How Online Casinos Use Data Analytics

How Online Casinos Use Data Analytics

Published Date · June 25, 2021 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Online casinos have been a part of the digital world since their early adoption. This means that they probably have more historical data about their customers than any other type of business. 

Over the years, online casinos have used data analytics to adjust their customer offering to ensure they are giving their loyal customers exactly what they are after. In return, they gain greater profits. 

So how do online casinos use data analytics, and how can other businesses use these methods to improve their own business?

Customer Behaviour

Collecting data on their customers has come a long way in recent years, and the advent of the internet of things has made data availability better than ever before. 

Alongside this, big data processing capability means that analysis can be done from the small to the high levels. This has spawned another class of analytics called the internet of behaviour. This class examines the behaviour of consumers and looks for ways that this knowledge can be used to appeal to existing customers and to a large proportion of the public who have never thought about playing at an online casino.

Website User Experience

One of the most noticeable uses of analytics that online casinos use is in the user experience. Understanding how the players are using the website, how they look at it, how they scroll through the site, what elements of the site are the most effective are all a part of what online casinos look at using analytics. 

One of the more surprising parts of UX is the smallest of changes to a website can make a huge difference. For instance, the placement, colour or even shape of a button on the website can make a difference in the uptake of an offer. 

Understanding the journey that players take through the website and producing heatmaps to show exactly what people are looking at and what they click on will allow the designers to adjust each element to work to its full potential.


Community Building

So, what type of people are likely to be attracted to playing at an online casino? Are the communities for the different types of casino games appeal to different types of people? 

The community-building aspect of an online casino has sprung into life in recent years and is trying to understand what each community likes. This is done via forums, chatroom and message boards. 

If people feel a part of a wider community, they are more likely to return to the site, spend more time on the site, and tend to stay loyal to the business. If online casinos couldn’t use analytics, they would have to take a random approach and offer every community to every player, which isn’t going to have the desired effect. Understanding players’ needs allow them to be directed towards the right communities.

Offers and Gifts

Understanding what potential offers and gifts are important for the profitability of casinos and other businesses can certainly look at how they do it.

On the one hand, an online casino needs to know how large an offer or free gift will attract players at all casino levels. At the same time, they need to be sure that they are not offering too much, and if it is greater than the value of each customer, otherwise it wouldn’t be in their best interest to offer it.  

The more offers online casinos give to their customers, the more customers they will bring to the site. Still, if they offer too many offers or gifts, they will eventually lose money on each customer, so that the idea will be self-destructive.

What Other Businesses Can Learn

For any business, using data analytics is a massive aspect of marketing. Understanding customer behaviour and what they want from your company is the first step you need to take on your marketing journey. 

It’s important to understand how they interact with your website to refine the design, and the special offers that you help will make customers return to your website. Data analysis makes all this possible, and taking the steps we’ve outlined in this article shows how successfully it is done in the online casino world.


Matthew Wojciow

Content Writer