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Playing Online Casinos in Germany

Germany is a country with a rich history of a wide variety of different types of gambling. This unique culture and creative atmosphere make it the ideal place to look when you’re searching for new games to try. It also makes Germany a great example of a place where players can have fun without worrying. The transparent regulations and rules governing all casinos and games allow anyone to understand their rights easily. To make sure you know everything there is to know, let’s dive into the details and take a closer look.

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How is German online gambling currently regulated?

Germany comprises a federation of different states, each of which has its historical origins. It means that similar to the United States, you can expect a degree of local variation regarding the letter of the law. However, the German government recently passed legislation to simplify this for players and operators alike. The Interstate Treat On Gambling covers online casinos, poker, and other games. It contrasts with previous local laws, such as those in Saxony-Anhalt, which restricted the licenses granted to online slot machines.

What form do gambling laws take in Germany?

Previously some state-to-state variations applied, but the federal government now centralises it. It means it’s far easier for players to understand their rights and for operators and designers to work according to the rules. There is, however, something fundamental to note.

Due to the number of restrictions in many states, Schleswig-Holstein is the only state to operate effectively in line with most other European states. As a result, it is the most accessible place to be granted a gaming license within Germany and is currently home to approximately 25 operators.

Are casinos popular with German players right now?

Land-based casinos are growing in popularity now, with approximately 50 in operation. However, it’s common to only find one or two legal casinos in any major city, which may surprise you. Instead, the most common place to find them is in the smaller resort-based tourist towns.

The casinos are more of an attraction for visitors and tourists than they are for resident Germans. Gambling may be becoming a part of German life, but it is not as central to the social lives of many as you might expect.

How easy is it to set up a German online casino?

While German gaming laws are transparent and clear, they are also strict regarding their rules and requirements. It means that the capital outlay needed can be high, making joining a larger group the most viable option. In addition, the two dozen or so licensed operators are mostly part of a more extensive, intertwined network of providers.

It gives them the ability to work together to share the workload. Starting an online casino is far from impossible, provided you base yourself in a favourable state and adhere to all the various licensing requirements.

What’s the history of casinos in Germany?

Casinos in Germany date back to the time of the Ancient Romans. Legions of Roman soldiers enjoyed games to rest and relax after the battle. As they moved into what is now modern-day Germany, their love of playing spread to the locals, many of whom were only too happy to learn the rules.

Today 20% of Germans list casino games as something they partake in on a regular or semi-regular basis. This trend is expected to grow with the growth of online gaming and the flexibility it provides.

What does the future look like for gaming in Germany?

Germany is one of the first European states to tighten its regulations regarding online gaming. However, rather than outlawing them, it’s looking to ensure that providers adhere to a rigorous set of rules.

It will likely force out smaller operators, accelerating competition between the biggest names in the industry. The result for players will be more innovation, more secure games, and new seasonal promotions that maintain playability. Online casino games are also expected to move more towards mobile play and further away from the static desktop space.


How Many Land -based Garmany have?

There are around 50 at the moment, with most located in key tourist towns and resorts.

How can Player Trust German Online Games?

German online casinos have to follow some of the strictest laws in Europe. So look for a license number if in doubt.

How do we gather accurate reviews for German online Casino?

Every review is gathered from a network of independent sources. This results in open, fair, and transparent reviews you can trust.

How do online Casinos Comply with the Law in Germany?

They have to be fully licensed and also be registered in a licensed state within the country.

How do You know if a German Online Casino is Safe to use?

There will be a registered address for the casino, as well as a license number you can search.