A Beginners Guide To Online Casinos & Slots

A Beginners Guide To Online Casinos & Slots

Published Date · Feb. 18, 2021 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Online gambling has grown in popularity in recent years providing players with the comfort to gamble from their home and on the go, with the development of new and intuitive mobile apps.  If you’re new to gaming at online casinos, the choice of slots and casinos may be overwhelming, with a whole range of varying games, from table to live dealer, promotions and bonuses. Slots may be the perfect casino game for beginners for several reasons:

There’s Little Skill Required

At all land-based casinos, slots are the first game you’ll have heard of.  Slots are played on screens with scintillating graphics and audio. Often linked to popular movies and television shows, and are simple to play. The challenge is to pick which of the hundred-plus games you can choose. Glancing at the play-lines to decide what bet to make is your main task, press a button and hope for a decent pay out or bonus.


Progress To Contest

Once you’ve passed the beginners stage, you can advance to slot contests which include scatters, wilds, bonuses and other surprises whilst still being simple, with the potential for a big win.

Free Spins

As a new player to an online casino, you are likely to be offered a sign-up bonus when you open and deposit funds on to an account. Some of these accounts may not require you to deposit your own money, whilst many others will match the value of your first deposit. The welcome bonus also could offer free spins on specific slots. It’s worth noting that almost all casinos have wagering requirements before withdrawing any of your winnings, so be sure to check terms and conditions.

Progressive Jackpots

The progressive jackpot offers the chance of an even bigger win as the prize increases each time somebody plays the slot game and will continue rising until one lucky player wins it. What’s great for beginners is that a progressive jackpot can be won at random, the prizes can vary depending on the amount of players playing but can be in the millions of pounds.

Tips to Start Your Journey

Familiarise Yourself Terms And Conditions

The first step is to gain a solid understanding of the terms and conditions of the casino, understanding deposits, wagering restrictions and bonuses. Sites have varied terms and conditions for deposits and withdrawals. Ensure to check all necessary information like pay out duration, minimum deposit amount, maximum withdrawal limit, and other funding details. 

Choose the Ideal Online Casino Site

Make sure to choose a licensed website, read our reviews, check the certifications, terms, and conditions, and other such information to determine whether the casino site is right for you.

Start With the Free To Play

One of the best things about online casino sites is you can sometimes practice without depositing. You can play free to play slots as a demo that can help you understand how the slot works. Many reputable online casino sites provide you with the free no deposit bonus; meaning you can first play a bonus amount without depositing real money. Hence why it’s important to choose the right casino for you. 

Make The Most Of Bonuses & Promos

Casinos always offer an incredible welcome bonus in addition to jackpots, and many ongoing offers throughout the year, some of which may be seasonal e.g. Black Friday. Ensure that you read the terms and conditions and keep checking in regularly to not miss out on any that come your way.

Set Limitation

It’s essential to gamble responsibly and casinos are well aware of this, many set deposit limits, time limits and self exclusions from promotional activities. It’s worth keeping this in mind whenever you deposit. 


Phoebe Greenwood

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