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Scratch cards are commonly sold in newsagents as something to spend a little bit of loose change on. Some people do not know this but they are also available to play online. They are incredibly simple to play and work in almost identical ways to the ones available in shops. Instead of scratching a card with a coin, you just rub the area with the mouse to reveal what is on the online scratch card. Or, alternatively, you can just press the button to ‘reveal all’. This might be a little less fun but it allows you to do it much quicker if you are planning on doing a few scratch cards.

The prizes on online scratch cards can be life changing amounts of money. This, of course, depends on the card you buy and how much you pay for it. There are different price options to select when purchasing your card so you can choose the one right for you. As well as this, there are many scratch cards with different themes available to buy. This helps to ensure that there is a game which appeals to everyone. Scratch cards are a great way to quickly play at an online casino. They are so simple and fun to play and you can still win lots of money!


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