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Last modified: July 18, 2019
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Keno has existed for thousands of years in the living world. But ever since the arising of new technologies, his little brother, keno online has come to life and is starting to attract a lot of players. That said, the rules are not quite the same. We must, therefore, take into account the rules of keno online. And here, in detail, are its subtleties.

In itself, keno online is not so different from the original keno. The one found in bars or kiosks is composed of 80 numbers. You just have to choose several, bet and see if you hit the jackpot. First of all, to play online you have to register in an online casino. Already by realizing this first step you will benefit from an advantage, the welcome bonuses. Indeed, in most online casinos, when a new player signs up, the casino offers a welcome bonus that can be very enticing. So you can double your starting bet, so start more game and therefore have more chances to win the jackpot.

The different Keno online

To make the games even more alive and exciting, online casinos rely heavily on a considerable advantage: design. Indeed, on the web, there is for all tastes and for all colors, sports lovers, animal fan, romantic … In short, everything goes, there’s something for everyone. And when we are in a setting we like it is more enjoyable to play. However, keep in mind that you play your money. Do not get too distracted by all the entertainment around.

How to play Keno online

Once the registration is done and the card is chosen, all you have to do is play. If you were already an original keno lover, the difference is minimal but for all beginners here’s how it goes. First step, select all the numbers you want to play. Always on a grid that goes from 1 to 80. Obviously the more boxes you select, the more chances you have to win. It is good to know that you can not check more than 20 numbers. Then when you are done, do not forget to bet …

Indeed, once the numbers are chosen, it is necessary to select the setting of each number. This is the main difference with the original keno. Online, bets start at around £0.50 and you can go very far. For example, you have chosen 15 numbers and you bet £8 each, it will cost you £120. Once the bet is chosen, fingers crossed. Because in keno online, the draw is a few seconds later, unlike the original keno where there is a draw every hour. On the internet, you will be fast if you are lucky or not. Because we must not forget that Keno is pure game of chance and it is difficult to implement strategies, except to bet on all the numbers. This fast draw is a real plus for online casinos, but not necessarily for players. If fate smiles good for you but if you lose it will only take a few seconds to bet again and so on. And the money can go up quickly. So do not forget your cap because it is still your money that you play (even if there is a welcome bonus).

The Jackpots

If the luck smiles on you then congratulations. And if you have not been convinced by Keno online know that there is a progressive jackpot. A win that you only find in online casinos. How to get it? All your numbers must come out. Of course ,it’s rare but if it’s your lucky day, the jackpot is insured. Regarding the payment, everything depends on the online casino that you have chosen. Generally, bank cards and e-wallets are accepted, but everything will be indicated at the time of your registration.

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