What Is A Same Game Parlay?

What Is A Same Game Parlay?

Published Date · Sept. 27, 2022 · Last Updated · Oct. 13, 2022 ·Read Time · 4 mins

A same-game parlay has been one of the more popular bet types to pop up as of late. Once only found at a select number of sportsbooks, there are promotions to be found almost everywhere in relation to same-game parlays.

Parlays have been a very popular part of both brick-and-mortar and online sportsbooks, but same-game parlays are a slight variation of the original concept.

Also known as a single-game parlay or one-game parlay, a same-game parlay is a regular parlay except, as the name suggests, each wager in the parlay only comes from one matchup. 

How Does A Same Game Parlay Work?

A same-game parlay is a sports bet where you make correlated wagers all in the same game. For reference, a correlated wager means combining two or more wagers, where for each wager that is added, the likelihood of hitting decreases but the payout amount increases. 

For an example of a Same Game Parlay, it varies by sport. As football is the most popular sport for online sports betting, we’ll use the National Football League (NFL) as our example.

Let’s look at the Monday night football game for the New York Giants versus the Dallas Cowboys. You may believe that the Same Dame Parlay may be limiting, but look at all the wagers you can add to the parlay from the DraftKings odds, and more:

  • Dallas Cowboys- Spread (+1.5)
  • CeeDee Lamb- Anytime Touchdown Scorer
  • Cooper Rush Passing Yards- Over 219.5
  • NY Giants Total Points- Under 13.5
  • Daniel Jones- Over 2.5 Passing Touchdowns
  • First Quarter Points- Over 10.5 Points

A same-game parlay of this size is typical and can be as small as 2 wagers and as large as 30 legs (wagers) at some online sportsbooks.

Keep in mind that just like a normal parlay, all legs of a same-game parlay have to hit in order for the wager to pay out in total. 

Are Same Game Parlays Profitable?

Unfortunately, parlays in general, as well as Same Game Parlays, are some of the worst wagers you can make at an online sportsbook in terms of making a profit in the long run. Because of this, make sure that you pick and choose when to make a same-game parlay wager, as not all same game parlays are treated equally.

A study done in the state of Nevada has shown that since 1992, parlays have a win percentage of 30.97%. Compared to a straight, single market wager, around 31% for parlays pales in comparison.

While parlays contribute to but a small percentage of the overall handle, they are the most profitable wagers for sportsbooks, both online and brick-and-mortar. 

Same Game Parlay Strategies

While the concept of Same Game Parlays is pretty straightforward, it always helps to have some tips and tricks when first diving into a new type of wager. 

Determine Your Wager Size

If you only follow one strategy out of this list, this is the one to follow. While there can definitely be big money to be made with same-game parlay bets, the chances are incredibly low so make sure you wager appropriately.

A same-game parlay should only account for a very small percentage of your total bets for the day. For example, if your average night consists of you wagering $100, you should wager no more than $10 on a same-game parlay.

It can be very enticing to see the potential payouts of a same-game parlay but do not go over your threshold. It is crucial, just like in all types of betting, to stay within your limits. 

Shop Around At Other Online Sportsbooks

This strategy can be applied to sports betting in general but is especially crucial for same-game parlays. Many sportsbooks use different odds suppliers, meaning potentially better odds at a sportsbook that you don’t typically use.

When making a normal wager, a $0.50 difference from one sportsbook to the next may not make that much difference. However, when stacking your bets, that $0.50 difference can largely increase your payout in the end. 

Game Theory

Sports betting and game theory go hand in hand. While it’s fun to put a few dollars down on a parlay when you have a good feeling about a game, the majority of your bankroll should be wagered sensibly.

Complete as much research as possible in order to get a better grasp of the outcomes of the wager. When making same-game Parlays in relation to game theory, you have to test the waters with how many legs you want to add to the parlay.

Yes, the more legs, the greater the payout. But each additional leg carries significant risk to your wager, and game theory helps guide you to what the sweet spot of legs is. 

Top Sports For Same Game Parlays

At the top online sportsbooks in America, there are plenty of sports where you can make a same-game parlay. However, the top same-game Parlays sports that players bet on are football (NFL), baseball (MLB), and basketball (NBA).

Same-game parlays are very popular during the Super Bowl as well as the All-Star games for the MLB and NBA. 

Top Same Game Parlay Sportsbooks

As mentioned before, there is a decent-sized list of online sportsbooks that allow and promote Same Game Parlays. The most popular of which is FanDuel Sportsbook which typically has a daily promotion boost centered around Same Game Parlays.

To follow suit with FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, PointsBet, Barstool, Unibet, and BetRivers all allowed Same Game Parlays. The two major online sportsbooks that currently do not have Same Game Parlay betting options are Caesars and WynnBet. 

Same Game Parlays Moving Forward

While a same-game parlay may not have the best odds and potentially the worst value for any type of sports bet, they can be a ton of fun. They are the lottery of sportsbook wagers for a reason.

The odds can be very long with a very profitable payout, so make sure you don’t invest too much of your bankroll into Same Game Parlays.


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