Top Casino Influencers You Should Be Following In 2024

Top Casino Influencers You Should Be Following In 2024

Published Date · Jan. 10, 2024 · Last Updated · Jan. 12, 2024 ·Read Time · 4 mins

Casino influencers seem to be taking over the world these days, with their thrilling wins, and over-the-top reactions, offering plenty of entertainment. We wanted to bring together a selection of our favourites, along with some video evidence, to show who you have to follow in 2024...


Twitch - 1,000,000+

Instagram - 131,000+

X - 131,000+

YouTube - 53,800+

Otherwise known outside of gaming as Ishmael Swartz, is the longest active slot streamer dating back to 2016. The Swedish streamer is well-known for his collaboration with Canadian rapper and ambassador, Drake - giving him betting tips to beat the 'Drake Curse'.

On Roshtein’s website, you can find some really useful tips, recordings of him playing slots, statistics on his greatest returns, what slot games he played to get them and more. He also does giveaways so keep an eye out for his next one!

Lady Luck HQ

Instagram - 186,000+

YouTube - 430,000+

Tik Tok - 240,000+

Facebook - 534,000+

Otherwise known as Francine Marie, Lady Luck is a famous gambling influencer from Colorado and her content revolves around slots. Lady Luck offers a fun mix of content - including high-stakes spins and lots of slot jackpot chasing.

Over the years Lady Luck HQ has collectively accumulated over 1.3 million followers in total, across all platforms. Her following makes her the most famous female slot player online.

Brian Christopher Slots

Instagram - 66,000+

YouTube - 645,000+

Tik Tok - 181,000+

Facebook - 243,000+

This guy has been making waves on the casino influencer scene over the past few years and has recently even had his own slot machine named after him - Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays More.

Playing slots on a daily basis, he often introduces viewers to new games and live action payouts on his Youtube channel - Brian Christopher Slots.

Stop and Step

Twitter - 3,700+

YouTube - 85,800+

Stop and Step offers followers a mix of slots and casino gameplay - focused more on lower stakes betting. Playing in both land-based bookmakers, as well as online, this channel gives a unique insight to a more relatable gambler. That's not to say there hasn't been plenty of eye-catching wins along the way, as you will see on his most popular videos on his Youtube channel.

Vegas Matt

Twitch - 19,100

Instagram - 254,000+

X - 7,000+

YouTube - 324,000+

Tik Tok - 447,000+

Vegas Matt or Matt Morrow to his friends and family... is a Californian slots influencer with the tagline:

My gambling is as real as it gets! You see the reality of the wins and the losses of a true gambler!

One of his videos shows him playing a slot machine that is $1,125 (£885) a spin and he goes on to lose $10,000 in just eight spins, showing the true ups and downs of a gambler.

Busy across all social media platforms, Vegas Matt is sure to provide lots of entertainment, along with eye-watering stakes!

Casino Daddy

Twitch - 198,700+

Instagram - 12,500+

X - 10,400+

YouTube - 89,000+

This channel is run by three Swedish siblings, Erik, Mathias and Karl Anton Joelson, who also happen to all be gambling influencers. The three of them love playing high-stakes slots and casino games - insisting they are always playing with real money.

Their streaming schedule is relentless, with their channels committed to putting out content for 14 hours a day, seven days a week.

Alongside their active social media platforms, they also run their own website that focuses on casino reviews. Check it out to see their latest reviews, as well as plenty of casino-related giveaways!

The Bandit

X - 17,200+

YouTube - 89,400+

The Bandit is a British slots influencer, who likes to balance out his gameplay between higher and lower stakes betting. His most notable winning video to date saw him turn a £6 stake on Jammin' Jars into more than £100,000!

While his following may not be as prolific as others featured on this list, his channels are packed full of edge-of-your-seat moments. If you're looking for a relatable slots streamer, who loves a bit of Reel King, The Bandit is definitely worth a closer look!

We would also recommend checking out his casino website - backinamo - which allows followers to post their own memorable slot wins, as well as offering them the chance to scoop free spins and casino cash offers.

NG Slot

Instagram - 133,000+

YouTube - 497,000+

Tik Tok - 156,000+

Narek Gharibyan is a California-based slots player who takes his followers on a gambling journey all around the US. As a high stakes player, you can regularly see him wager up to £300 a spin on his favourite slot games.

With high stakes comes high rewards, and if you follow NG Slot, you can be sure of plenty of heart-stopping moments. Rather than risk your own money, why not have a watch of a charismatic influencer risking plenty on every spin of a slot machine?


Lucy Wynne

Content Writer