Top 5 TEDTalks About Gambling

Top 5 TEDTalks About Gambling

Published Date · June 29, 2021 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 2 mins

We can learn a lot about the gambling industry and apply that same psychology to everyday life situations. We’ve gathered the 5 most popular TED Talks about gambling that will inspire you to increase your odds by applying simple changes to the way you approach your gambling strategy.  

1. What Can We Learn From Expert Gamblers?

Speaker Dylan Evans presents his inspiring TED talk on gambling and intelligence. Using expert gamblers’ performances and patterns, Evans examines their behaviour to determine what separates gamblers into different categories. He then dives into gamblers’ motivations and psychology on how different categories gamble in different ways. It’s an interesting insight for anyone curious about the psychology of how expert gamblers work. Are certain people better at taking risks than others?  

Key takeaway: Focus on long term results and do not react to short-term winnings or losses.

2. We Are All Gamblers at Heart, But There Is Hope

We can learn a lot from gambling — not just how to play certain games, but also how to take risks in everyday life. The gambling mindset can be found in many industries, especially finance. But once you gain knowledge of the statistical probability of odds, you can learn how to take those risks more strategically — in gambling, and life. 

Key takeaway: In order to increase your odds, think about statistical probability.

3. Three Lessons On Decision Making From a Poker Champion

Luck, quantification, and intuition – learn about the three poker strategies from a professional poker player, Liv Boeree, who breaks them down in more detail and talks about how you can apply them to your real-life decisions to make sure your odds always play to your advantage. Of course, while you may not be able to control the luck part, you can always make sure you rely on your gut feeling and analyse the probability of your odds.

Key takeaway: Trust your gut when it comes to odds.

4. One Piece of Advice I Hope You’ll Never Use

In one of the most inspiring TED Talks, the insurance adjuster Norman Beck talks about how professional gambling relates to real-life risk-taking by sharing his inspiring story. Although this isn’t a gambling-focused story, it shares some wisdom on how you can improve your odds when you play some of your favourite slot or table games such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Poker, and many more. 

Key takeaway: Life is one big gamble.

5. Responsibility in the Online Gambling Industry

You’ve heard the phrase ‘be gamble aware’ being used a lot in the industry. But what does it exactly mean? In this TED Talk, James Kosta, CEO of 3G Studios, explains the role online gambling companies have when it comes to gambling responsibly. Kosta also touches on what makes people want to gamble and how they can use those motivations to their advantage.

Key takeaway: As online casinos grow, they will have to ensure corporate responsibility.


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