Low, Medium and High Slots Volatility

List of Online Slots games with low, medium and high volatility

When playing online slots, it is likely you will hear about the volatility of a game and how that might impact your chances of winning. The ‘volatility’ refers to how a slot machine will play, and perhaps more importantly, how often it is expected to trigger wins.

  • Low volatility slots will typically pay out more regular, smaller wins. If you’re looking for consistent payouts, the lowest volatility slots could be the games for you.
  • Medium volatility slots should deliver a balanced mix of bigger and smaller wins - the majority of slot machines tend to fall into this category.
  • High volatility slot machines are designed to pay out bigger wins that tend to be spread out. Players can expect longer gaps between winning spins.

Best Low Volatility Slots

Best Medium Volatility Slots

Best High Volatility Slots

Low Volatility Slot Machines

Arguably the most popular level of online slot machines, low volatility slot machines are expected to deliver smaller, more frequent wins. This is what makes them so popular, especially for new slot players.

Classic low volatility slots include the likes of legendary NetEnt release, Starburst, as well as more recent releases, Sultan’s Palace Fortune and Cup Glory.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to slot volatility, it is important to choose the level of slot machine that is right for you. As we said, if you’re a relative newcomer, you may prefer to focus on the lower volatility slots that offer plenty of win opportunities before moving up the volatility index as you become more experienced.

Slots Volatility FAQs

What is slots volatility?

Slots volatility indicates how often a slot machine is likely to trigger a win, as well as the typical size of those wins.

How do you find out what a slots volatility is?

On CasinoRange, we list the volatility of every slot game we review in the information table at the top of the page. We also offer the option to filter our ‘Slots’ page by volatility, so that you can see all the slots that fall into a selected volatility level.

How does a high volatility slot game work?

Higher volatility slot machines are designed to pay out bigger wins that tend to be more spread out. Players can expect longer gaps between winning spins.

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Why is a slots volatility important?

Slots volatility is very important to players because it affects how a game will play, and should help give you a steer towards games that may suit your playing style.

How does volatility differ to RTP?

Slots volatility and RTP are similar things that can often be confused - the difference between them is:

  • Volatility - how often a slot machine will pay out
  • RTP - how much a casino pays back to players

What are the best low volatility slot games?

Some of the most popular low volatility online slot games include Dragon's Luck, Enchanted Prince, Starburst and Ugga Bugga.