Most Popular Sports Betting YouTube Channels

Most Popular Sports Betting YouTube Channels

Published Date · Nov. 25, 2021 · Last Updated · March 13, 2024 ·Read Time · 4 mins

Most Popular Sports Betting YouTube Channels

Sports betting in the last few years has become more popular than ever. However, there is still little information available about sports betting within traditional media channels in the US. If you are looking to get informative sports betting advice, tips and tricks, YouTube is probably your best bet. YouTube provides a plethora of educational and entertaining content to help better your understanding when it comes to wagering on your favorite teams. Here at CasinoRange, we have developed a list of our top 5 sports betting YouTube channels, read on to find out more.


When you type sports betting into YouTube, the array of options can at first appear overwhelming. DraftKings is a safe place to start. With 121k subscribers, it is no surprise they continue to top the list regarding betting on sports worldwide. While the channel’s latest content targets a more seasoned sports bettor, tutorials and informational content for beginners can be accessed on the channel. DraftKings has frequent podcasts, insider tips, tutorials and live streams. The creators pride themselves on creativity and constantly improving their material, which keeps their subscribers coming back for more. The channel provides diverse content from football and baseball to basketball and golf. They have a football experience playlist hosted by former offensive lineman Ross Tucker discussing all things NFL. Additionally, the channel keeps you updated with daily rewards and general sports-related content from around the world.

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Captain Jack Andrews 

Think of this YouTuber like your very own personal sports betting professor. Captain Jack is an American professional sports bettor who focuses on providing the best sports betting education possible. Jack offers varied content on his channel, from interviewing other professional gamblers in the industry and bookmakers to providing his own personal experiences. With a focus on American sports, he presents his 18.5k subscribers with educational tips that can help improve anyone’s betting game. The content on the channel ranges from sportsbook reviews, betting checklists, how to avoid scams and live streams, Superbowl tips and math hacks. One of his most popular videos is, ‘How to Make $100k a Year Betting on Sports’ with 55k views. While Jack admits the title seems fairly clickbait-esque, he provides realistic and achievable goals and advice for anyone interested in turning their hobby into a ‘side hustle’.

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Trademate Sports

Trademate Sports is a must for any professional or beginner sports bettors or traders. Not only does the channel notify you when bookies make mistakes, but they also provide a range of open and honest reviews of other sports betting YouTube channels. Trademate consists of a few friends who have made money from betting professionally and playing poker, so they have plenty of industry knowledge. The channel provides its 11.3k community with a range of tools to help educate anyone at home, whatever their level of expertise. Playlists include betting guides for beginners, how sports betting odds work and sports betting strategies, including key concepts. The team at Trademate entertain their subscribers with a Livestream every Sunday. If after scaling the site you have any questions you are able to ask the experts, producing a personalized experience for viewers. The stream also includes special guests, reliable strategies and the latest news in the betting world.

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Linemaker Sports

With 14.4k subscribers, Linemaker Sports (aka Frank) provides some of the best educational videos and expert picks to help improve your sports betting experience. Linemaker Sports is a reliable source to elevate your sports betting knowledge, focusing on lowering your risks and raising your chances of winning. The channel provides you with informative strategies alongside an expert understanding of the betting market and upcoming trends. A whole playlist is dedicated to sports picks from basketball to UFC, and the content is updated weekly. The channel is engaging and a fun way to learn more about the industry. Linemaker Sports welcomes anyone, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced sports bettor. If you feel like you want to be part of the #linemaker squad, then hit Frank’s subscribe button for more information.

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Smart Sports Trader

While a smaller channel with 2.22k subscribers, British YouTuber Ryan is one to watch on our list. What makes this channel unique is his goal to make a million pounds from sports betting alone, and he invites you to follow his journey. Ryan breaks down all of his strategies and methods in an easy to understand, realistic and educational way. Smart Sports Trader reviews the latest software and equips you with information on how to keep your accounts primed. Of course, having insight from someone in the industry is always a plus, but following his ups and downs provides a unique way of learning about sports betting. Some of the most popular videos include his number one method of making money on Betfair, making a million from sports betting and how he makes money from sports betting. Although based in the UK, Smart Sports Trader offers universal advice and is absolutely worth a follow wherever you are in the world.

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