Highest RTP Slots 2024

Online Slots machines with the best return to player

The most critical and least understood aspect of slot gameplay is RTP on Online Slots. RTP, of course, is the abbreviation for Return to Player, which measures the average percentage payout back to players. Below is our list of slots with the highest RTPs.

Highest RTP Slots UK

How RTP Works On Slot Games

Online Slots can have payouts containing life-changing amounts of prize money for players. For example, winning 250,000 times your stake in some online slot games is possible, which is fantastical.

These big payouts run in parallel with a return to player percentage. The RTP% highlights the casino’s overall payout ratio to players on a specific slot game. For instance, an RTP of 95% means that for every £1 put in by the player, the casino pays back 95p.

RTP Is Not a Guarantee

It is important to remember that the RTP% is an average from millions of spins, so it is not guaranteed. What we mean by this is that the percentage gets built up over time.

So you might not experience that very same return to player percentage. However, the RTP at online casinos & slot venues is generally higher than at land-based casinos. It is one of the reasons for the popularity of online gambling.

Are you already a fan of online slots? Read more to find out about some of the best payout slots online. You can also consult our payout percentage guide to learn more about it.

RTP Slots FAQs

What Is RTP On Online slot?

RTP refers to Return to Player and is a percentage-based figure detailing the Return to a Player on a specific Online Slot. It is worth noting that the percentage provided is calculated over a period of time and based on many millions of spins. Each machine will have a different RTP, which is an average – meaning it is not guaranteed that you will get the same RTP. Yours might be higher or lower depending on the Gods of Fortune.

Can I View The Slot RTP at a Casino?

Most Licensed Online Casinos will have a page that will display the RTP for Online Slots they supply. However, as stated in a previous FAQ, the percentage shown on a Casino Slot RTP page is not guaranteed. In addition, a Casino might display RTP for slots from an entire network of casinos rather than RTP for just that Casino. Therefore, we advise taking all RTP figures with a pinch of salt and using them as a guideline only.

What Slots Have the Best RTP?

Finding the Slots with the best RTP is not easy to do. The main reason for that is that the RTP is constantly changing monthly. Outside of RTP, payout variance is another factor to consider when playing slot games. It will affect the RTP on a slot game. We list a few games below that generally have very high RTP

  • Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix – 98% RTP
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas – 98.6% RTP
  • Book of 99 Slot – 99% RTP

What is a good Slot RTP?

Based on Casinorange research, we estimate that an RTP of 97% on a Slot Machine is an excellent return to the player. If you deposit and play with £100 and the RTP is 97%, the return you can expect is £97. Online Slots generally have better RTP than land-based slot games. There is a reason for the popularity of Online Casinos. It is the primary reason. Land-based slots can have RTPs ranging from 70 to 90%. In Online Slot terms, that would be a below-average RTP.

Can Online Slot RTP be rigged?

Yes and No is the short answer.

Yes, if you are playing at an unlicensed, unregulated casino. We do not include unlicensed Casino or Slot sites on the Casinorange site.

No, they can not get rigged if you play at a Licensed Online Casino. Along with regulation and licensing have come player protection and rules. These rules stipulate that no exaggeration or stretching of the truth can occur. If you stick to UK Licensed Casino sites, you will get the latest available RTP information, which will be valid.

What Slots have the Worst RTP?

Undoubtedly, the worst RTP you can find at any online casino at the slot games is on the Progressive Slot Jackpot games. Progressive Slots are the top slot game choice for many players, and because of the jackpot element, often the jackpot cost will influence the RTP of the game. Despite the RTP being lower on Slot Jackpots, they are still the most popular slots online.