How Do Online Casinos Keep You Safe?

How Do Online Casinos Keep You Safe?

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Published date · Nov. 10, 2020 | Last Updated · Feb. 3, 2022 | Read Time: 4 mins

While cases of fraud and theft are sporadic, it is possible that an online casino can be hacked into.  Criminal gangs in the past have used DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on online casinos, as well as other institutions that deal with money. They will then ask for a ransom to stop them. Online casinos rarely get attacked, but providers need to be aware that it can happen and how to protect themselves.

As a player, you need to look out for security certificates on the casino’s homepage, which will be at the bottom of the screen. This is provided by operators like Thawte who will issue SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates to the casinos. SSL means that any transactions and all your personal details are protected behind encryption and can’t be hacked into.

How to Stay Safe in an Online Casino

Looking for a reliable SSL provider is just the beginning of finding a secure online casino. Here are some more essential features of online casino security systems.

Passwords & login information

Every player that registers with an online casino will need to put in their personal information in the site and add a password to protect this information.

The casino may ask to pick a security question as well to add an extra layer of protection should the password ever become compromised. This is basically, the first line of defence between a player and anyone that is trying to access their money online.

It is very important to try and make your username and password unique and hard to decipher. Consider changing your password regularly and try not to have similar passwords across your online accounts.

ID & Age Verification

If you are making a real money deposit for the first time, you will be asked to provide further ID verification. This to protect against anything unlawful or anyone under the age of 18 from gambling on the site. This will usually involve scanning or a copy of your driving licence or passport to the casino directly. Once this is done, you will then be able to deposit real money into the site.

Random Number Generator Testing

It isn’t just your money that is at risk when you are playing online. An RNG governs every casino game. This is triggered when you hit spin on a slot game or Deal when playing blackjack.

The RNG decides which set of numbers is pulled out first. These will then correspond to the symbols that are displayed in your slot reels or what cards are dealt in your blackjack hand.

RNG’s are as random as a human dealer shuffling a pack of cards or dropping a ball into the spinning roulette wheel. They must be truly random, though, and that is where the testers come into play.

Independent auditors such as eCORGA and TST provide tests of the software of online casinos to ensure they are 100% fair. Most casinos are audited regularly and will display their certificates on their site. Most certificates will also display the site’s RTP percentages. RTPs (Return to Player percentages) is the average long-term returns paid out to players by the casino. These can vary from site to site and game to game. If the RTPs are hugely unfair to players, then this will be flagged up.

Auditors also test games before they are allowed to go online. New slots and table games will be audited before they leave the development room.

The two major testing bodies are:

eCORGA: eCORGA is an accredited testing body that is approved by many gaming authorities around the world. They perform tests on RNGs and RTPs for many major casinos and software providers. They also test what security measures are in place and the payouts.

TST: Technical Systems Testing have been offering gaming tests since 1993. They also evaluate RNGs, test game payouts, and provide reports for live dealer games and sportsbooks. They also audit poker sites for fairness and provide full security tests for gaming sites.


To operate online, a casino must have a licence from a gaming regulatory body. There are dozens around the world that regulate and licence online gambling.

The requirements of a gaming licence insist that a players’ bankroll money being kept in a separate account, or ‘segregated fund’, away from the rest of the players’ money. That means that there is always enough money to pay out to players. No winnings are ever made up of other players’ bankroll.

Licensing jurisdictions will also approve independent auditors for use at casino online sites. Casinos must have measures in place to protect players’ details and accounts.

Summation to staying safe online

There are loads of reputable casinos that are online in 2020. To find the best one’s check out our casino reviews, which cover bonuses, security and variation of games. Also, remember to stick to this checklist when you are playing online to stay safe:

  1. Change your password regularly
  2. Clear your winnings out each week
  3. Never store passwords or sensitive information on public machines
  4. Only trust the top-rated casinos
  5. Listen to other players’ concerns in forums 

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