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Online Casino Payment Methods : EntroPay

EntroPay is fast becoming one of the most popular payment methods for all online casino players, particularly those who wish to maintain some anonymity and prefer virtual transactions.

EntroPay was the first European virtual Visa card made available in 2003. EntroPay has since loaded over £1bn of funds and created over 6m virtual credit cards. When you’ve signed up for an EntroPay account, you must provide details and set up a funding source (debit or credit card or bank account transfer). You can start making online purchases after you create your username and password and load your funds. One of the best features of EntroPay is that you can set up multiple virtual Visa cards for different uses and in other currencies (£, $).

Furthermore, in managing your various virtual card(s), you can add new cards and delete existing cards at the touch of a button.

Best EntroPay Casinos

Software Providers
User Experience
Game Selection
100% Up To £25
20 Bonus Spins
Trust Range Rating 4.4 out of 5 Bonuses 4.1/5 Cash Out Policy 4.5/5 Game Selection 4.4/5 User Experience 4.5/5 Mobile Support 4.4/5 Customer Service 4.3/5
Casino Cruise
Mobile App
100% Up To £100
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Trust Range Rating 4.3 out of 5 Bonuses 3.5/5 Cash Out Policy 4/5 Game Selection 4/5 User Experience 4.5/5 Mobile Support 4.5/5 Customer Service 5/5
Selection of Games
Live Chat
100% Up To £100
200 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 4.1 out of 5 Bonuses 4/5 Cash Out Policy 4/5 Game Selection 3.7/5 User Experience 4.5/5 Mobile Support 4.3/5 Customer Service 3.8/5
Arcade Spins
Great Theme
Loyalty Program
Deposit £10 and Get 25 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 4 out of 5 Bonuses 3.3/5 Cash Out Policy 3.9/5 Game Selection 4.5/5 User Experience 4.3/5 Mobile Support 4/5 Customer Service 3.8/5

How Does EntroPay Work?

There are minimum top-up amounts of £10 and maximum top-up amounts of £1,000 per transaction; however, you can top up to a cumulative total of £10,000 each month. Top-ups can get made by debit card, credit card or bank transfer. EntroPay cards get pre-paid, so there are no interest charges, no monthly or annual fees, and spending is limited to the amount of pre-paid credit loaded onto the card. Also, virtual cards do not get tied to a bank account.

You may use your EntroPay card anywhere Visa is accepted online to make online purchases. With an EntroPay transaction, you provide your virtual card number, expiry date and security CVV code known only to you. As stated above, neither your personal information nor credit card details are given to merchants when making an online purchase. Also, you can use a different virtual card each time you make a transaction. Like a regular credit card, your purchases show up on your EntroPay transaction history with a slight delay (not in real-time).

Real-Time Payouts With EntroPay

Digital cash and online payments are susceptible to hacks by fraudsters. However, when you combine the anonymity of the internet with real-time payouts via pre-paid credit cards, you have the potential for a disaster.

Global financial service provider EntroPay allows its users to transfer money in real-time; EntroPay is unique because users can access their funds immediately through digital Visa gift cards. However, when fraudsters used stolen credit card information to transfer money to themselves, EntroPay found itself on the line for the refunds and chargeback fees that came with credit card fraud. So they needed a solution that prevented fraud.

EntroPay, the Alternative to Bank Card or Transfer?

The EntroPay system is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their betting transactions separate from other specific withdrawals. When making a bet straight from your bank account, it is easy to lose track of how much you have deposited or withdrawn; the transactions are also visible by your bank and anyone else who has access to the account. Instead, use an EntroPay account exclusively to fund your online casinos’ wallets. You can keep abreast of your winnings more accurately and ensure your gambling transactions are private.

The other significant benefit is the enhanced security compared to a traditional bank card. With EntroPay, you only share your bank details with them, not the Online casino. So if an Online casino gets hacked and payment details get stolen, they could only access funds in your EntroPay account; they would not be able to access your bank, credit card or any overdraft facilities.

EntroPay will also let you have an unlimited number of cards and set individual limits for those cards. In addition, it allows you to use one card for each site you bet with, giving added security and keeping better track of transactions and performance with individual online casinos.

Being a virtual bank card, you can use your EntroPay card to fund a betting account in any country where online gambling is legal. It is up to you to check if this is the case in the territory you live or currently reside. For example, if you live in the USA, it is illegal to fund an online betting account from within the country irrespective of if you are a citizen or use an account of a country or state where gambling is legal.

Conversely, if you are a US citizen with a US bank account but living in the UK, it is perfectly legal to bet with an Online Online casino. However, your US bank account may restrict you from funding the account directly; this is a prime example of EntroPay being an intermediate source.

EntroPay does not allow bank transfers from any of the following countries, irrespective of whether you use the funds to gamble or not:

Afghanistan, Belarus, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lao, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar, Nauru, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine Territory, Principe, Sao Tome, Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Yemen, South Africa.

It is probably the most intriguing feature of EntroPay. You are already more secure by not needing to share your bank or bank card details with multiple operators. You only need to share your bank details with EntroPay, and you then use your 16 digits virtual card number directly with the betting site. It gives potential hackers and criminals less opportunity to get your details. EntroPay also has much stronger 128bit encryption than Online casinos, which means even if someone were monitoring your transactions, the data would be unreadable.

EntroPay cards themselves get generated using cryptographic military-level security. They claim that no other pre-paid card currently has this level of protection in Europe. Furthermore, EntroPay themselves do not even know your username and password; this means that even an unscrupulous employee couldn’t abuse the system.

Benefits of EntroPay

Once you register for an EntroPay account, you can pay with confidence. An EntroPay virtual bank account was a pre-paid account that you could use to make online purchases. You had to load funds on your Virtual Visa EntroPay card from your regular bank account. During registration, you instantly got the 16-digit Virtual EntroPay Visa card number and the CVV number to use in the payment form. Once you have completed the process, you do not have to wait for the mail to arrive; you can instantly begin it to spend money, collect money, and retrieve your funds from anywhere you are.

What Online Casinos Accept EntroPay?

Several highly rated online casinos accept EntroPay as the default payment method. These include Casumo, Vegas Hero, Grosvenor, and many more. In addition, many casinos frequently update their payment methods, so even if your favourite online casino doesn’t yet offer EntroPay, you should keep an eye out!

Best EntroPay Casinos

Welcome Bonus
Loyalty Programme
Deposit £20 & Get 825 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 4.3 out of 5 Bonuses 4.8/5 Cash Out Policy 4/5 Game Selection 4.3/5 User Experience 4.2/5 Mobile Support 4/5 Customer Service 4.3/5
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Mobile Optimised
Customer Support
Casino Suspended In the UK
Trust Range Rating 4.5 out of 5 Bonuses 4.4/5 Cash Out Policy 4.4/5 Game Selection 4.7/5 User Experience 4.5/5 Mobile Support 4.4/5 Customer Service 4.4/5
Vegas Spins
24/7 Support
Deposit £10 Win up to 777 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 3.9 out of 5 Bonuses 4.2/5 Cash Out Policy 4.0/5 Game Selection 3.9/5 User Experience 3.6/5 Mobile Support 4.0/5 Customer Service 3.6/5
Captain Spins
User Interface
Welcome Offer
Loyalty Programme
Up To 520 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 3.9 out of 5 Bonuses 3.9/5 Cash Out Policy 4/5 Game Selection 3.8/5 User Experience 4/5 Mobile Support 3.8/5 Customer Service 3.9/5

Recap of the Advantages and Disadvantages of EntroPay


  • Create virtual Visa cards in multiple currencies
  • ✔ The card can be created for a single transaction and not used again
  • ✔ Create multiple cards for different transactions
  • ✔ Protect anonymity and reduce the risk of fraud
  • ✔ Set a limit to each card


  • ❌ Not every online casino accepts EntroPay


What is EntroPay?

EntroPay is a virtual payment method that online casinos accept.

When was EntroPay created?

EntroPay was created in 2003 and has assisted clients since that time in the online casino sphere.

How to use EntroPay to deposit?

You’ll need to ensure the casino you selected to deposit with allows EntroPay deposits. Once confirmed, you’ll need a minimum of £10 on your EntroPay account.

Is EntroPay secure?

EntroPay is a safe and secure payment platform that protects users’ identities and transactions.

Are There any Fees When Using EntroPay?

There’s no monthly fee associated with EntroPay, however, you may be charged on some transactions, and is worth checking the terms and conditions of the casino you select to play at. We list all and any fees associated with the deposit method on our Casino reviews page.

What is the Payout Time Using EntroPay?

Your deposit funds should appear in the designated online casino account within seconds unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions of each casino. It functions as a debit/credit card, so there should be an instant transfer of funds between your Entropay and Casino account.

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