Best 3-Reel Slots 2021 to Play in the UK

2021's Top 3-Reel Slots UK

Video slots are one of the best and most popular games to play on online casinos.

There are a huge variety of games and themes available that customers are spoilt for choice when deciding what to play. A random number generator decides what the results are after each spin. Players can often be left with life-changing amounts of money if they have a successful slot experience.

One of the components that are different in online slots is the number of reels that are played on. Three reels slots may seem like you are playing a less fun game as there is less going on in the game, but these slots can be some of the most fun you will have whilst playing slots. Here are our picks for the best three-reel slot games out there at the moment.

Our List of The Best 3-Reel Online Slots UK

Holiday Spirits

Holiday Spirits

A fantastic three-reel slot that takes great inspiration from the classic Christmas story, A Christmas Carol from the team at Play N Go. The graphics are unreal and really get you into the festive spirit. The bonus features are amazing and make this slot well worth your time.  In terms of fun, this slot game gives you plenty, with the random clock bonus accelerating play with no input needed from the player. Prizes are good too, with excellent max payout and plenty of multipliers to help score larger combos. Holiday Spirits is a slot game anyone would like to find in their stocking.

Halloween 620x350 1


Based on the 1978 movie of the same name, Microgaming brings us the Halloween slot. Coming with a frightening sense of dread throughout you will want to keep your wits about you to avoid the terrifying Michael Myers. The gameplay is lots of fun and the graphics are superb, making you feel like you are in the movie itself.

The ever-changing reels are innovative, and the classic free spins and bonus rounds add some depth that makes this game enjoyable for everyone

Chronos Joker 1

Chronos Joker

Another great slot from the team at Play N Go and is apart of the fantastic Joker series of slot games from the company and this time it is all about the passing of time and the universe which is truly unique to this slot game.

The main reason for this is due to the game’s stunning visuals. The game’s graphics have made the slot stand out from the crowd. The game also has a funky soundtrack and provides a different kind of gambling experience. The ease of access in the gameplay and the range of the wagering options has made this slot one of the best around.

This unconventional yet highly entertaining game has a lot going for it. The fresh theme is accompanied by a new approach to normal bonus features, giving players an unprecedented playing experience. If you are looking for something new, with varied gameplay and a high-quality finish, Chronos Joker could be your new favourite slot.  The key to winning the bigger money as a tip comes when you manage to upgrade the free spins round with the Super Spins extra feature, which boost the multipliers and gives you a much-improved chance at achieving the top payouts.

Rabbit Hole Riches

Rabbit Hole

Another great slot from Play N Go. Based on the classic book Alice in Wonderland, the developers have really gone all out to stand out from the crowd.  The design is well thought out and the slot has innovative gameplay. The bonus games give Rabbit Hole Riches a greater depth than some slot games, even if a couple are not overly novel or lucrative. However, with a big max win rate and captivating graphics, the game is still worth plenty of spins.

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