A Tenta-Cool Interview with Octoplay

A Tenta-Cool Interview with Octoplay

Published Date · March 21, 2023 · Last Updated · Feb. 1, 2024 ·Read Time · 3 mins

The CasinoRange team is delighted to present this exclusive interview with innovative, new slot provider, Octoplay!

Having launched towards the end of 2022, they haven't wasted any time in making their mark in the competitive online slots marketplace, releasing a diverse range of online slot games.

Nick Vuchev, the Commercial Director at Octoplay, has kindly sat down with us to discuss what is coming in 2023!

What Can Players Expect From Octoplay In 2023?
First of all, thank you very much for having me - CasinoRange is definitely one of my go-to websites for slot reviews, and I’m thrilled to talk about Octoplay with you guys.

We launched Octoplay in November 2022 with the idea of developing captivating casino games that cater to the diverse needs of players in regulated jurisdictions across the globe. Our main focus is to constantly improve and enhance the gaming experience for our users. Although we understand that not every game can be the next big thing, our team draws on years of expertise to create top-notch slots that exceed industry standards. Ultimately, our aim is to provide an exceptional level of entertainment.

We have two internal sub-studios that focus on the scatter-pay and cash collection mechanics. We’ll continue to innovate these niches as there is so much more to them than the industry has seen. We have two new releases each month - one from each studio, so players can always enjoy new content. Moreover, we're planning to launch a third sub-studio with a completely different approach, and we'll unveil more details about it soon.
What Has Proven To Be Your Most Popular Online Slot Release So Far?
The truth is, sometimes, you think a game is going to be a huge hit, but it just doesn't take off.
Other times, slots that don't look like anything special end up being top performers. I remember when we were first discussing the concepts for our initial batch of games; I was convinced that Hot Harvest was going to be the one everyone loved. But after looking at the data, it turns out that Pearly Shores is consistently our top performer. It's definitely been the best release so far, but we've got so many great ideas for future releases that we're confident our blockbusters are still ahead of us.
Are There Any Particular Titles Players Should Keep An Eye Out For This Year?
We have exciting plans in store this year, including the third studio I mentioned earlier. Looking at our confirmed roadmap, however, I can’t help but mention Mutant Potatoes. Not only does the game stand out naturally by its intriguing name, but it also combines a set of well-known mechanics in the gameplay. Add beautiful graphics on top, and you have a slot that surely will get the people talking. The best part is that it goes live next month!
How Does Octoplay Plan to Appeal To An Ever-Expanding US Market?
The US is wide open as we see it, far more so than Europe. The newly regulated markets in the States are a prime target for game designers that truly understand the US players, as they are so very different from the European players that the majority of games companies are accustomed to serving. It’s a space that we are very excited about based on the backgrounds of some of our teams.
What Can Players Expect From Games Produced By The New Penguin King Studio Compared To Super Hippo?
The implementation of the sub-studio strategy has been adopted in order to appeal to diverse player preferences and offer a comprehensive gaming experience.
Within this context, Penguin King games cater to the classic slot enthusiasts, where the traditional feel is reminiscent of the popular land-based slots. In contrast, Super Hippo concentrates entirely on the scatter-pay mechanic. While significant wins in scatter-pay games may come from the base game, players usually win big during the bonus game in the cash collection slots. I am confident that both studios will produce exceptional games, and that players across all regulated jurisdictions will be able to discover their preferred game.

Thank you, Nick, for taking the time to talk to us! We can't wait to see what Octoplay has to offer and what will be coming next in 2023!


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