Taking a Closer Look At... The Nitropolis Slot Series

Taking a Closer Look At... The Nitropolis Slot Series

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Published Date · April 9, 2024 ·Read Time · 5 mins

Post-apocalyptic worlds are all the rage in popular films and TV shows. Something about the idea of having to fend for ourselves in a wasteland that once held a prosperous society is exciting despite how bleak it is. ELK Studios created its own post-apocalyptic world in 2020, and it was a major hit. On this page, we’ll take a closer look at the Nitropolis slot series.

History of the Nitropolis Series

In 2020, when the world was in the grip of a global pandemic, Swedish slot developer ELK Studios released Nitropolis, imagining the ruins of a crumbling and decaying world that has been taken over by four rival clans. The Dirty Dawgs, Gritty Kitties, Pug Thugs and Rogue Rats all battle for control of a precious resource, the green Nitro they use to power their vehicles.

ELK Studios clearly took some inspiration from Mad Max with the theme of the game, although the introduction of four animal gangs is a unique and interesting idea that helped capture the attention of slot players. However, it was the chaotic features and innovative Nitro Reel mechanic that made the series such a big hit.

When Nitropolis came out, it quickly gained a lot of fans. ELK Studios responded with the release of a new game every year. Nitropolis 2 brought more chaos to online casinos all over the world, with new bonus features and more ways to win. Nitropolis 3 increased the winning potential even further, and Nitropolis 4 introduced eight new Nitro bonus modifiers to increase the action.

Nitropolis 4 (ELK Studios) 1

In 2024, ELK Studios expanded the series further by creating games for each of the four clans. Now, fans of the Nitropolis series can play alongside the Dirty Daws, Gritty Kitties, Pug Thugs and Rogue Rats. Each game explored a new zone of Nitropolis, bringing players to unique locations and adding new features, symbols and designs.

As the Nitropolis series has developed, the graphics have improved considerably, bringing the characters to life with new animations and graphics. The series has always been known for chaotic and innovative features, but they’ve only gotten bigger and better as time has gone by.

Best Nitropolis Slots



The original Nitropolis game may have been outdone by the sequels, but it’s still worth checking out if you want to see where it all began. The six-reel, four-row layout looks simple, but the Nitro Reels feature offers up to a mind-blowing 85,155,840 ways to win. The Nitro Reels contain multiple symbols, and players can also benefit from symbol upgrades, winning respins and second chances. It’s also possible to win up to 10,000x in this original release.

Nitropolis 4

Nitropolis 4 Slot

Nitropolis 4 is the older, crazier big brother of the original game. It packs a serious punch, with a max win of 50,000x. On top of the crazy Nitro Reels feature, there are also avalanche wins, giant symbols and Nitro multipliers. There are also eight different bonus modifiers which can trigger both ways pays, instant maximum rows and random avalanches, among others. On top of all the crazy new bonuses, the graphics are updated, and Nitropolis looks better and more action-packed than ever.

Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis

Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis ELK Studios-Logo

Join the Gritty Kitties as they seek out a weapon of mass destruction to enact revenge against Sergeant Nitro Wolf. Whether you pay attention to the story or not, the outcome is the same. You get to spin the reels and hopefully make the most of the crazy bonus features to land some big wins. Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis is offering a max win worth up to 25,000x, and you’ll be exploring a cyber-punk city as you trigger features such as avalanches, Nitro Wilds, Nitro Reels and free spins.

Nitropolis 2


The second game in the series, Nitropolis 2 has a maximum number of ways to win of 191,102,976 if you’re lucky enough to land Nitro Reels on every position. The maximum win of 10,000x is lower than later games in the series, but still an impressive amount. The biggest difference from the original game is the Nitro Booster reel, which adds the potential to land one of eight different bonus modifiers on any spin.

Rogue Rats of Nitropolis

Rogue Rats of Nitropolis Elk Studios-Logo

Rogue Rats of Nitropolis is probably the most creative of any of the Nitropolis games. ELK Studios created a whole new way to play slots. Rather than using reels and rows, the game takes place over an infinitely large map, with pay symbols generated at random. As the rat traverses through the desert, it can pick up Nitro to reach new areas and collect matching colours for payouts. Special modifiers can boost range and payout size, and there’s even a free spins round you can trigger.

Why Are the Slots So Popular?

The Nitropolis series is by far the most popular that ELK Studios has created, and each game in the series has been a big hit with players. What is it that makes these games so successful? It’s a combination of innovative design and features that make each game unique and fun to play.

From the very first Nitropolis game, players can enjoy a brand-new mechanic, the Nitro Reels, that has the potential to trigger massive wins. Future games expanded on this further by adding new reels and bigger and better bonus features. Random bonus modifiers that trigger throughout the base game, as well as high-paying bonus rounds, help make every visit to Nitropolis unique and exciting.

gritty kitty of nitropolis giant symbol

The design of the Nitropolis games is another big factor in their success. The eye-catching designs are colourful and completely unique compared to other slots. The dystopian world setting may not be new, but ELK Studios successfully reimagined it with some crazy characters and added a story that’s light-hearted yet engaging.

The Nitro Reels are the foundation of the series and a demonstration of just how much fun it can be when slot developers think outside the box. ELK Studios took a gamble by introducing an original world with brand-new mechanics, but it definitely paid off.


While Nitropolis may not be a dream holiday destination, it’s a brilliant slot series and one that will inspire many new games in the years to come. The Nitro Reels mechanic shows that there’s still a lot of room for innovation and novel thinking in the slot industry, and games like Rogue Rats of Nitropolis show developers that there’s a real demand from players for slots that do things differently.

With Nitropolis 5 coming out later this year, it’s clear that ELK Studios still has new ideas for the series, and hopefully, it will continue to impress. You can try any of the Nitropolis games for free at CasinoRange or read our slot reviews for more information on how to play and the features you can expect.


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