The 5 Essential Books on Casinos and Gambling

The 5 Essential Books on Casinos and Gambling

Published Date · April 20, 2022 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins

The summer season is approaching, and we know the struggle of finding the perfect book to relax on the beach with, read on the plane or simply sit in the garden. While it can be good to delve into some fiction, we also don’t see any harm in a bit of educational/informational content. If you are casino-fanatics like us, we have some of the best books to help get you up to speed with the latest and greatest techniques in the industry today. So, without further ado, here are our 5 essential books on casinos and gambling of 2022!

Optimal Play (For the Mathematician) 

Optimal Play, edited by Stewart N. Ethier and William R. Eadington, is a comprehensive and detailed examination of the most recent scientific studies on betting behaviours and outcomes. It is not a basic or foundational book for beginners, but rather an expert manuscript that delves into the complex arithmetic and theories that underpin the winning strategies of the world’s finest players. This casino strategy book is one you will not want to miss if you want to improve your odds and achieve new heights of success in 2022 and beyond. This is an advanced gambling book; therefore, don’t expect it to appeal to individuals who aren’t engaged in intricate calculations and the science that makes casino betting strategy fun!

Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game (For the Beginner) 

Anyone who wants to understand a little more about the professional casino world as more of a hobby will find this book by Peter Svoboda to be an incredible resource. What makes this piece stand out from the rest is how it blends stunning, elevated pictures and instructions that may provide more inexperienced players with the knowledge they need to succeed at popular casino games. Although this isn’t a guide for professionals, it does offer a wealth of sound foundation and core knowledge that may assist a competent player in improving their game.

Beat the Dealer (The Old School Blackjack Enthusiast)

This is the OG gambling book, published in 1966. It was in the 1960s when the blackjack craze began. Thorp was the scientist/math whiz who figured out the greatest and most profitable blackjack strategy. He also put his beliefs to the test by winning at casinos. Despite the fact that the book is over 50 years old, the knowledge it contains is still relevant. Edward O Thorp primarily focuses on single deck blackjack and card counting as a strategy for gaining an advantage over the casino. His blackjack methods have made it the finest game a gambler can play in a casino today. The book discusses the arithmetic underlying the card’s decisions and why play is changed in specific scenarios. 

The Frugal Gambler (For the Penny Pincher)  

This is for all the low rollers at the casino table, those who step gingerly yet hope to reap the benefits via patience, time, and strategy. The Frugal Gambler is about Jean Scott’s practical strategy for obtaining the most value from her Las Vegas gaming activities. Scott concentrates on using video poker in conjunction with the top pay tables and bonuses programmes to get a modest mathematical advantage over the casino. However, she also discusses other casino games and how to apply the same strategy to them – even if video poker is a better fit for that strategy.  It’s as good a resource for anyone interested in making the most out of your casino trip (while wanting to spend as little money as possible).

Sharp Sports Betting ( For The Sports Lover)

Stanford Wong’s sports betting book is a cut above the rest. The reasons for this may not be clear at first, but here’s the first one that immediately comes to mind: most sports betting books are simple to read. They put entertainment ahead of value and authenticity. This is a sophisticated, very complex book for people who want to show off their sports betting knowledge at their favourite casino or during the game itself. This book is for people who are new to betting on NFL games, or even sports in general. A significant section of the book is devoted to discussing the fundamentals of betting, and there is plenty of helpful advice for people who are just getting started. If you are a sports fanatic, we highly recommend this book!


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