Gambling Guinness World Records You Have To See...

Gambling Guinness World Records You Have To See...

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Published Date · Jan. 5, 2024 · Last Updated · Jan. 18, 2024 ·Read Time · 4 mins

When it comes to gambling, people often put it down to luck - but the definition of real luck are the people on the list below. However, some may surprise you.

If you think you have 'won big' wait until you see what a record-breaking win looks like... let's dive in!

Largest Online Gambling Payout - €90 million (£77.6 million)


The lucky winner sweeping up the EuroJackpot in June 2018 was Christina, a 36-year-old cleaner from Berlin. Since her record-breaking win, Christina has remained anonymous.

She got the win from choosing five numbers from one to 50 and two additional numbers from one to 10, and to her pleasant surprise, she won the lotto’s maximum jackpot after placing the bet on her phone.

Greatest Prize Money Won In A Baccarat Tournament - 119 million HKD (£20.1 million)


This win took place in March 2015 at Sands Cotai Central Sheraton Ballroom in Macau and was achieved by Suncity Group.

This record also came hand-in-hand with another record ‘Greatest prize money for a baccarat tournament - individual’. The largest individual baccarat prize money of 100 million HKD was taken home by tournament winner, Lin Haisan.

Largest Prize Pool For An Online Poker Tournament - $28.6 million (£22.6 million)

online poker

This record prize pool of $27,559,500 was broken by GGPoker at the World Series of Poker Online Tournament in August 2020. 5,802 participants competed for the record prize pool.

However, since then GGPoker have beat their own record by bringing in a whopping $28,609,250, in October 2023, from 6,023 participants who competed for the prize pool.

Longest Marathon Playing Online Poker - 49 Hours

49 hour poker streak

Sergio Garcia from Madrid, Spain, broke the record for the longest marathon playing online poker by playing for 49 hours non-stop. This feat occurred from 29 June to 1 July 2023.

Garcia is a professional poker player and has been since 2013, and during that team he was the Spanish online champion at PokerHeaven. His goal was to hit 50 hours, but he fell a smidge too short.

Greatest Win At In-House Bingo - £1.1 million


The largest amount of money won at in-house bingo is £1,101,686 in January 2008, and was achieved by Christine Bradfield from the UK. To get the win she was playing National Bingo Game at the Castle Leisure Bingo Club in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, UK.

Her big win came just a day before her 53rd birthday, making it a truly unforgettable early birthday gift.

Largest Jackpot Payout In An Online Slot Machine Game (nominal) - €17.9 million

jackpot win

In October 2015, British soldier, Jon Heywood hit it lucky when he was playing Microgaming's Mega Moolah on Betway Casino. He won the largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game of €17,879,645 after betting 25p stakes.

However, during 20 December 2023 this record was overrun by the highest win on WowPot of €38,461,200.95. Games Global proudly announced the (unrecorded) record-breaking jackpot win on its progressive jackpot, WowPot!

The win occurred while playing Wheel of Wishes, a creation of Games Global studio Alchemy Gaming.

Biggest Ever Lottery Jackpot Winner- €2.05 billion


Three months after the numbers were drawn for the world’s greatest jackpot in a national lottery, Californian, Edwin Castro was revealed as the winner in 2023.

Castro was the sole winner of the eye-watering $2.05 billion prize, which he won from a $2 Powerball ticket. He bought his Powerball ticket at Joe's Service Center in Altadena, California. The store owner Joe Chahayed also received a $1 million prize for selling the winning ticket.

Despite winning over two billion dollars, Castro doesn’t quite qualify for billionaire status. Instead of receiving it in instalments over a 29-year period, he chose to receive his winnings as a single reduced lump sum of $997.6 million; but he's still a millionaire - a win is a win!

Most Money Won On A Single Esports Bet - €3,708


In May 2015, a StarCraft fan based in Poland won €3,708, by betting on Maru to beat TY, in popular eSports game StarCraft II. The fan won the bet at odds of 1.5. T

The bet was placed at Betway and Betway was the first mainstream bookmaker to launch a dedicated eSports betting portal.

Most Money Wagered On A Single Esports Bet - €4,949.99


On October 2015, a League of Legends fan from the UK wagered €4,949.99 for Yoe Flash Wolves to beat Koo Tigers in the League of Legends World Championship.

The bet was placed with Betway and the odds being offered were 1.1 in-play.

Greatest Jackpot Payout For Horse Racing - £1.85 million

AI horse race

The largest payout on a horse racing bet was won by Scottish racehorse owner Harry Findlay, in May 2007.

Findlay had placed bets of £140,000 with online pool betting company RaceO. The result: with 16 winners, comprising two eight-horse accumulators he took home £1.85 million.

Largest Jackpot Payout In A Non-Pooled Online Slot Machine Game - €8.6 million


In November 2012, the largest jackpot payout in a non-pooled online slot machine game was paid out. An anonymous player from Finland won €8,636,041.54 playing the Arabian Nights slot game on

The winner was a 40 year old Finnish male who bet €5 to break this record!

Largest Pot Won In A Televised Poker Game - $1.1 million

poker TV

Back in September 2009, the largest pot won in a single hand of televised poker was $1.1 million in a stand-off between American players Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey during Full Tilt Poker’s Million Dollar Cash Game. Dwan turned his hand and bagged himself the money to take home.

Since then, it is yet to be officially recorded, Dwan beat Wenzhi Fei (otherwise known as Dr. Hash Wesley) to win $3.1 million in May 2023 — which makes him top his own record of winning the (nonofficial as of yet) largest pot in live-stream poker history (again)!


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