What Are Online Table Games

What Are Online Table Games

Published Date · April 25, 2019 · Last Updated · June 28, 2023 ·Read Time · 8 mins

Guide to Online Table Games

‘Table game’ is the term used to describe games of chance within a casino, such as blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat. These games can be operated by one or more croupiers and differentiate themselves from other casino games performed on a mechanical device like a slot machine or games played against other players instead of the casino, such as standard poker. They are often played in land-based casinos or online but also are played privately by varying house rules. Another factor that sets these online casino games apart from the rest, such as slot machines, is mixing some luck with strategies and skills to win. 

While online table games take on a digital form, they remain very realistic, and you will feel like you are sitting at a table in front of a dealer. If you want an even more realistic experience, you can choose to play live casino, which allows you to play online with real live dealers in real-time on real tables.

The Most Popular Casino Table Games Explained

Online blackjack is a strategic game considered to be one of the most popular casino games. The game’s goal is to have a hand as close as possible to 21 without exceeding them. Check out the many blackjack betting strategies and increase your chances of beating the dealer and winning big. Blackjack is also a popular table game due to its low house edge and simple gameplay.


Blackjack casino table games can be simple to play. You can find a free to play or cash blackjack at virtually every one of our reviewed online casinos. In addition, some casinos have interesting blackjack variants with side bets, jackpots and promotions, which are always worth exploring.

Blackjack essentially aims to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21 (‘bust’). You are paid 1/1 for beating the dealer or 3/2 for getting a blackjack (an ace and a picture card worth 10).

European Blackjack

As its name suggests, is the blackjack variant from Europe. Created during the 18th century, blackjack originally comes from the United States. The primary difference of this game is that the dealer keeps both cards face down at the beginning. He puts them face up only when the player decides to separate, double, hit or stop.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

This ingenious variation allows you to make money on your first two cards of the game. To do this, they must be of the same rank and colour. If the combination of your hand is winning, you can win up to 25 times your starting bet.

Spanish Blackjack

Features completely different rules to the original blackjack rules. When a player draws a number 10 card, he is penalised. However, the player can withdraw a new card, double the identical cards, and share the aces.

Pontoon Blackjack

Probably the most different variant of blackjack from the classic version. It is one of the most popular among the players of online casinos. A Pontoon describes a hand consisting of an ace and a card worth 10, which totals 21. The player’s goal is to receive cards whose value is higher than that of the dealer without exceeding 21. The particularity of this variant is that A player’s pontoon always beats a dealer’s pontoon in the case of identical hands.


Poker has many variants, but Texas Hold ’em is certainly the most popular poker variant and the most played globally, both in casinos online. The goal is to get the best combination of 5 cards with 2 personal cards and 3 of the 5 cards common to all players. The rules are simple, but it’s important to know some of the basics of Texas Hold ’em poker to be effective.

Double Hold ’em Poker

This game takes the principle, and the goal of Texas Hold ’em with the distinction of being played on two lines.

The Red Dog Poker

A simple variation on Acey deucey where the suit does not come into play. Also, the cards are ranked from the strongest to the weakest going from the ace to the Two. Colours do not matter.

Omaha Hi Poker

At the beginning of the game, each player receives 4 personal cards, but only 2 are valid. The goal is to get the best combination of 5 cards with only 2 of his 4 personal cards and 3 community cards.

Omaha Hi/Lo Poker

A variant of Omaha Hi. The game is also often called Omaha 8, and it is usually played on tables of six or nine players. The stakes and blinds are identical to those of Omaha.

Caribbean Poker

A renowned variant of poker. Its rules are derived from five-card stud poker, but unlike traditional poker games, Caribbean poker is played against the house and not against other players.

Razz Poker

If you want to be paid with your “bad” hands, the Razz may be the game you need. Half lowball, half Stud Hi, the goal is to make the best low hand with five cards on the seven cards you have in hand. It is played by 2 to 8 players.

Seven Card Stud

A game that most players from private parties know. It is played on tables of eight players and involves five rounds of bets.

Stud Hi/Lo Poker

A variant of Stud Hi. Bets, antes and forced-in (bring-in) are the same as Stud Hi.

Three Card Poker

Follows the same rules as Texas Hold ’em. It is played with 52 cards, each of the players having 3 cards in hand, including a hidden side, thus giving his name to the game. The goal is to form a winning hand, stronger than those of his opponents.

Poker Pursuit

Another variant from traditional poker, fairly similar to the old favourite game Five Card Stud. Typically, the game minimises your potential losses while attempting to maximise your winnings and do this successfully; you will need a combination of strategy, skill, and good luck.

Let It Ride Poker

The goal is to get the best poker hand using the three available cards dealt with you and the two hidden cards dealt with by the dealer. You win if your hand contains at least 1 pair of 10, the winnings being according to your hand.

Pai Go Poker

Played with cards instead of Chinese dominoes or Pai gows. It is a fun game to play but understanding its rules can be tricky in the beginning. Pai Gow Poker uses a standard deck of 52 cards plus one joker. A maximum of six players sits around the table along with the dealer. The goal of the game is to beat the banker.

Vegas Three Card Rummy Poker

With similar rules to Three Card Poker. The difference is that the hands are rated very differently, and there is no ante bonus.

Video Poker

You have a machine in front of you that distributes cards. You will have to create with these cards a combination identical to the ones you find in the game of Texas Holdem poker. It is a game that requires reflection in the choice of cards, which makes it even more exciting.


Early versions of this game were developed in 18th century France and were popular across Europe, eventually arriving in the US and adapting to the type of foul play found in the gambling venues of the new American territories.

Enter any land-based casino, and one of the first things you’ll recognise will undoubtedly be roulette. Online roulette is an integral part of any respected online casino. The same mechanics and provisions as traditional casinos are found on the online roulette, whether it is the excitement at throwing the ball on the roulette or the huge gains.

Of the top casino table games, roulette is the most unique. Players bet on where a ball placed onto a spinning wheel will land. A game of pure luck, it’s easy to play. There are also several roulette variants. First, you’ll usually find European American roulette. European roulette has every number from 0 to 36 on the wheel, half red, half black and green for zero. The American version has zero segments, 0 and 00, increasing the house odds, meaning that the European variety is slightly more rewarding for players.

European Roulette

This variant of the game is the most popular in casinos across the globe. The European roulette wheel has red and black boxes from 0 to 36, of which only one 0 is green.

American Roulette

Although this roulette variant is played like European roulette, a big difference lies in the game board: the double box 0. Indeed, the American roulette has 38 boxes, including two marked with a zero. The rules are, however, not modified, and the game principle remains the same.

Baccarat (Punto Banco)

Originating in Italy as far back as the 15th century, baccarat’s latest version was developed in Havana, Cuba, in the 1940s. As it was called in Cuba, Punto Banco offered bets on the dealer’s hand and the player’s, which was a groundbreaking adaptation.

This popular card-based game has simple rules. When playing baccarat, you can bet on either the player’s hand, the dealer’s hand, a tie or even bet on all three. Cards, 2 or 3, are dealt with both player and dealer hands. If back the best hand or correctly predicting a tie, you win.

The best hand will be the one closest to 9, with the aces valued at 1 and face cards worth 0. If a hand reaches a number higher than 9, its value is subtracted by 10, e.g. a hand of 7+8 would have 5.


The lottery-based game was derived in ancient China and spread throughout the world. The game is very entertaining and develops instinct because it is a guessing game in general. The goal of the game is to choose the winning numbers that will appear after the draw.

Traditionally keno is played with balls imprinted with numbers. First, they are put in a circular transparent container where they spin around until 20 are drawn.

After the players select their numbers, the casino software “calls” 20 random numbers, determining the winners.

The payouts in keno depend on how many numbers marked on the player’s card match the ones that the casino has drawn.


This dice game made its way from London to New Orleans in 1807 and is popular worldwide. Craps tables get crowded with multiple players and spectators alike, making the craps table one of the most exciting places to be in any casino. It’s fast-paced and full of terms but fairly easy to pick up.

Players take turns rolling the dice while the rest of the table bets on the roll’s result. Several bets like ‘don’t bets’ can be made against any shooter at the craps table.

Craps may appear to be a complex game, but it also offers some of the best odds in the casino. The game has a rich history and a complicated code of etiquette that you must follow. In online craps, you’re pretty much free of etiquette expectations, which makes online casinos the best place to practice.

In its simplest form, a player has to throw two dice, and If those two dice add up to a total of 7 or 11, everyone who placed a bet on the shooter wins even money. However, you lose the bet if the shooter rolls a combined total of two, three or 12. The object of this game is for each player to bet on whether or not he will win when two sixes appear on his first three rolls of the dice. If all other numbers do not come up before then, the house wins. This means that there is no point in betting after your third roll because you have already lost.

Should you lose, you pay off what you’ve won plus an additional amount called “the juice” – typically 10% of your total wager.


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