Are Online Casino Games Fair?

Last modified: August 16, 2019

Among the most frequently asked questions is whether or not online casino results are rigged in favour of the house. Fairness is a concern also shared by players who play at land-based casinos.

And when talking about unfairness, we imply the mischievous attempts to alter results after the game has been played. It’s not the “house edge“.

Are online casinos rigged?

Legit casinos provide games of chance, with only a few skill games like poker. Since the sites operate under the laws of probability, you win based on luck. The games are thus not rigged unless it is an illegal casino operating in the shadows.

Casino games use Random Number Generators (RGN) such that every bet has a random outcome. To guarantee player safety, casinos are legally required to regularly carry out independent testing of these RGNs and provide a report.

In online gambling, it is even better. Thanks to the blockchain technology, there’s the provably fair game feature, which enables players to check the randomness of every game outcome. Also, like most online business, these casinos heavily rely on reputation. A single mistake can cost a casino all its business, forcing it to shut down.

The House Edge

While for gamblers, it is an unwritten rule never to gamble for a living, it is different for casinos. The casinos are in it for business.

A slight advantage in the payout dubbed the house edge enables them to stay in business. And it is not a secret; it is clearly stated beforehand. It should, therefore, never be mistaken for rigging. Also, it takes many games for the casino to realise this benefit.

So, are online casino games fair? Yes! A casino doesn’t need to cheat to make a profit. What it needs is a high volume of bets. The more games are played, the more they benefit. But because there’s no fun in losing, if everybody is losing, there will be no attraction to the site. Most players will abandon it. In this respect, a reputation for fairness is gold.

How to identify rigged casinos

The internet has people from all walks of life, and there’s no doubt quite a number are people with questionable morals who are out to rip from others. It is, thus, not weed out fraudulent casinos. But players can avoid them.

It’s a safe practice for a gambler to play on reputable licensed sites. These sites have their games powered by trusted casino game software developer such as Microgaming or NetEnt.

And not every site that claims it’s licensed actually holds a license. Reputable casinos have nothing to hide and will always display their registration certificates, licenses and all the other documents with appropriate stamps from their gaming jurisdictions.

All in all, the buck stops with you. Take your time and do due diligence before settling on a particular online casino. Let other people’s experiences be your launching pad. Online reviews allow gamblers to express their satisfaction or frustration with a given casino. While the opinions may not be entirely accurate, but yes you must be chary of sites with numerous complaints.

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