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UK Online Casinos that Accept Bank Transfer Payments

Bank Transfers is one of the various casino payment options you can choose when making deposits into your online casino account in the UK. Although making a simple bank transfer or wire transfer is not as popular as it once was, we’re here to tell you how depositing works and assess the pros and cons of using this method.

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Bank Transfer Overview

Direct bank transfers and wire transfers are some of the simplest and most secure ways to deposit money into your online casino account. They provide a safe and stress-free way to transfer funds online. Hundreds of banks worldwide offer this service from multiple financial institutions that are both reputable and trustworthy.

How Do Bank Transfers Work?

In general, the process is quite simple. However, it's worth noting that the process may differ from country to country, mainly when the casino and customer's bank get located in different countries.

The customer completes the merchant's checkout process and elects to pay via bank transfer.

The casino typically provides its bank account details to the customer with a unique transaction reference code.

The customer instructs their bank to transfer the appropriate amount to the Casinos bank account, including the unique reference code to indicate the purpose of the transfer. The customer's bank transfers the funds to the Casinos bank. The casino then receives the funds into their account, noting the reference code and applying them to the players' accounts.

What is a Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are the direct transfer of funds from a customer's bank account into their chosen financial institutions. Unlike other payment methods covered in this guide, bank transfers do not have any specific setup requirements on the business's behalf to begin accepting payments from customers.

Bank transfer casinos allow you to transfer money from your bank into your new account, and unlike some other payment methods, you can also withdraw your funds and winnings in this manner. When it comes to the different payment options usually offered, making an online casino bank transfer deposit is the most common way to turn real money into a credit that you can play and gamble with, whether on roulette, blackjack, live poker, or slots.

Wire transfers are one of the most popular ways to send money to friends or family online. In addition, many online casino players like to make Bank transfers to deposit funds to their casino accounts. For this reason, most reputable online casinos support Bank transfers as a banking method for deposits and withdrawals these days.

Making an online casino payment via bank transfer is convenient, reliable, and secure, usually taking between one and three days for your deposit to show, depending on who you're banking with. It would help if you also made international wire transfers, but your deposited funds may take longer to appear at your casino of choice. Your first deposit bonus and other welcome bonuses should occur as soon as the transfer is complete.

How Long Does it Take for the money to be Transferred?

It can depend on your bank and its program. However, Faster Pay payments are sometimes received immediately after leaving your account. But it can take up to two hours. This option is free, available 24 hours a day and typically used in online banking, mobile apps, over the phone, or in branches.

Most banks let you transfer at least £10,000, but some have much higher limits. You can check your bank's limit on the Faster Payments website.

What Are Fast Bank Transfers?

Fast Bank Transfers are exceptionally popular among online casino players in a world where efficiency is king. A Fast Bank Transfer can get sent and received between two accounts within one business day.

This option is widely available to most customers – the only stipulation is that you must have a bank account supported by the casino's system. You can check this by contacting a representative of your online casino. Unlike standard money-wiring methods, the Fast Bank Transfer does as it says on the tin and gets your money to play with much faster.

Depositing via a Bank Transfer is simple and a lot less hassle than using third-party methods. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Set up your Bank Transfer account – if you already have one, then there is no need to bother with this step.
  2. Select a Bank Transfer casino – check out their promotions, daily offers and games beforehand to ensure it is the right casino for you.
  3. Once you have signed up, choose Bank Transfer as a payment method for making your deposit.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to deposit.
  5. Confirm your Bank Transfer account details. For UK transfers, you will need to input the following information: Beneficiary Name, Beneficiary Bank Name, the Beneficiary Bank Address, the Beneficiary Account and the Bank Sort Code. For international transfers, the following information is required: Beneficiary Name, Beneficiary Bank Name, the Beneficiary Bank Address, the IBAN Number and the Bank Swift/BIC Code. Some online casinos may also ask for your casino account number to help speed up the process 6. Go back into your casino account and begin playing with your funds.

Bank Transfer Security

Wire transfers are a valued depositing method in online casinos, as all transactions get tracked. However, it also means never divulging your debit or credit card details to a third party, which can leave you susceptible to theft and fraud.

You need to contact your bank directly to make every payment, whether online or by telephone or in the branch in person. So as long as you have chosen a trusted casino site that is properly registered and licenced (our casino reviews will cover this aspect), this method is highly secure.

Why Use Bank Transfer To Deposit At Online Casino Sites?

There are many reasons why you may choose to send money to your online casino via bank transfer. The first is a matter of convenience, as once you've registered your casino's details with your bank, you need to contact your bank and confirm the amount you want to transfer. It's also a reliable and secure method of transferring money in the UK and internationally.

Bank transfers aren't as fast as other methods, but you can transfer more significant amounts than other methods, allowing you to max out your deposit bonus and collect any free spins awarded once the deposit has gone through.

How Do I Pay At Online Casinos Using Bank Transfer?

Players wishing to start wagering online can easily apply for a bank transfer once they've registered a new player account at their chosen casino. First, log in to your account and visit "My Account" and then the banking or payments section of the casino site.

When you select the bank transfer option, the casino in question should offer up their banking details which you can then give to your bank, either online, via telephone, or in person. For online banking, you'll select "Make a Payment" and enter the casino's details and the amount you wish to transfer.

How To Withdraw Money With Bank Transfer

Ready to cash out your winnings? Here's how to withdraw money from online casinos with a bank transfer.

Visit the cashier page of the casino and select withdraw;

Enter the amount you would like to transfer from your casino to your bank account;

Fill in any other banking details that get requested of you;

Confirm the transaction, and wait for the casino to process and release the funds to your banking account.

You may need to submit identification documents like ID or utility bills with your name and address to confirm your identity before releasing the funds.

If you've had a big payout, then we're sure you'll be keen to get your winnings back into your bank account, but you should be aware that most casinos place lower and upper limits on how much you can withdraw at one time.

Take a look at some of the casino reviews featured on CasinoRange. You'll find that the average withdrawal limit varies between £10 to £30 min and £2,500 to £5,000 max, and withdrawing through wire transfers usually takes between five and seven days, which is slightly longer than other payment methods.

Are There Any Fees Attached To Bank Transfer Casinos?

Bank transfers between UK bank accounts are usually free. So, as long as the casino you will be gaming at operates with a UK account, there shouldn't be any fees attached (such as a banking fee) to payments or withdrawals.

However, some casino sites you visit will have overseas accounts, and in these cases, your bank may charge a small fee to send the money internationally. You should check with your bank to see what these charges are.

Mobile Casinos Using Bank Transfer

If you like the idea of having a casino in your pocket so you can game on the move, check out these casinos that will all happily accept bank transfers for payments.

Pros of Online Casino Bank Transfer

It is a direct and safe way to transfer funds between yourself and the casino. Although bank Transfers initially were a popular way to fund accounts - the use of mobile wallets and better technology has seen its popularity wane.

Cons of Online Casino Bank Transfer

Banks are always up to date with rules and regulations in their country. They get constantly updated on the latest measures for counteracting risks that multiply daily. As a result, they tend to be trusted by a large population since entrusting transactions to them is usually the safest option. Alongside this, you can build a rapport and personal connection with your bank, building further trust.

Another benefit of using this method is the significant limits on amounts you can pay in or have paid out. For example, certain UK casinos permit deposit amounts of £10,000. This benefit is especially noticeable compared to e-wallets or SMS payments, with the latter being known to be pretty limited when depositing amounts.

Particularly since the sums you can deposit directly affect your ability to enjoy an immersive experience at the online casino of your choice. And being able to withdraw large sums at any given time is a definite bonus that will only make playing at your chosen casino a much more pleasant experience.

Most online casinos accept this payment method. Given that it is one of the most relied upon forms of transferring funds, it is hardly surprising to see that most casinos permit transactions via bank or wire transfers.

The same cannot be said for certain e-wallets, particularly those less well-known (such as EasyEFT, Lobanet or Boleto ) or even deposited by SMS casinos (such as Payforit or Siru mobile). As a result, it is a viable alternative if a payment method you rely on is unavailable at your casino of choice.

And using this option means you will always have an available withdrawal and deposit method at your fingertips, no matter what casino you play with.

Significant amounts = Big Bonuses. The amount you deposit often influences the bonuses and benefits you stand to receive as a client of a bank transfer casino. One of the best examples of this is the welcome bonuses provided by these establishments. Certain instant bank transfer casinos scale them based on the amount of the initial payments made to a new client's account, with more significant amounts getting issued for more significant initial deposits.

Top-tier online casinos also provide highly beneficial loyalty schemes to clients who issue points based on the amount paid into their accounts over time. Clients whose points exceed set amounts not only receive set bonuses but also get promoted to higher levels within the scheme, making them eligible for even more benefits than they previously enjoyed. And those who are lucky enough to be promoted to the very highest rung of these schemes often enjoy luxury gifts and special perks reserved for members on that level.

Welcome Bonus Available Using Bank Transfer

If you're looking for a great welcome bonus for joining a new online casino that accepts wire transfers, check these out! Bonus games, extra spins, and free credit await.

Recap of the advantages and disadvantages of Bank Transfer


Direct and safe way to transfer funds

Significant limits on amounts you can pay in or have paid out

Most online casinos accept this payment method


Banks are always up to date with rules and regulations in their country

Mobile wallets and better technology has seen its popularity wane

Bank Transfer FAQs

What Is Bank Transfer?

A bank transfer is the exchange of real money between your bank account and your casino’s bank account. Always keep a screenshot of the transaction – your bank will also provide a statement regarding the transaction should you need to follow up with the payment department of the casino. Generally, all UK Licensed Casinos have systems to ensure that a bank transfer gets correctly allocated to the appropriate player account.

How To Use Bank Transfer Method To Deposit?

Once you’ve established your chosen Casino’s banking details, you can use them to make a payment at your bank, online, by telephone, or in person in the branch. Typically there will be a form to fill in, and this process will need to get conducted via your banking app, with a reference inserted so that the Casino can apply the funds to your account.

Are There Any Fees Using Bank Transfer?

As a UK bank account holder, you should be able to make bank transfers to other UK bank accounts for free. If your casino has an international account, fees may be involved, so you should check with your bank first.

When Was Bank Transfer Created?

Surprisingly, bank transfers have been used since the 1800s, making this payment method the oldest and most established way of making remote payments. In terms of being applied to Casino balances, it has been around since the start of online casinos. Therefore, it can be considered the oldest and most established method of depositing at an online venue.

Is Bank Transfer Secure?

Yes, bank transfers are a very secure way of sending money to your online casino, as all transactions get tracked, and no card details get exchanged.

What's The Average Pay Out Time Using Bank Transfer?

After you’ve requested a payout, depending on your casino’s processing times, your winnings should appear between two and seven working days in your bank account.