighted here.

UFC 194 (2015): Conor McGregor KO’s Jose Aldo At Lightning Speed

In December 2015, the UFC put together a huge fight between Conor McGregor and the promotion's long-reigning featherweight champion, Jose Aldo. Fans were crazily excited to see if the fierce and cocky McGregor could take out Aldo, who hadn't lost in over 10 years, but what went down would shock everybody...

As soon as the fight started, McGregor threw a mean left hook that landed smack on Aldo's chin. The champ collapsed on the mat, out cold. The referee jumped in and called off the fight after a lightening-quick 13 seconds.

Fastest KO in the UFC

McGregor cleaning out Aldo in seconds is one of the craziest UFC moments ever. Showing off his intimidating punching power and precision, McGregor claimed the featherweight title with the fastest KO in UFC history.

The way McGregor steamrolled the undefeated Aldo so quickly is something fans will never forget. It showed how the fight can be over in the blink of an eye, if you make the tiniest mistake in MMA. McGregor made history that night with a performance for the ages.

UFC 286 (2023): Sam Patterson Tries To Fight The Referee

Fans couldn’t believe their eyes at UFC 286, as newcomer Sam Patterson tried to keep fighting after being knocked out cold. Still confuzzled, by a crushing punch from Yanal Ashmoz, Patterson shockingly went after the referee, Mark Goddard, next!

Clearly not knowing what he was doing, Patterson attempted to wrestle Goddard as if he was his opponent. It was a crazy response that shows what can happen when a rattled fighter’s instincts take over.

Seeing competitors lose control after getting their bells rung is not unheard of. But Patterson going after a well-respected referee, like Goddard, hit home how dangerous MMA can be. It underscored growing worries about the UFC properly protecting hurt fighters, especially when it comes to evaluating them medically after nasty KOs like this one.

UFC 168 (2013): Anderson Silva Breaks His Own Leg

In 2013, all eyes were locked on the big rematch between middleweight studs Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. Just months earlier Weidman had shocked the world by knocking Silva out cold, ending the champ's seven-year undefeated streak.

Fans were pumped to see if Silva could retrieve his crown back from Weidman in this fight. The second round started with Silva using his nasty muay thai kicks, trying to soften up Weidman. Then it happened - Silva fired a hard kick straight at Weidman's knee, but Weidman blocked his leg at the right time, and Silva's shin cracked in half across his knee.

The Crowd and Viewers Were in Shock

Silva dropped down, his mangled leg bending in ways legs never should; the skin and muscle were grotesquely shifted above his snapped shin bone. You could see the agony written on Silva's face.

The arena went dead silent, witnessing their MMA hero crumble helplessly to the mat. He was carried out by stretcher soon after, his celebrated career now hanging by a thread after this freak accident.

Seeing Silva's severely jacked-up leg shocked even hardcore MMA fans. It raised some real questions about the safety of fighters in this growing sport. Still, warriors like Silva show insane courage by coming back from these injuries. After a long and grinding comeback, he returned to the cage to chase glory one last time.

UFC 196 (2016): One Of The Biggest Upsets In MMA History

MMA fans will never forget what happened when Nate Diaz stepped into the Octagon to face Conor McGregor at UFC 196. McGregor was on top of the world, riding a 13-second knockout victory and trash-talking anyone in his path. But Diaz, a gritty veteran not known for flashy knockouts, didn't seem fazed. He was there to fight.

As the opening bell rang, McGregor came out aggressive, looking for another highlight-reel finish. But Diaz proved remarkably durable, weathering the early tempest. As round one closed, there was no panic in Diaz's corner. Their fighter was still fresh. McGregor, on the other hand, was breathing heavily and would soon get caught up in a tight choke.

Round 2 Momentum Showed McGregor This Fight Was No Push-Over

The momentum started to shift in round two. While McGregor swung for the fences, Diaz pressed forward behind volume punching. Soon, McGregor looked exhausted, his punches lacking steam. Sensing the champion was fading, Diaz turned up the pressure.

With McGregor against the cage, Diaz unleashed a fierce combination of punches before securing a chokehold that forced McGregor to tap out in disbelief.

Diaz had authored one of MMA's greatest upsets, shattering McGregor's aura of invincibility. Once again, the sport showed it's not always the biggest or loudest fighter that wins. Heart, durability, and unwavering belief in oneself can overcome any odds. That is a lesson all fighters - and anyone facing long odds - can take inspiration from. Diaz proved conclusively, that night, that you should never count out the underdog in MMA.


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