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Last modified: July 18, 2019
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Before setting your heart on an online casino and before betting real money, you must make sure you have some points of reference at your disposal, in terms of reliability regarding payment methods (deposit and withdrawal) offered by the casino.

The coveted online casino must be able to bring ease to the player when it comes to depositing funds and withdrawing winnings, but most of all: a foolproof security system during monetary transactions.

Credit Card

The perpetual 16 digits rectangular card allows the player to fund their online casino account in record time! That’s a safe bet (no pun intended) because the transaction is instantaneous; this is why this payment method is favored by gamblers.

However, there is no such thing as zero risks regarding the card’s encrypted data falling into the hands of IT pirates!

Moreover, in most cases, the credit card is allowed for deposits only.

Wire transfer

Classic payment method, a transfer reassures the player and allows them to enjoy the money directly on their account. However, is some cases, transactions can take some time (between 2 and 5 working days, depending on the bank) and can lead to some fees at the player’s expense.

In addition, online casinos can be led to conduct Know-Your-Customer audits, especially for withdrawal purposes.


Crossed cheque (for a bank deposit) or regular one (taxed by the State), certified, express, or postal cheque, there is a large diversity of cheques that can lead you to your start gambling!

Nevertheless, online casinos seldom accept this payment method. In fact, the casino often has to wait for around twenty days to be credited!

Online payment platforms

Skrill, Neteller, Click2Pay, Payweb (e-card), Paypal, Ukash: as many names as there are platforms offering secured monetary transaction services (deposits and withdrawals) directly on the internet.

With a closer look, the player will find out these platforms are using well defined and separate security measures. That’s up to them to find their dreamed up payment platform!


One of the most popular and used platforms, as it offers several benefits, among them being data privacy and transaction security.

Signing up is easy and you must provide some documents before being able to enjoy the account. Unfortunately for UK players living in France, they cannot use this platform anymore.


This website is the number one choice for online gambling. The player fills in the online form, deposits money (205 pounds maximum per card, wire or fund transfer) and validates their subscription during the first use of the account on an online casino. Payments are made very fast which makes Neteller the most recommended payment method amongst UK players.


Security is the essential feature of this monetary transactions platform! The player starts with signing up on the website and then they have to go through a telephone interview with a personal advisor in order to validate the account.  A personal code is then sent to the player via email.


The e-card! With a 16-digits one-use only code, Payweb allows online payment while not sending any personal banking data. When you are shopping online, Payweb Card’s service from Filbanque generates a single-use virtual credit card number (with an expiry date and a visual cryptogram).


This is a brand new online payment method, limited to a small number of European countries. Ukash allows you to buy and then use, within one year, coupons that are worth between 10 and 500 pounds. Just like the other platforms, you just need to fill in some form. You can proceed to your payment via wire transfer or by cash, and then they will send you an email or a text message containing a 19-digits code.

Prepaid cards

A third and last possible method in order to satisfy the player over helping with transactions: prepaid cards.

The player will find numerous names alluding to the same thing: Ticket Premium, Paysafe card, Myneosurf or even Clickandbuy, only to mention a few of them.

Ticket Premium

Available in about 20 000 points of sale, this 14-digits card can be used on online gambling websites. It enables making instant deposits of 25, 50 or 100 pounds. And whoever says instant deposits, also says instant availability!

Paysafe card

That’s the simplest solution to make deposits; it doesn’t need any bank account or credit card. Cards are available in 110 000 points of sale in Europe. Working according to a value system (10, 25, 50 o5 100 pounds), Paysafe card allows you to credit money on any virtual account while keeping yourself anonymous thanks to a 16-digits code.


This prepaid card works in 26 countries, under 21 currencies and is available over 43 payment methods! Thanks to 7.000 affiliate virtual establishments, this card takes care of merchants’ services and billing.

Good to know: From one country to another, payment methods may vary. Then you must not hesitate to compare the methods that are most relevant to your location and preferences.

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