Top 5 Most Expensive Casino Hotel Rooms In The US

Top 5 Most Expensive Casino Hotel Rooms In The US

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Published Date · March 14, 2024 ·Read Time · 3 mins

US casinos offer some incredible hotel rooms at eye-watering prices - we take a look at five of the most expensive currently on offer. Before you ask, not all of them are in Las Vegas...


MGM Resorts has has a number of properties at the top of the list, due to them owning some of the most well-known luxury resorts on the strip, such as: MGM Grand, ARIA, Bellagio, Four Seasons and Mandalay Bay. However, despite the luxury that these hotels ooze, the price tag isn’t quite as high as you may initially expect…

5. MGM Grand, Las Vegas - Penthouse City View Suite

This room is at the bottom end of our list due to how much the price can vary during peak dates and seasons. You can expect to pay up to $2,400 per night at the higher-end, although you can also get rooms as low as $750 per night - depending on when you book.

Penthouse City View Suite

This suite is 1,250 square-foot and it has all the amenities of a standard suite, except they’re more luxurious than your average suite amenities. Here, you will find a Roman spa tub, and a powder room made out of Italian marble - but other than that, there isn’t much to be excited about with this suite.

4. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel, Hollywood, Florida - Presidential Suite

This room will put you back by a fixed price of $2,479 per night and it is a one bedroom penthouse suite. However, don’t forget about those pesky Vegas hotel fees, as they will boost this price to around $2,800 per night.

Presidential Suite

The suite is 1,225 square feet but, like the ones that came before, it is nothing special. Here you get a standard luxury penthouse suite with a living room, dining table, a custom wet bar and a king-sized bed.

3. Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas - Presidential Suite

Now this is where it gets cool. This room will put you back around $5,300 per night, on average. The presidential suite is 5,610 square feet, it has two floors, four bedrooms, a gym, a pool table, and you are allowed a maximum of eight guests. Added on to the room, you also get a complimentary ride to and from Harry Reid International airport.

Mandalay Bay Presidential Suite

You will also find 10 TV’s, multiple wet bars, a kitchen, a dining room, a private pool, a media room that seats up to 10 people, a master bathroom for every bedroom, a wall library, and VIP lounge access. Some other perks you get, are complimentary access to Spa Mandalay and the Foundation Room VIP Club.

2. Wynn, Las Vegas - Encore Three Bedroom Duplex

The Wynn boasts a 5,829 square foot, two-story, three bedroom duplex with floor to ceiling windows harboring panoramic views for $6,500 a night. For this price, each bedroom includes a marble bath, you also have a pool table, a lift, a private massage and exercise room, as well as a wet bar and buffet.

Wynn Vegas

Added bonuses include a $200 daily breakfast credit, free valet parking, and complimentary tea and coffee at selected resort restaurants.

1. Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas - Empathy Suite

Way ahead of all of the other hotel rooms, in terms of price, this hotel room sits firmly at the top of our list. For a one night's stay at Palms Casino Resort’s Empathy Suite, in Las Vegas, it will set you back a whopping $100,000 per night (which translates to around £78,000). However, for those lucky players who can present a credit card with a one million dollar credit limit, or more, their stay will be complimentary.

Palms Casino Damien Hurst

This room outprices the others by a mile, due to being designed by the established British artist, Damien Hirst. The room also beholds some of his most iconic pieces of artwork, such as the two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde in a white tank, called Winner/Loser. This feature can be found in the games room.

Damien Hurst Sharks

The Empathy Suite spans 9,000 square feet and is two stories. The Hurst-designed suite has two master bedrooms, and an outdoor pool, overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, as well as: numerous lounges that can fit over 50 people, a salt relaxation room, massage rooms, a gym, and more.

Despite being the most expensive hotel room out of all US casino resorts, Palms is also home to five other ‘Sky Villas’ which are some of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world, ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 per night; but we decided to keep them off this list to allow the others to shine.


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