Oldest Casinos in the World

Oldest Casinos in the World

Published Date · April 19, 2022 · Last Updated · April 4, 2023 ·Read Time · 4 mins

Betting on games has been present throughout human history. The oldest recorded form of gambling dates all the way back to 9th century China. Still, it was not until the 15th century that the first casinos or small betting houses were established in European regions. With the rise of online betting, betting has become more accessible than ever. Bingo, keno, poker, and other table games are now widely available thanks to advancements in technology that have allowed the old establishments to prosper in the modern day. Some classic casinos have lasted through the centuries and continue to deliver the best casino experience. Others have not been so fortunate, such as the famous Cal Neva, which was owned by Frank Sinatra. However, history has proven that the oldest establishments can return from the toughest situations, so it remains to be seen if the legendary casino will welcome guests again. Regardless, here are the oldest and most famous casinos that have lasted through the years:

Casino di Venezia:

The title for being the oldest casino of all time goes to Casino di Venezia which opened its doors in 1638. Casino di Venezia or Ca’ Vendramin Calergi as it was initially known, was designed by an Italian architect Mauro Codussi in the 15th century. It is the crown jewel of the Grand Canal that has stood proudly over the years. The casino became the heart of the Grand Canal after opening its doors as the sophisticated theatre of the majority of classic casino games. It has since kept its position as the centre of international entertainment in the world of casino gaming.

Golden Gate Casino:

Vegas is home to a plethora of famous casinos, and one of the oldest is none other than the Golden Gate Casino. The Golden Gate Casino opened its doors in 1906 but ceased operations for a few years before continuing its operations again in 1931. It is the oldest casino in the United States. Golden Gate Casino was initially a temporary hotel resort owned by John F. Miller. The hotel structure featured casino floors that remained operational until a gambling ban took place in 1909. Golden Gate was famously known for its inexpensive shrimp cocktail that amassed many fans.

Golden Nugget:

The Golden Nugget casino is an iconic establishment on Fremont Street along with other well-known operators. The Golden Nugget opened its doors in 1946 and has been operational since. The property is operated and owned by Landry. Inc and houses more than a thousand hotel rooms. It quickly rose to prominence and made a name for itself alongside other Vegas casinos for its larger gambling house. Not only does it feature the largest gambling house around town, but it also offers a large selection of popular table games, full bars, and lounges as a luxurious resort.


Circus Circus:

Circus Circus Casino is a unique establishment in Vegas for combining two separate entertainment centres into one. Circus Circus is both a casino hotel and a circus centre in one locality. Phill Ruffin owns and operates the casino. Although the establishment features the amenities of casinos such as slot machines, gaming tables, and poker rooms, it also houses a permanent circus within it, complete with trapeze acts, carnival games, and so on.

The Empire Casino:

The United Kingdom houses several classic establishments and among them is the Empire Casino which came to be in 1884. It is one of the casinos owned by London Clubs International and is most popular for holding numerous film premieres over the years. Empire Casino has undergone significant changes in layouts but has never lost its touch. The casino doors are open 24/7 and allow players to participate in their favourite tables games no matter the time of the day.  It is a behemoth of an establishment as it measures 50,000 square feet, making it the largest casino in London.

Casino de Monte Carlo:

Dating back to the 19th century is Casino de Monte Carlo, perhaps the world’s most famous establishment. It is widely recognised for being featured in several Hollywood movies, especially James Bond Casino Royale. The casino opened its doors in 1856. It was established as a means to finance the ruling family of the time after seeing a loss due to tax-paying regions. Today, the casino is frequented by a great number of players for its many table games and for the feel of being James Bond.

Casino de Spa:

The city of Spa in Belgium is one of the greatest travel destinations for its natural mineral springs, but also for housing a casino back in 1763. The spa’s fame dates back to the 14th century, thanks to the natural springs, but the establishment of a casino attracted even a greater number of travellers. The establishment delivers relaxing spa treatment and casino experience. Although it has seen a fair share of devastating fires in the 1800s, it was rebuilt and redesigned in the years that followed the wars. It continues to offer spa and casino gaming services in the modern-day as it did for 250 years.

Final Thoughts:

Las Vegas and Atlantic City are popular gambling destinations though the former has a greater number of famous casinos and houses the oldest ones as well. But they are not the only localities to house several old casinos, as many great establishments hail from different regions of the world. The advancements made in technology and architecture have allowed the old ones to stay on par with the new dynamic markets. Top online casinos have allowed gamblers to play their favourite games, but the actual classic establishments deliver the full casino experience.  Unlike their online counterparts, these casinos offer opulent hotels and lounges, so not only can you play your favourite game, but you can also take advantage of the luxury they provide. Most regions are safe to visit as crime rates are quite low thanks to the security.


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