How To Be Superstitious Whilst Gambling

How To Be Superstitious Whilst Gambling

Published Date · Oct. 12, 2020 · Last Updated · June 7, 2023 ·Read Time · 4 mins


So many people in the world carry out superstitions when doing daily tasks. This can be anything from dressing the left side of your body first, saluting when you see a magpie or avoiding walking over three drains. All of those things are believed to bring good luck in one way or another. Superstitions carry over into the gambling world, too. Many online casino players have their certain personal superstitions which they implement into their games in the hope that it brings good fortune. This article will talk through a handful of them so you can see if you relate to any or maybe even find a new tactic.

Picking the Same Numbers


Whilst playing on roulette, many players are very superstitious when it comes to the numbers which they bet on. Players may choose a few numbers which have sentimental meaning to them and then bet on those. The sentiment behind their choice of numbers can come from birthdays, special calendar dates, lucky numbers, favourite numbers or many other reasons. When betting on a select few numbers it is likely that the probability of winning may be less than what it would be if you covered more numbers on the table. The thought process behind these sort of bets often that the numbers provide ‘extra’ luck to the player due to the meanings behind them. Statistically, the percentage of winning in roulette is always the same. It will never change that the likelihood of the ball landing on each number is 1/37. But people do believe that their lucky numbers have more of a meaning to them so bet on them in the hope that they will crop up more often.

Playing at Certain Times Can Give Better Payouts

A lot of gamblers believe that it is better to play a casino game on a specific day of the week. An example of this theory is that during peak times the casino will pay out more on slot machines to encourage players to spend more money. The casinos generally start to get busier at 6pm on Fridays before having a constant increase of customers over the weekend. This theory is not really something that has ever been proved to be true. Many people have different ideas on when is the best time to play. After a big win at a certain day/time, sometimes punters feel that they get lucky if they gamble again at that time. For instance, if someone wins £1,000 on roulette on a Thursday afternoon at work then this may turn into a regular thing to go on roulette each Thursday at work. It can turn into a little tradition which is brought about by superstition. 

Lucky Items


Superstitions can carry out further than just a time or place. People may have a ‘lucky earring’ or a ‘lucky pair of shoes’ or something else along those lines that they wear when playing at a casino. This can sound silly to outsiders but it is just what some gamblers believe brings luck to them. Of course, this has absolutely no baring on what the game itself. The RTP will never change on a slot, the likelihood of the ball landing on a number on roulette will not be impacted either. This is, of course, just another personal tactic where the ‘extra luck’ is in the player’s mind. You need to be careful to an extent about how you use ‘lucky items’ as some brick casinos are strict on these sort of things. For example, a lot of casinos do not allow customers in if they are wearing any headwear, so no ‘lucky hats’ will be permitted. But if someone has a ‘lucky wristband’ or something along those lines then that will be fine. More so, a big advantage of online casinos over brick casinos is that you can wear what you like when you are playing at home.

Patterns Whilst Playing

Another superstition whilst gambling online can be relevant to patterns in the game. This is particularly relevant in roulette. Often when you are playing roulette online there will be numbers listed as ‘hot and cold’. Hot numbers are essentially the numbers which have been popping up a lot over the last 500 spins. Cold numbers are the opposite, these have not been seen that often in the most recent spins. It can be a variety of things that people can do with this information. Some gamblers see the hot numbers as a chance to keep betting on them. They think that because they have landed a fair bit recently that the pattern will continue. This tactic can work and it does feel great when it does. However, the previous pattern actually makes no difference as to what the actual number will be in the upcoming spins. This is the same for cold numbers. A technique using cold numbers is to believe that because they have not popped up for a while that they are now due an appearance. This is less common than the hot number technique though. Again, it does not actually have an impact on future spins but is just a superstition.


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