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Read our in-depth online slot reviews from top iGaming providers.

At CasinoRange, we strive to deliver independent slot reviews to help our players find the next online slot worth spinning. We now have thousands of online slot reviews available on our website, covering some of the very best slot machines in the iGaming industry. We ensure that every angle is covered in our comprehensive slot reviews - including all relevant statistics, theme, graphics, soundtrack, game features, RTP & volatility, as well as covering the basics of how to actually play the game. On top of all of that, we offer clear pros and cons, as well as an unbiased rating, so you should be in no doubt what we really think about each game we review!

Read on to find out how our slot reviews are produced and what sort of information you should expect to find in them…

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Popular Online Slot Reviews

Online slots are likely to be the most popular games you will find at an online casino. There are now thousands of different video slots available across a wide variety of themes - players really are spoilt for choice! Below we outline some of the most popular online slot machines that our players are particularly keen on. Varying across different game mechanics, as well as dozens of different software developers, there's plenty to get stuck into... Read on to find out everything you need to know!

Best Online Slot Reviews

How Do We conduct Our Slot Reviews?

Before we review an online slot game, we run thorough tests to ensure they deliver a fun and safe gaming experience. Whether in demo or real money mode, we play through a large number of spins to gauge the positives and negatives of a slot game, as well as the payout opportunities on offer.

What is Included in Our Slot Tables?

Our slot tables should include everything you need to know about your chosen online slot game. All of the basics appear here - such as bet amounts, paylines and max winnings, as well as other interesting aspects like theme and software provider. A quick scan of one of our slot tables should tell you everything you need to know about any slot game!

Pros and Cons

To make things very easy for our players, we suggest a handful of both positive and negative points for each game we review. Pros tend to include anything from large max win amounts to interesting game mechanics, while cons can be below-average RTPs or basic gameplay. These are a very simple and effective way to easily gauge our thoughts on a slot game we have reviewed.

Our Verdict/Rating

We include a brief ‘Verdict’ section on each of our slot reviews. It is effectively our entire slot review funneled down into a simple, easy to understand verdict, which should consist of just around 100 words. This concise section highlights the positives aspects of a game, as well as any negatives we found during testing.

The verdict section is paired with a simple rating, which is given out of a total score of five. Any slots are rated 4.5 or above, it’s safe to say we’re big fans and would certainly recommend you having a spin or two to see for yourself. On the other end of the scale, we try to avoid being too critical of the slots we don’t enjoy, but there have been some bad ones over the years!

Casinos Where You Can Play Slots

While we are here to review slot games, perhaps more importantly, our other aim is to tell you which are the best casinos where you can play these games. On each slot review you will see a selection of online casinos where you can play that slot game - these have been checked to ensure that the selected casino carries that specific game. This means that you can go from reading our slot review to playing your chosen game within a matter of minutes - and all that with a handy welcome bonus ready to go!

How to Play Slots

In the ‘How to Play’ section, we outline the basic rules of a slot game and how it all works. These really are the basics - including reel structure, the number of paylines available, the varying bet sizes and how to form winning combinations.

Slot Features

Online slots can often seem quite daunting, with many of them including a large number of unique and innovative features. We are keen to outline all of the exciting game features each slot machine offers - whether that be Cascading Reels or win multipliers.

Then there’s the bonus rounds - which is where a lot of the fun slot action can happen! Plenty of slot machines offer a simple Free Spins Bonus, but there are lots of other innovative bonus rounds on offer, including a Pick Bonus and Wheel Bonus.

Slots Paytable & Symbols

Slot machines are very visual games, with some offering dozens of different symbols across the reels. This section will outline all of these different symbols, as well as the payouts attached to each of their winning combinations. These will be listed in ascending order, all the way up to the game’s top payouts!

Slots Paylines

Our paylines section is a very simple image that identifies the different winning combinations available on a slot game. Even on a basic slot game, there can be a huge number of different winning payline combinations on offer - they won’t all be a straight line, that’s for sure!

Slot Graphics and Audio

If slots offer eye-catching graphics and audio, they can deliver a truly immersive gaming experience that should have you on the edge of your seat. This is why we always consider the graphics and audio a game offers, before recommending it to our players.

Mobile Slot Games

Most players tend to play their favourite slots on their mobile phones these days, so this section is crucial to confirm whether or not your chosen slot has been optimised for mobile gameplay. Most recent slot releases are produced on HTML5, which offers a fully responsive gaming experience on both iOS and Android devices.

Slot Demos

Nearly all slot games offer a demo mode, which allows you to play a game for free before you decide to play slots for real money. You will be able to play these demos on the CasinoRange website - you can then play them for real money on one of the hand-picked online casinos we have picked for you.

RTP and Volatility

A game’s return to player is very important as it outlines how likely you are to win when playing a specific slot game. The average RTP on slot games is around 96%, so we’re always on the lookout for games that offer a little more value than that!

The volatility of a slot is another important factor to consider as it gives a clear indication of how the game might play - we split this section into low, medium and high. A lower-volatility slot is likely to deliver a regular stream of smaller wins, while those more volatile slots may require you to be a bit more patient as you wait for those bigger wins.

Slots FAQs

On each of our slot reviews, we include a handful of FAQs, which are there to answer the most common questions you may have. These include anything from the release date of the game and the slot developer, to the maximum payout available.

Similar Slot Games

If you scroll down to the bottom of one of our slot reviews, you will find a large selection of ‘similar’ slot games. These are determined by theme, so if you’re reading a review of a space-themed slot machine, head down to the bottom to find plenty of other astro adventure slot games!