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USA Online Casinos Accepting Trustly Payments

Trustly allows casino players to make deposits and withdrawals from a bank account into and from online casino accounts. Currently not available to USA Casino players; expect this to change. Trustly is one of the most common casino payment options. Here we explain Trustly and how it works to see how it matches up and compares to other payment options.

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What is Trustly?

Since 2008 Trustly has been in use in Scandinavian countries, Sweden particularly. This is because the advanced banking infrastructure of the land allowed banks to cooperate and offer a system of online ID that works for many services.

Still, transfers have to be done the traditional way – you log into your account and transfer money through SEPA or SWIFT systems which are pretty slow. Trustly, a fintech company built upon this system to quickly improve bank payments between businesses and customers through a simple platform and a mobile app.

Fast forward to 2014, and Trustly partnered with banks across the EU. The same year, it integrated PayPal, interlinking the world’s most extensive online payment processing system with Trustly’s more local reach.

Trustly is widely used in Scandinavian countries and the Baltic states. In addition, the payment method now operates across Europe and North America.

Trustly is currently a USA Sports & Casino payment method as it is a fast direct safe, and secure casino payment option.

Trustly serves millions of customers via 6000 banks on the continent. In addition, online casinos have become a business source since they enable players to transfer funds and start playing quickly.

This is how Trustly USA emerged, offering US Sports & Casino players a fast way to deposit and withdraw from online casinos without transferring data over unsecured Internet connections.

This ID protection is the main selling point for Scandinavian countries since it enables an online casino player to open accounts with online casinos and start playing quickly.

Why Use Trustly?

Ready to make your online gaming experience even better? Many different eWallet and e-Payment solutions are available to players on USA slot sites, including well-known brands like Paypal and Neteller. They are secure and easy to use, but not all are as straightforward as Trustly.

The great advantage of this cashier option is that you do not have to register to use it or share your credit or debit card details. Casino transactions are instant if your bank is one of its listed partners.

Trustly ticks every box for being fast, simple and secure for all these reasons so that you can start gaming ASAP.

The Trustly brand originates in Sweden and is authorized and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

The Trustly system facilitates transactions between your bank account and the Online Sports & Casino sites account. Trustly, do not store the information required to access your bank account.

Moreover, both Trustly and your bank use high levels of security to protect transactions.

With all other electronic payment solutions, you are required to register an account with the provider. This is partly true because most e-Wallets are accounts where you can store funds between your bank and your casino.

This is not the case with Trustly – the only details you need to enter are the same ones you use to log onto and administer your bank account.

So you can start using Trustly immediately at any new slot site where you see the payment icon.

If your bank has an agreement with Trustly, your deposit transaction will usually be instant *. For withdrawals, your payment will be as quick as your casino is at processing it. In addition, the money will instantly appear in your bank account if there is no pending period.

How Do Trustly Casinos Work?

Usually, when you want to make a bank transfer, filling in the information takes a long time. When typing in an account number, which can have many digits, it is annoying and can cause a mistake.

Data can also get exposed if the transfer is done via a third-party system and not directly from a bank’s interface.

With Trustly, after connecting your bank account the first time, all these worries disappear since all one needs is to authenticate with Trustly, and the app does the rest.

It’s fast and secure! It also works with land-based casinos, as the app supports NFC communication protocols which Trustly also developed for this purpose.

Online casinos work fast so you can start gaming more quickly – enter the Casino cashier, choose Trustly and fire up your mobile app to verify.

How to deposit in a casino that accepts Trustly:

  • Choose a casino from our list
  • Access the casino cashier section
  • Select Trustly as your payment method
  • Choose your bank and log in
  • Verify ID with the 2-factor authentication method of your choice

Trustly can make payments faster in the US but cannot register directly. You still have to enter your data and complete the account verification.

How Safe is Trustly for Online Casino?

As mentioned, the 2FA authorization Trustly has in place makes things much safer than entering your credit card details into a form. The reason is that you skip steps that hackers can use to thieve your data. You are not sending your credit card data over the Internet. Even with reasonably secure connections, this remains an issue.

Can you Bet Using Trustly?

Trustly is among the many common ways to get access to bet online in the USA. It works as an online banking service, so you don’t need to register. Instead, choose Trustly as your payment method, and fill in the form with your bank details. It is a quick and straightforward process that only takes a few minutes. Trustly only allows deposits to gambling venues that get fully licensed in their resident jurisdictions.

Why use Trustly to Deposit at Online Casino Sites?

Trustly is often a preferred method for depositing funds when gaming due to the speed and safety of transactions. Usually, when making a bank transfer, you have to wait two or three days for the funds to show in your account, but with Trustly, the credit displays immediately. The same goes for when you make a Trustly withdrawal at a casino.

Also, using Trustly means you don’t have to communicate your banking details to anyone. Instead, you log in to your online banking via Trustly’s secure portal, so you have your bank’s online security measures and Trustly security, which uses the highest encryption standard available.

How do I pay at Online Casinos Using Trustly?

Depositing at a Trustly casino is as easy as any other online banking transaction. First, head over to the payment section of your casino site and select Trustly Pay N Play as your preferred payment option. You’ll then be asked who you bank with and prompted to enter your online banking information and the amount you wish to transfer to complete the transaction.

Your new players will be credited with your gambling funds almost instantly, along with any free spins and deposit bonus you qualify for.

Trustly Casino Minimum Deposit

Unlike some pay-by-phone casinos, Trustly does not have strict deposit limits, so the minimum first deposit amount is not set, the same as the subsequent deposits. Usually, it’s whatever the casino sets it out to be. Most casinos in the USA have a minimum deposit set at  $10 or $20. If more funds need to get transferred, Trustly can manage it.

Trustly Average Withdrawal Limit and Payout Time

Withdrawal limits aren’t affected by using Trustly, but you will come across withdrawal limits set by online casinos. Usually, the smallest amount you can withdraw is around $10, and the upper limits can vary between $5,000 and $15,000 (on average). In the USA, there is no withdrawal limit.

Any withdrawal you make via Trustly will appear in your bank much faster than other payment methods. Your casino will take one to three days to process the withdrawal request, and Trustly will have your money back in your account almost instantly.

Trustly Withdrawals at Online Casinos

Unlike some other online banking methods, Trustly gets supported by many online gaming casinos for withdrawals. So, if you luck out and win a hefty sum, you can safely withdraw funds from your casino account at a Trustly withdrawal casino. You have to follow these steps to complete your withdrawal:

  • Find the Cashier section at a Trustly withdrawal casino
  • Select Trustly as your withdrawal method
  • Enter your online banking details
  • Confirm withdrawal request

None of our top-rated casinos here will charge you for using Trustly.

A few similar companies to Trustly charge a small percentage for using their instant transfer services, but Trustly is free of charge for payments and withdrawals.

Online and Mobile Payment

Thanks to Trustly, over 400 million consumers can conveniently make a payment to a website via a cellular device. It applies to online (PC) and mobile (telephone, tablet) payments.

Moreover, paying with Trustly is safe for customers. Trustly Group AB is an approved Swedish payment institution under the supervision of the Swedish financial surveillance authority Finansinspektionen. Trustly does not save customers’ bank data.

Trustly Security

Trustly is a very safe way to transfer money online. The award-winning Trustly Group is a fully licensed and regulated European Payment Service Provider overseen by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

It provides an extra security level between your banking details and your online casino, allowing you to make payments and withdrawals anonymously, not sharing your bank details with anyone but them.

Trustly never stores any information or sensitive data that can get used to access your account, and they adopt the highest encryption standards available. And that’s all on top of your usual online banking security.

Key Benefits of Trustly

Strong Coverage – Trustly has access to thousands of banks across some of Europe’s largest markets. Consumers’ preference for bank payments is robust, allowing merchants to sell more and faster.

Automated fast refunds – Trustly’s automated cross-border repayments encourage shoppers to become more loyal, increase their basket size and shop more frequently.

Instant confirmation – Unlike most bank transfer providers, Trustly not only sees when the funds are on their way but can also monitor the general speed of settlement, enabling you to offer same-day shipping with more certainty.

Advantages of Using Trustly for Online Casino Transactions

Trustly hasn’t become one of the most popular banking methods among casino players by mishap. We think that the following reasons best explain Trustly’s rise to prominence:

  • Deposits and withdrawals are available instantly with Trustly
  • Obtainable in most European countries and the US and UK
  • Trustly charges no fees for transactions (some online casinos charge money from players depositing and withdrawing money with Trustly, however)
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and private transfers
  • It can get used on all smart devices

With these benefits in mind, it’s no wonder Trustly has become a preferred casino banking method for many players. However, Trustly is not the best fit for everyone, and we understand that different banking options are more suitable for other players. Fortunately, you can find information about all online casino banking methods and the casinos that support them on our website. Compare different banking methods to find the best one for you by browsing through our ‘banking’ section.

Disadvantages of Using Trustly for Online Casino Transactions

While we believe Trustly is one of the best online casino payment methods available, it also has some drawbacks:

  • No customer support
  • Not available in all countries
  • Some banks and online casinos charge users for making deposits and withdrawals with Trustly.

Recap of Advantages and Disadvantages of Trustly


Extremely safe way to make online payments.

You can also withdraw using Trustly.

Transactions are immediate.

No user fees.

No need to set up an extra account.


Some casinos don’t offer deposit bonuses on Trustly deposits.

You need to have an online banking account.

Trustly FAQs

What is Trustly ?

Trustly is an award-winning Swedish payment solutions company that can facilitate faster and safer online transactions directly to and from your bank. Logging into your online banking account via the Trustly portal means never having to share your bank details with third parties, and your funds are ready for you to gamble with instantly.

How to use Trustly to deposit?

When you use Trustly to deposit, you’re effectively just signing into your online banking account via Trustly’s secure portal. Select Trustly’s Pay N Play as your preferred payment method and select which bank you use. Then, log in to your online banking and confirm the amount you wish to deposit. Your funds will be credited to your new player account immediately.

Are there any fees when using Trustly?

Surprisingly, there are no fees for using Trustly from either the casino or Trustly, although you should check with your bank to see if they will charge you.

When was Trustly created?

Trustly was founded in Stockholm in 2008 as Glue Finance, and Pay N Play got introduced to its services in 2016.

Is Trustly secure?

Yes, Trustly is a very secure payment method. It offers you the opportunity to use your usual bank’s security plus further security measures put in place by them. In addition, payments remain anonymous and sensitive data is never stored.

What is the average payout time using Trustly?

Trustly has a rapid payout time as they process transactions in real-time. Depending on the casino you use, you may have to wait between one and three days for your payout to be processed, but then Trustly will get your winnings back to your bank account immediately.