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Online Video Poker is a popular game with savvy casino players. At CasinoRange, we list what you need to know about Video Poker online. Get information on games, rules and the best Video Poker venues

Casinos to play Video Poker

  • PokerStars Casino

    Sign Up & Get
    100 Free Spins
    + £200 Bonus

  • Parimatch

    Get Up To 200 Free Spins - No Wagering

  • PartyCasino

    Deposit £10 & Get 120 Free Spins

  • Betfred Casino

    Stake £10, Get Up To 200 Free Spins - No Wagering

  • LeoVegas

    100% Up To £100 & 50 Free Spins - No Wagering

  • Playzee

    100% Up To £300 & 100 Free Spins

  • QuinnCasino

    Wager £10, Get 50 Free Spins - No Wagering

  • 10Bet

    50% Up To £100 & 50 Free Spins

  • Casushi

    100% Up To £50 & 50 Free Spins

  • Slotstars

    100% Up To £50 & 50 Free Spins

  • Virgin Games

    Stake £10, Get 30 Free Spins - No Wagering

  • MrQ

    Stake £20 & Get 75 Free Spins - No Wagering

  • Spin Rio

    100% Up To £200 & 100 Free Spins

  • Videoslots Casino

    100% Up To £200 & 11 Wager Free Spins

  • Buzz Casino

    Deposit £10, Get 200 Free Spins

  • Mr Vegas Casino

    100% Up To £200 & 11 Wager-Free Spins

  • Coral

    Wager £10, Get £50

  • Grosvenor Casinos

    Deposit £20, Play With £50

  • NetBet

    Deposit £10 & Get Up To 500 Free Spins

  • Spin & Win

    100% Up To £500

  • Vegas Mobile

    100% up to £100
    20 Free Spins

  • Tebwin

    100% up to £100 & 40 Free Spins

  • Pub Casino

    100% Up To £100

  • Jackpot Village

    Deposit £20, Get 200 Free Spins

  • BetMGM Casino

    100% Up To £200 & 100 Free Spins

  • Double Bubble Bingo

    Play £10, Get 50 Free Spins - No Wagering

  • Bally Casino

    Play £10, Get 30 Free Spins - No Wagering

  • 21 Casino

    121% Up To £100

  • All British Casino

    100% Up To £100 & 10% Cashback

  • BetDukes

    100% Up To £100

What Is Video Poker?

It is a variant of the original game of poker. Video Poker got introduced in 1975 in Las Vegas. Since then, its popularity has skyrocketed to a point where there are now hundreds of providers and a variety of video poker games.

Compared to the original poker game, Video Poker is played at a faster tempo and is more uncomplicated in that you need only make a playing hand from the cards you get dealt. However, it is worth mentioning that Video Poker has game variations. Games differ by game type (Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild etc.) and the pay schedules and denominations available to bet.

How To Select The Best Video Poker Online Casino Sites?

Picking the best Video Poker online can be difficult. It is because Video Poker has several variations and offers different playing and betting experiences.

Firstly, as with all gambling sites, it is essential to identify venues with the appropriate licensing that ensures players' safety. For example, players should always check if video poker sites are regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) or similar international bodies when looking for a video poker venue.

Once you have established that the site is safe, you check for games you enjoy and what bonuses are available. One of the game's oldest and most popular variations is Jacks or Better.

In this game version, you make a single bet at the start, receive five cards, and choose which ones to keep and which to exchange. Your goal is to have a hand that includes a pair of Jacks or better, as the name suggests. If you don't, the house wins.

There are several twists on the original poker game like this. First, finding out which video poker game you prefer can be a factor in selecting a venue, as some have a better range of the version you like on their site.

Secondly, you should look at the casino's bonuses and the video poker game you want to play. Some venues will have more games & bonuses than others.

Lastly, it would be best to look at how easy the casino makes wagering and withdrawing money. The rule here is usually the simpler, the better for an enjoyable experience. You can consult reviews on Casinorange for insight into the best Video Poker games & casinos.

Bonuses Available Using Video Poker

Bonuses at Video Poker casinos, like many casino games, come as "starter" money. It is free money that the casino will grant you to kickstart your play. For example, a site as a welcome bonus may give you £100 to play with when you sign up to the casino to start playing a game.

However, many types of Video Poker bonuses get usually underwritten by a raft of conditions for how you can use the money. The two main distinctions are between bonuses which allow you to withdraw the bonus amount no matter what happens and those that prevent you from doing so.

Often casinos will only let you withdraw your money if you win a certain amount over the bonus given to you, and even if this is the case, you may only be able to withdraw the balance, which does not include the bonus.

These get called "sticky" bonuses as they stick down the bonus. Knowing which type of bonus is on offer before you play is worth comprehending. Bonus information can also get found in our Casinorange casino reviews.

Why is Video Poker Popular?

There are several reasons why gamblers gravitate to Video Poker. One is the game's high RTP (Return to Player).

Whereas most casino games feature an RTP of 90% to 96%, Video Poker in its Jacks or Better variation, for example, offers an average of 99.54%, meaning players are far more likely to come away with winnings.

Another reason for the game's popularity is that, unlike traditional Poker, Video Poker is usually much more straightforward and doesn't involve long matches against multiple players.

Unfortunately, although these positives remain valid today, Video Poker has seen a drop in popularity since the 80s and 90s in some regions. Video Poker in the United States, though, remains incredibly popular.

New Video Poker Casinos

Peruse the table below for the newest online Video Poker casinos available. Unfortunately, new casino Video Poker games are infrequent and far between, and we cover and review all of the established Video Poker games.

Live Poker On Casino Sites

Live online Poker is a very different affair from Video Poker. This game incarnation is usually only hosted by the best poker casinos. Live Poker is as close as players can get to playing the actual game without being at a casino table. Live Poker offers all of the social interaction of a real Poker game from the comfort of your home with live, fully trained dealers and real opponents. Most online casinos offer a range of live Poker games designed to be as immersive as possible, faithfully attempting to recreate the atmosphere and tension of a real Poker game.

Mobile Video Poker Casinos

Casinorange has the best selection of online Video Poker sites and games, which are also available to play online using your mobile phone. Mobile casinos offer all the fun of gaming but are on the move.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Video Poker


It offers a unique blend of Poker, slots, skills and luck


Low house edge

Fast and exciting gameplay

Few skills required


Cards dealt are random: impossible to deduce

It offers a less social form of the game

It offers smaller wins than regular Poker on average

Casino Video Poker FAQs

Do Casinos Have Video Poker?

Yes, many online casinos offer a range of Video Poker games with bonuses available to new players.

Where Can I Find The Best Online Video Poker Casinos?

The best Video Poker casinos get reviewed in Casinorange’s casino reviews. In addition, there are online casinos that offer a collection of Video Poker games. Finding the right one for you is effortless with some guidance from Casinorange.

What Is a Full-Pay Video Poker Machine?

A full pay Video Poker machine is a Poker machine that, if players play a theoretically perfect strategy and play with the maximum coins per hand, should return over 100%. Unfortunately, however, finding one of these games is extremely rare.

Can You Play Video Poker Online For Money?

Yes, you can. Many online casinos will gladly let you bet money until your heart’s content. It is precisely what the casinos want you to do. Your job is to come away with some winnings.

How do you Play video Poker in a Casino?

When playing Video Poker in a casino, your first task is to select the denomination of the bet you want to play. Next, you can choose the type of game you want to play from the screen. Next, you can begin playing the game by indicating the bet you place on the hand. You will then select the cards you would like to hold onto, usually by hitting “Hold” on the card. After your selection, you press “Hit”, “Deal”, or “Draw”. It will replace the cards you do not wish to hold onto with new cards. You will then win or lose based on the strength of your new hand.

Where Can I Play Free Video Poker?

You can find free demo video poker games on some casino sites, provided that you go through an age-verification check.

Which Video Poker Game Has The Best Odds?

The advice is to play games with low variances, such as Jacks or Better. These games have fewer ways that the house can win and therefore increase your odds of success. Jacks or Better has a lot of strategy and tips written about it, as it is one of the game’s most popular variations. The pay tables are also fairly generous when compared to the other versions.

How Do You Win At Video Poker?

Winning strategies differ from variation to variation. A method for Jacks or Better won’t necessarily work for Deuces are Wild, for example. First, you must decide which version of the game you would like to play and adapt your strategy to that game. However, there are a few general tips which can help players win. One is to slow down. Many Video Poker games encourage fast-paced play because the faster you play, the more hands the game can win. However, you are under no obligation to go at any speed apart from the one you dictated. Slow down, think carefully and then pick your cards to make combinations related to the game you are playing.

How do you Play video Poker?

Again, the rules differ from version to version, but the rudiments stay more or less the same. First, you will make a bet and receive an initial set of five cards. Then, you can choose as many of those five cards as you would like to be replaced once by new cards. If the new hand you draw makes it over the winning threshold, you win your bet.

where can I Find a Good Video Poker Game?

A varied selection of Video Poker games can be found on this page or through our casino reviews.