Launch of "Riptide Pirates"  :  Q&A with Pawel Piotwoski

Launch of "Riptide Pirates" : Q&A with Pawel Piotwoski

Published Date · May 21, 2024 · Last Updated · May 21, 2024 ·Read Time · 2 mins

Spokesperson – Pawel Piotwoski, Co-Founder at Nailed It! Games

Pawel Piotrowski

Congratulations on the launch of Riptide Pirates, can you give us an idea of what players can expect from the slot’s base game?
Thank you! Riptide Pirates is the most ambitious game we have ever developed, we are extremely excited that it’s finally live for players to enjoy as a lot of love has gone into it.

In the base game, players should keep an eye out for skull icons during each spin. Every time one appears on the reels it brings them closer to unlocking one of several wild reels, meaning big win potential! Wild reels transform entire sections of the game into a torrent of wilds. Walking wilds march leftward with each spin, leaving a trail of prizes in their wake. A Bonus Booster feature is also active during base gameplay, allowing players to unlock more cannons ahead of the next Pirate Bonus.
Tell us more about the Pirate Bonus round, how is it triggered and what happens during this feature?
To trigger the Pirate Bonus players must land three Pirate Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels! Once that’s been achieved a battle then commences on a 10x10 grid with up to four active cannons.

Riptide Pirates Bonus

Each cannon has three chances to hit an enemy ship of different sizes. Hitting treasure chests will award a bonus modifier, sinking small boats will award a multiplier win, and sinking galleons will trigger one of four lucrative local jackpots.

Riptide Pirate Bonus

What elements of Riptide Pirates are you most proud of?
Riptide Pirates is unlike any title out there on the market right now and boasts a huge number of features and mechanics which work concurrently to deliver players entertainment long after their first time playing the title.

Riptide pirates slot

This focus on engagement is present in both the base game and bonus and we are confident it will become a legacy slot that players return to for years after its release. I am also very proud of the sound design within this title with music and audio that fully capture the excitement and action that the slot visually displays. Whilst slightly more technical, the maths model behind Riptide Pirates is also something the team is excited about. We’ve created a game that offers players thrilling gameplay in which something is always happening. What’s more, the bonus game can be really rewarding, even when it’s triggered with just one cannon.
What’s next for Nailed It! Games?
We can’t give too much away just yet, but I can confirm we have begun work on a handful of new titles that will be released later this year. Big Buzz will be heading your way in June, a bee-themed game that boasts respins, free spins and a lucrative jackpot bonus game!



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