Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot

Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot
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Published Date · July 5, 2023 · Last Updated · Feb. 20, 2024
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Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot Review

Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot Overview

If you are a fan of old-school classic slot games, then the Magic Fruits Deluxe slot from Wazdan is the one for you. There are no fancy bells and whistles and you simply need to line up three identical symbols to win. This slot is full of juicy fruit including old classics like bells and oranges, and is also ideal if you are a beginner. Read our review of the Magic Fruits Deluxe slot to learn more about this classic online slot.

Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot Details











40 x

Software Provider




Design and Layout

3 Reel Slots


We had mixed feelings about the Magic Fruits Deluxe slot. We felt that for beginners and fans of classic old-fashioned slot games, this slot was perfect. This would have been a perfect slot back in the 80s, but nowadays players are used to the majority of slot machines having bonus features of some kind included in their reels. This slot had no bonuses of any kind. Not even a Wild symbol. The only symbol of difference was the Jester which appears as a tiny symbol attached to another symbol rather than on its own. If three Jesters appear, you will win 40x your bet which isn’t very much unless you are playing a high bet.


Variable Volatility

Above Average RTP


No Bonus Features

Low Max Win

No Multipliers

How To Play Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot

magic fruits deluxe base
Base game
magic fruits deluxe winning combination
Winning combination
Min Bet
Max Bet
Max Win (x stake)

Magic Fruits Deluxe Basic Rules:

  • The slot takes place on a 3x3 grid
  • There are five paylines on offer
  • Three matching symbols on any line from left to right or right form a winning combination

Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot Paytable & Symbols

Here's a guide to all the symbols and payouts you'll find in Magic Fruits Deluxe:

3 Symbols
magic fruits deluxe yellow fruit
Yellow Fruit
magic fruits deluxe plum
magic fruits deluxe bell
magic fruits deluxe orange
magic fruits deluxe 7
magic fruits deluxe raspberry
magic fruits deluxe grapes
magic fruits deluxe watermelon
magic fruits deluxe joker

Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot Paylines

Here's a guide to all the paylines available in Magic Fruits Deluxe:

Magic Fruits Deluxe - Slot
Every winning line in Magic Fruits Deluxe

Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot Features

Magic Fruits slot does not have any slot features as it is a straightforward classic slot with basic symbols.

Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot Bonus Features

magic fruits deluxe risk game
Risk Game feature
magic fruits deluxe successful gamble
Successful gamble

Magic Fruits Deluxe slot does not have any bonus feature or free spins feature.

Risk Game

As mentioned above, there are no bonuses in this game, but whenever you win, you have the option to play the Risk Game.

You can take your winnings and bet them by guessing a symbol. A draw will then be made to determine the winning symbol. You can choose to stop playing this game after each round. The Risk Game offers up to seven rounds for you to enjoy.

Our Verdict: We felt cheated that there was no bonus feature of any kind. While the game is very colourful and we had frequent wins, it didn’t take long until we became bored.

Play Magic Fruits Deluxe Demo for Free

If you’re interested, you can play the Magic Fruits Deluxe slot demo for free before you start playing with real money! Slot demos give players the chance to play for free before committing to staking real money. Use the demo as the perfect preparation real-money gaming, giving you the best possible chance of making money when it comes time to play for real.

Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot RTP & Volatility

Variable RTP

This slot has a Return to Player (RTP) of 96.41% which is slightly above average. The volatility is variable which means that you can choose your own volatility which can be low, medium or high. Low volatility means you will get more frequent wins but they will be for small amounts. Medium volatility means you will get average wins fairly frequently. High volatility means you will get bigger wins but they will be less frequent.

Our Verdict: We liked the fact that the RTP is 96.41% as this is higher than the industry average which means you have a reasonable chance of pocketing some extra money while playing this slot. The variable volatility is also great if you like to have some semblance of control over the slot machine.

Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot Graphics & Audio


The graphics in Magic Fruits Deluxe are crisp and clear. The game boasts high-quality graphics, with vibrant colours and detailed symbols that pop out on the screen. The attention to detail is evident, from the beautifully designed fruit symbols to the lively animations when you hit a winning combination.

Magic Fruits Deluxe (Wazdan) 1
Base game spins
Magic Fruits Deluxe (Wazdan) 3
Several winning lines
Magic Fruits Deluxe (Wazdan) 4
Big win


The game has a catchy tune that almost sounds like a Mario Brothers Nintendo soundtrack. When a win occurs a little jingle also plays creating an enjoyable atmosphere. With every spin and win, you'll be treated to typical slot machine sounds and jingles.

Our Verdict: The fruits on the screen appeared very large and crisp so no wishy-washy slot graphics here. We also liked the little jingles that played whenever there was a win.

Magic Fruits Deluxe Slot on Mobile

The Magic Fruits slot game will display perfectly on most forms of mobile devices, such as Windows, Android, and iOS smartphones and tablets. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you are good to go.

Magic Fruits Deluxe

Magic Fruits Deluxe FAQs

Who made Magic Fruits Deluxe slot?

The slot was developed by Wazdan.

Can I play Magic Fruits Deluxe slot on mobile?

Yes - the slot is playable on all iOS and Android devices.

What is the RTP for Magic Fruits Deluxe slot?


How volatile is Magic Fruits Deluxe slot?

The slot has an adjustable volatility range.


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