The Biggest Slot Winnings in the World

The Biggest Slot Winnings in the World

Published Date · Feb. 28, 2022 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 4 mins

Every one playing slots, online or in a real-world casino, play slots for different reasons, excitement, relaxation, fun- the list goes on. But, what we all have in common is the dream of winning big! While most people have had their fair share of wins playing slots, a lucky few have massive million-pound payouts. Traditionally, most big winners have come from in-person casino mecca Las Vegas, but increasingly online slots stand toe-to-toe with traditional table games and physical slot machines! Keep reading to find out more on some of the biggest slot machine wins and which online slots payouts are a cut above the rest…

10 - Online: £8.6 million on Mega Moolah: Lucky player ‘D.P’. from the UK set the then-record (in 2016) for mobile online slots, betting only $1.50 to become a millionaire on Mega Moolah. Sometimes you bet small and walk away with big winnings, something a lot of the lucky slot players on our list have in common!

9 - Las Vegas: £9.1 million on Megabucks: After only spending $20 and winning $14.3 million on the Megabucks slot machine at Rampart Casino in 2013, this player decided to remain anonymous. The player generously donated a sizeable chunk of their winnings to charity. Similarly, the Megabucks slot machines are a generous and consistent feature on our list!

8 - Online: £10.8 million on Arabian Nights: In 2011 a Norweigan online slots player unexpectedly won $17.3 million on the NetEnt game from online Casino Betsson. Despite Arabian Nights being extremely popular in the 2010s, it had never paid out a jackpot like this before- something online slots enthusiasts went wild for!

7 - Las Vegas: £10.9 million on Megabucks: An anonymous woman in Las Vegas also won $17.3 million at the M Resort in Henderson. This lucky lady in 2012 managed to score big by using her free credits on the Megabucks machine and intended to spend her winnings taking care of her family and paying off her house.

6 - Online £13.2 million on Mega Moolah: Mega Moolah strikes again, this time in 2015, with a fortunate fella and British soldier, 26-year-old Jonathan Heywood. Heywood only bet £0.25 to land this incredible jackpot- no wonder he thought he was dreaming when he won £13.2 million, $20 million and change at the time. After overcoming his initial disbelief, he swore to use most of his jackpot payout to look after his sick father.

5 - Online: £15.1 million On Mega Fortune: At this point, it’s a genuine surprise the biggest online slot win on our list doesn’t come from Mega Moolah! This jackpot was €17.8 million, equivalent to just shy of $24 million at the time. If you account for inflation, it far surpasses any of the other online slots winners on our list. Technicalities aside, who was our lucky winner, and how did he do it? An anonymous Finn in 2013 attempted to parlay what was left in his Casino account into a big win. Mega Fortune’s $0.25 spins, delivered astronomically! The 40-something Finnish man and now multi-millionaire continues to enjoy online poker. It goes to show thrill-seekers never change!

4 - Las Vegas: £16.6 million on Megabucks: A retired woman in 1998 bet on a Megabucks machine at Palace Station Casino, spending $300, more than triple what she originally intended. Her persistence paid off as she managed to continue the saga of Megabucks wins, with a whopping $27.6 million jackpot win.

3 - Online: £16.8 million on Mega Moolah: Lightning strikes thrice with Mega Moolah as it once again in 2018 broke its record. This lucky individual seems to have remained anonymous but supposedly won with less than 50, $0.75 spins, surpassing Heywood for the Guinness World record for the highest online jackpot winner in the process. The payout rates and lucky winners of Mega Moolah continue to astound us and online slots players!

2 - Las Vegas: £23 million on Megabucks: Another big Megabucks winner was 37-year-old Cynthia Jay Brennan, who claimed a jackpot win of $35 million at the Desert Inn, Las Vegas in the year 2000. Brennan’s winnings allowed for her and her partner to pay off all of their family debts and build a new house. Tragically, Brennan was later involved in an accident and suffered injuries. Not allowing this to keep her down, Brennan has gone on to donate over 1000 wheelchairs to patients who couldn’t otherwise afford them. She has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and spoken at schools to support anti-drunk driving causes.

1 - Las Vegas: £24.3 million on Megabucks: Number one on our list is once again courtesy of the famous Megabucks slot machine, this time by a lucky winner at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. After spending just $100, the man managed to get the jackpot win and make history that stands to this day as the greatest slots jackpot win of all time. The anonymous 25-year-old who was in town to watch the NCAA in 2003 solidified his winnings and place in history. His jaw-dropping winnings were confirmed to be given 25 equal annual instalments.., What happens in Vegas!

Gigantic Jackpots for Everyone! While there are even more big winners out there, this brings an end to our list of some of the most unbelievable slot wins. We’ve shown you that you can win big in the casino itself, but also from the comfort of your own home, or even on the go. We hope this list of winners and their stories has helped slot enjoyers feel inspired! If, after hearing about all these overnight millionaires, makes you want to learn more about slots, or simply brush up on your knowledge, check out our helpful guide and check out our Slots of the Month for March 2022 to perhaps play some slots you wouldn’t have picked out otherwise!


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