Top 5 Movies Set In and Around Casinos

Top 5 Movies Set In and Around Casinos

Published Date · Feb. 25, 2020 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 4 mins

There are loads of films set in and around the world of casinos. In all honesty, if you were to sit and watch all of them in one consecutive spell, you’d be sat there for days on end. Here at CasinoRange, we will try and give you five of the best casino movies in our honest opinion. (and one honourable mention that we could not leave out.)

21 (2008)

Starting with a true story from the University dorm rooms of America. Ben Campbell (played by Jim Sturgess) is in desperate need of $300,000 in tuition fees so that he can go to Harvard and live his dream of becoming a doctor.

In his search for the cash, Ben’s maths professor Micky Rosa (played by Kevin Spacey), invites the youngster to join his group of gifted students.  This is no ordinary after school club though, as Rosa teaches the students how to count cards in blackjack. Using this knowledge, the plucky group head to Las Vegas to try and get the tuition fees they so desperately need. It did not take long though for the casino to catch on to the student’s underhanded tactic. Before they know it, they are playing a much tougher game than just blackjack.

Casino Royale (2006)

From a true story to a literary classic.  A re-make of the 1967 film of the same name, which is based on Ian Fleming’s classic work.

This was Daniel Craig’s first outing as the titular secret agent James Bond. Casino Royale takes Bond to the Monte Carlo Casino in Montenegro to take on one of the world’s most notorious terrorists in the world, Le Chiffre. Le Chiffre was at the table to try and win back money that Bond had cost him for thwarting the destruction of a luxury airliner in Miami. Le Chiffre and Bond have a battle of wits over a game of Texas Hold em’.

With big explosions, edge of your seat car chases, beautiful women and some of the best poker playing out there.

The Gambler (2014)

Another re-make. This one is a re-make of the 1976 film of the same name. This movie stars Mark Wahlberg, who is a literature professor at a Los Angeles college but has the significant vice of being a high-stakes gambler in underground casinos.

Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), ends up owing close to $300,000 and is given a week to pay it back or as the cliché goes, they will leave him sleeping with the fishes. Life is not looking good for John until he catches the eye of one of his students and casino waitress Amy Phillips (Brie Larson). Falling for Amy does John no favours as he gambles away the money to save his life and his now in a literal life and death situation as if he does not predict the spin of one roulette spin right then it is game over.

A thriller from start and finish, this has to be one of the most exhilarating gambling movies out there.

The Hangover (2009)

From one fast-paced serious movies to the opening film of the highly successful Hangover franchise. The opening movie takes the titular Wolf Pack Alan, Doug, Phil and Stu to Las Vegas to throw Doug the best Stag weekend before he gets married. Cut to the morning after the night before, and the wolf pack wake up in their Vegas suite minus stag Doug. Thus starts a manic search to find their missing friend which sends them all over the strip and all sorts of calamity ensues including a marriage (not who you were expecting), an impressive game of blackjack thanks to Stu and his green book and a visit from boxing legend Mike Tyson.

A hilarious start to what was one of the best comedy trilogies of the noughties.

Casino (1995)

The final movie in our list is the Robert De Niro masterclass that is Casino of 1995. Directed by Martin Scorsese, this epic crime film set in and around the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas. De Niro is asked to oversee the running of this casino by the Chicago outfit (once fronted by Al Capone). After firing one of the staff, it leads to a series of unfortunate events for Sam (De Niro) which looks to jeopardize everything that he and his bosses had built up over many years.

A crime thriller in every sense of the word, and the nearly three hours you better settle in for the duration of this Scorsese classic.

Honourable Mention

Rush Hour 2 (2001)

Ok, this is the final movie in the list (we promise), but we could not leave this classic movie off this list. Technically not a solely casino based or gambling based movie but the final third of this movie which is set in a casino has too many iconic moments not to mention it here. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are hot on the trail of the mythical printing press that was given to a Saudi Prince that is now being used to extort money using the front of a new casino to take the peoples money without any repercussions.

A big highlight of this movie is Chris Tucker’s rendition of Michael Jackson’s Don’t stop till you get enough in a Triad karaoke bar.


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